Three's Company: A list of Stargate SG-1 Jack/Sam/Daniel fan 

Angst. Fluff. Humor. Post-apocalypse. And the hot sex.

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New. 1/2/2009
  • Illumination by Abyssis. NC-17, OT3, pegging. Season 7-ish 12/29/08
  • The Man by Abyssis. PG. 12/29/08
  • Universal Gravitation by Abyssis. NC-17, OT3, pegging 12/29/08
  • Three-Body Problem by Katie M. PG-13. 12/29/08
  • Passing Thus Alone by sage_theory. PG. 12/29/08
  • Wandering Blind by Katie M. NC-17. 12/29/08
  • Retirement by Jenn. 12/29/08

    Other multiples

  • Just Another Tequila Sunrise by Ryuu. Sam/Vala/Cameron. Mature. 12/29/08
  • Syncope by Minxy. Sam/Cam/Vala. 12/29/08
  • Tequila Blues (the Drive Me to the Moon mix) by dirty diana. Sam/Jack/Daniel/Teal'c. PG. 12/29/08
  • The Perception of Control by knightshade. Sam/Daniel/Teal'c/ NC-17. Graphic sexual situations, threesome, m/m/f, m/m, voyeurism, torture12/29/08
  • ...and think of Stargate Command by medie. Cam/Sam/Daniel. NC-17. 12/29/08
  • Five by Five by dirty_diana. Sam/Cam/Daniel. PG. 12/29/08
  • Fractional by dirty_diana. Sam/Cam/Daniel. NC-17. 12/29/08
  • Something to Remember Me By by thekatebeyond. Rodney/Sam/Jonas. Mature.12/29/08



  • A.D.E.A. by nanda. NC-17.
    Excerpt: "Oh." Xel twisted his hands together, his expression suggesting that he thought his own death might be much more imminent than those of his people. "Oh, Colonel O'Neill, I was not asking you to participate. It is the young, pretty ones who --"

    The team ends up on a planet where aliens make them do it, but they only want the young pretty ones, leaving poor Jack to defend his prowess - loudly - and Teal'c to wonder yet again why he hangs out with these crazy people. Absolutely hilarious.

  • Concessions by Elly. NC-17. Angst.
    Excerpt: He knows the way this started, in the middle of grief and loss and anger, doesn't bode well for a future, for any of them, but he's not giving it up and neither is Sam, and until Jack makes a choice it looks like this could go on for a while.

    Sam, Jack and Daniel try to cope with new lives after the SGC is shut down, and struggle to figure out how those lives fit together. Bittersweet and beautifully written.

  • The Dirt of Sowing and Reaping by Salieri.
    Excerpt: The sickle rises and falls, gleaming. Now, though, everyone knows the sound of breaking bones, on an intimate and a more general scale. Here in Carole, where they are surrounded by pasture and cornfields at the crossing of roads that no longer go anywhere, the knowledge is worked into the lines of their hands like the dirt of sowing and reaping. There are no regular people.

    Well-plotted action-adventure post-apocalyptic story with vivid physical descriptions and a host of engaging, realistic original characters woven into the lives of Sam, Jack and Daniel.

  • Disproving Steinitz by nanda. R.
    Excerpt: Then there's movement, and the sound of the table being shoved aside, and Daniel unzipping the fly of Jack's worn khakis, and Jack isn't sure but he thinks Carter's reached out for Daniel, completing the circle, and then he stops thinking altogether.

    Set in Katie M's always popular "Wrong Story" universe (though non-canonical), this is a quiet, sweet moment between Sam/Jack and Daniel with comfortable humor and banter, and excellent characterization.

  • Drifting Back to Life by Jennghis Khan. Adult (non-graphic sex). Angst. Spoilers: Meridian.
    Excerpt: Daniel's not looking at her anymore. He's looking at Jack. They're staring at each other, and although there's not exactly an entire conversation going on silently between them, she is getting the feeling that this is something they both expected eventually. There's a rising pulse in the pit of her stomach because she knows this isn't about leaving or going or all of them sitting back down to watch television.

    Jenn plays on the uncomfortable and awkward aspect of the threesome, emphasizing the ways they don't fit together and how the individual relationships between them all complicate the whole.

  • A Forgetful Snow by Otter.
    Excerpt: She was right, of course. Jack knew that. But it still felt like giving up, like selling off pieces of themselves. It felt like maybe by next winter, they wouldn't be SG-1 anymore, they'd just be three more anonymous villagers who plowed and planted and didn't travel the universe at all.

    Stranded on another planet is one of the favored methods of getting Sam, Jack and Daniel into bed. This is a sweet, steady take on it, touched with melancholy.

  • The General Takes a Vacation Part One and The General Takes a Vacation Part Two by Princess of Geekland. Sam/Jack/Daniel. NC-17.
    Excerpt: He opened the door and went slowly to the bed. They'd left a corner of the covers turned down for him. He climbed in, and, inch by inch, moved until he was close to Daniel; not pressed against his back, but close. He slowly, hesitantly, ran a hand down Daniel's side, and along his hip and thigh, warm and firm under the thin blanket and spread. He heard Daniel sigh and murmur, a pleased, sleepy sound, and so he stretched his arm over until he felt Carter's ribs. He fit his arm up closer, along Daniel's, and pressed against Daniel's back. Daniel was too warm, but he wanted the heat. He wanted to be close; even too close. He listened to their breathing until he fell asleep.

    A quiet and happy threesome story.

  • Half-Life by Jennghis Kahn. Sam/Jack/Daniel. Mature.
    Excerpt: He can stand at the shielded windows and watch the pinprick lights of distant stars as their ship founders on, but it's not the same. It's not the same as standing on Earth in Jack O'Neill's backyard while the man himself points out Polaris and takes a swig of beer. It's not the same as having the autumn breeze blowing cool across your skin while Sam Carter leans back against you and her hair tickles your lips.

    A bitter, angry triangle struggling to find their way after losing everything.

  • Happy Birthday to Me by Kellifer. Sam/Jack/Daniel. NC-17.
    Excerpt: "You know, it's still my birthday," Jack reminded them with a grin. "My wish is your command isn't it?"

    Sam, Jack, Daniel and handcuffs. Jack's got his present all wrapped up.

  • How We Laugh the Day Away by Princess of Geekland. NC-17.
    Excerpt: After a while he eased out of her and gathered her close and they slept like that, face to face, twined together, and Sam slept deeply, better than she had since they'd gotten stranded here. In the morning, she woke up after Daniel had already risen and started cooking, and she stretched and smiled. She was left with that comfortable, scratched-itch feeling between her legs, and, also, the bittersweet remnants of the old dream, the old familiar dream of Jack.

    First time, stranded, "pretending to be together becomes for real" OT3 is always a good thing.

  • In the Wrong Story by Katie M.
    Excerpt: "You aren't seriously going to molest Jack on the porch, are you?" Daniel asks, and okay, much as Jack's interested in Carter's answer to that question he's not willing to put up with her elbow in his stomach to hear it. He twists, she wobbles, and if she'd let go they might have recovered, but as it is the two of them end up in an undignified heap on the floor. Carter's giggling, and Daniel's eyebrows are up to his hairline, and Jack's starting to feel just a little put out, not to mention alarmingly awake.

    Pretty much the story that started the threesome craze in SG-1 fandom (at least on livejournal). A delightfully awkward Jack finding himself in the middle of Sam and Daniel, figuratively and lierally, is made even better by Katie's dry humor.

  • Needs and Standards by Katie M. (Wrong Story-verse)
    Excerpt: They sat there for a while. Daniel didn't seem to feel a need to add anything, so, okay, that was fine with Jack. What's a little drunken fooling around between friends, anyway? Right?

    The morning after In the Wrong Story. Sweet, funny and totally them.

  • Wakeup Call by Katie M. (Wrong Story-verse)
    Excerpt: So Daniel had sprawled, and Carter had poked, and Jack had cursed himself vaguely for not having had the sense to at least get out from between the two of them. His own fault, though; he'd known what to expect.

    A sweet, funny interlude in the Wong Story-verse. Spot-on voices and interaction .

  • The Inverted Logic of Ritual by Wisdomeagle. Sam/Jack/Daniel. PG-13. Post-S8
    Excerpt: Jack couldn't explain it, but he knew it was necessary that they have a wedding. It had been a long time since Sara, a lifetime, but some things he knew were true: people fell in love, people got married, and the two events were usually connected.

    Also, you got cake at weddings.

    Ari weaves the complications and compromises of love and marriage with the complexity of planning a wedding, especially when Daniel gets all anthropological about it.

  • Kingdom Come by Jennghis Kahn.
    Excerpt: It'd been nearly a year since the four of them had walked through the stargate and back into the SGC to an astonished General Hammond and crew. They'd thought they were returning from a routine mission only to find out they'd been gone six months. None of them remembered what had happened in that time, and that suited Jack just fine. But there was talk of how different they all were, and tests were run. In the end, they'd been the same old SG-1, butů not quite.

    A fabulously dark-edged trio, betrayed by the world they tried to save, taking back what they're owed.

  • Lighter by Kres. NC-17.
    Excerpt: They are both adults, he says to himself, and I'm not their keeper. I'm barely even with them any more, and they're barely even here anyway. All of us are already one step over the threshold, in our private places with no return.

    Daniel and Sam, inexorably drawing Jack in.

  • Lowered Inhibitions by 30toseoul. Sam/Jack/Daniel. NC-17.
    Excerpt: Jack opens his mouth instantly for her and they're kissing so hard that normally they'd be bruising each other, and Jack groans as Daniel's hands push under his t-shirt. He tries to say something and Carter bites him, hard, and his hips surge up helplessly against her as she licks over the sore place left by her teeth.

    Upgrades smut. Yum.

  • The Man by Abyssis. PG, Universal Gravitation by Abyssis. NC-17, OT3, pegging, and Illumination by Abyssis. NC-17, OT3, pegging. Season 7-ish 12/29/08
    Excerpt: Daniel had made a career of studying people, but mostly in groups and civilizations, and even then, focused on those so long-dead that all he had were pieces of an unassembled puzzle. He thought that here, in this bed, was a thesis beyond his field, probably more than one - all the complicated dynamics and the military taboos and three people who've been through so much no other human has even imagined that all they have left is this strange sort of unavoidable comfort and connection.

    There is a real lack of pegging fic in SG-1, and Abyssis took up the challenge and provides this connected sequence of stories. Wonderful characterization and incredibly hot.

  • Meaning by Dirty Diana. Sam/Jack/Daniel. PG.
    Excerpt: In the movies, the hero always gets the girl at the end. Daniel's got the girl, but he's got too many crooked scars to be the hero, and Jack doesn't like to think about how used he's gotten to having Daniel around. He doesn't like to think about what Carter and Daniel do when he's not there, if Carter can talk Daniel into watching the movies that Jack won't let her rent, the ones starring Julia Roberts. If Carter falls asleep before the end of the movie, the ways she always does, with her head on Daniel's shoulder.

    The hero is supposed to get the girl. Maybe Jack's getting more than he expected.

  • More Than We Are by Jennghis Khan.
    Excerpt: He wasn't sure exactly what drew him to the two of them, and, even more puzzling, what drew them to him. Sure, the tape was a compelling piece of evidence that something was out of whack and needed to be fixed, and they made a team that apparently did amazing things. There was something more though. Something infinitely more personal. Something that drew his gut up tight and sometimes threatened to swell and drown him.

    A wonderful what-if Moebius AU, where the dork!counterparts decide to make more of the lives they have, rather then let them pale in comparison to their counterparts .

  • Party Line on the Booty Call by Tafkar.
    Excerpt: "So, I take it Daniel doesn't know that you and I..." Sam said.

    "Carter, listen to him tap-dance," Jack said.

    "Interestingly, in Osaka they still make a variety of sushi that hearkens back to the early methods of preservation." Daniel spoke loudly over the clatter of dishes.

    Sam and Jack sort out the reveal of secrets while Daniel freaks out and lectures on the history of sushi. Great characterization and a great punchline ending.

  • Repeat Again From the Start by Otter.
    Excerpt: Jack fetched himself another beer, then strolled very casually back into the living room. The combat appeared to have died down, because Carter and Daniel were slumped against each other on the couch, smiling around the mouths of their beer bottles. Carter didn't look up as Jack entered -- she just took a deeper, longer guzzle of her drink -- but Daniel did; his eyes were glassy and the dopey grin on his face didn't fade.

    An angsty Window of Opportunity insert.

  • Retirement by Jenn. 12/29/08
    Excerpt: "Daniel," Jack interrupted him before he could really get going. "I deserve this. I deserve to get up each morning and have a beer if I want one. I deserve to fish all day in peace and quiet and not get shot at anymore." He met both of their gazes in turn. "And you deserve someone who can make those hard decisions fairly, because I can't do it anymore. Not concerning you."

    Jack's decided it's time to let go. Sam and Daniel aren't letting him off the hook so easily, though.

  • Sway by Jennghis Kahn. NC-17.
    Excerpt: "Goddamn it!" Jack glared at them both, the rain drenching him in seconds. Daniel flattened his hand on Jack's chest and pressed his mouth to O'Neill's. Jack kissed him but didn't let it go on very long. "We agreed," he said when Daniel let him breathe.

    "We're changing the rules on you."

    Sometimes the rules cause more problems than they solve.

  • Thawing by Kres.
    Excerpt: Daniel teased them about it for a while, trying to make them jealous. He made them both speak his name over and over, and whispered their names himself. He wrote the words on their bodies with his mouth, and breathed them into their skin. He made it his quest, his Holy Grail, for at least a month back in the summer. He lectured them about the meaning of names, and their names in particular; something he said he'd read long ago or - as Jack was more inclined to think - made up as he went, because it was just too colorful to be true.

    Excellent stranded off-world story with lots of wonderful, subtle character moments.

  • This Is the Way by nanda.
    Excerpt: God, he loved this, filling and being filled, making love with both of them. They didn't have much here, and they were close to losing Teal'c, but they still had this.

    Bittersweet Mobius story. Trapped in the past, Sam, Jack and Daniel make do with what they have - each other.

  • Three-Body Problem by Katie M. PG-13. 12/29/08
    Excerpt: One-on-one was great. Two-on-one, also great. One-on-one with added voyeurism, actually a lot hotter than Sam would have anticipated. Everyone feeling like they were having sex with everyone else at the same time, in an active, participatory way? Not so much.

    Five things Sam regrets about getting involved with Jack and Daniel.

  • Passing Thus Alone by sage_theory. PG. 12/29/08
    Excerpt: Someone's knee rests against his thigh and it's Sam's. One of Daniel's long legs is thrown across him and Daniel's boot rests next to Carter's and he's had his shoulder pressing into Carter for a while now. Daniel starts to nod off, and Sam pats his hand across Jack's lap when he shocks away.

    Jack thinks he'd defy anyone to sort them out.

    They'll always find out how to intersect.

  • Transference by nanda.
    Excerpt: "We're going to have to share, though," she says as she crosses through the kitchen. "The sheets for my guest bedroom have been growing mold in the washer since last week."

    "Carter?" Jack asks, stopping.

    She turns, rolling her eyes when she sees his face. "Oh, please. It's no different from sharing a tent offworld."

    Angsty first-time OT3. Jack's not too close to his team at all.

  • Travel Sickness by Ev vy.
    Excerpt: Daniel looks at Jack but then he turns to Sam and kisses her.

    She blinks. She doesn't kiss him back. Not really. She wants to, but there are three variables in this equation. She can see out of the corner of his eye that Jack is watching them, assessing, not giving anything away until he has made a decision.

    There are things you can only share with those who understand, things you cannot say but they still know.

  • Uncounted Scars by Cofax.
    Excerpt: Sam tows Daniel across the kitchen and comes up behind Jack. His jeans hang low on his hipbones: they've all found it hard to put the weight back on that they lost during the war, between the still-scarce rations and the work rebuilding requires. Sam plasters herself against his back and nibbles the vertebra exposed above the collar of his shirt. "Sure that can't wait? Let's all get distracted togetherrrrrr . . . " She ends in a purr, tugging up his shirt and running her hands up his chest.

    The coda to Cofax's fantastic apocafic series, This is Not Wartime.

  • Wandering Blind by Katie M. NC-17. A sequel set three months after In the Wrong Story12/29/08
    Excerpt: Thinking was clearly not conducive to relationship management in this particular brave new world. Or anyway, it had better not be, because he was feeling like a damned old dog just at the moment.

    Long, plotty action adventure with excellent character and relationship complications.

    Other SG-1 Moresomes


  • Archaeology of Skin by nanda. Sam/Jack/Daniel/Teal'c. R. Takes place between Tin Man and Double Jeopardy
    Excerpt: The others all circled around her, in different orbits, a less predictable but no less complex system than Harlan's world. Teal'c and Jack would disappear for days, reappear for a week, disappear for two more. And since Daniel was usually wherever Sam was, that was when he saw them, too.

    A heartbreaking look at the robot SG-1 as they spiral ever further away from each other before coming back together.

  • Border Crossings by dith.
    Excerpt: The guide clearly had nothing left. "But you said that they were all --"

    "Yup. All mine. It's a complicated little planet, ours. Very odd mating habits, very large beds. Complicated family structures. Dogs and cats, living together, it's crazy, you wouldn't EVEN begin to understand it."

    Jack states his claim.

  • Compromised by Shalott.
    Excerpt: "I'm sorry," he says, sitting up, and finally looks Teal'c in the face. It's going to have to do for all three. Teal'c doesn't pretend not to understand; he inclines his head, slow majesty, forgiveness, and reaches out to take the hand Jack offers him. They're all looking at him, firelight on their faces, and Jack feels his throat going tight, tighter than the tequila can ease. He can't imagine this room empty.

    Endgame tag. Jack can't let any of them go.

  • And Daniel for Dessert by Ari. Sam/Jack/Daniel/Teal'c. NC-17.
    Excerpt: "Okay, okay, we'll go it again. But only because it's Daniel's birthday."

    Daniel's birthday. Having their cake and eating it too.

  • Administrivia, Group Dynamics and Friendly Space by Dasha
    Excerpt: "What next? Invite Teal'c?" It was only after the words were out that Jack realized that it wasn't a wise thing to say. Daniel was considering it. Of course he was considering it. He was completely insane. He would consider anything at this point.

    Jack angsts. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c humor him and get on with things.

  • A Lapse of Gravity by Shalott.
    Excerpt: Daniel was the easiest to imagine into Pete's empty place: sitting at her kitchen table, glasses on and scribbling, reading her passages in languages she didn't know like his own odd kind of serenade. But she couldn't quite do it without Teal'c edging into the picture, maybe at the other end of the table; and Jack outside in the garden at the barbeque, or yelling at Daniel from the couch in the living room. She laughed out loud at herself, filling the kettle with shaky hands; a short, sharp bark. Of course she couldn't settle for Pete; she didn't even want to settle for only one of her three.

    A wonderful story of the changes of the team in dynamic in S8, with Sam, Teal'c and Daniel finding their way, recreating and rearranging the ties of SG-1 to find their own balance among themselves and with Jack.

  • Once More, With Groping by Teand.
    Excerpt: Jack grinned and began pulling his t-shirt over his head. "Way to find the compromise, Daniel. All right people, puck drops at eight so lets hit that altar. Teal'c, grab the condoms and lube out of the med kit. I'm lying flat because I've got the bad knees. Carter, you're on point. I've got Daniel's six."

    Aliens make them do it a lot. The scheduling matrix cracks me up every time.

  • Safety in Numbers by Jane Davitt. Sam/Jack/Daniel/Teal'c. NC-17.
    Excerpt: She hesitated for a moment, though, before sealing it with a nod of her own, three pairs of expectant eyes on her face. They were tired, unhappy, an emotion three of them would be expected to keep under wraps, and the simmer of irritation between Daniel and the colonel was -- oh, God, who was she kidding? She wanted to see them fuck the bad temper out of each other, tight lips softened by moans, clenched hands easing open to touch and hold.

    Sometimes it is just and complicated and fraught with unhappy endings as one might expect.

  • Tequila Blues (the Drive Me to the Moon mix) by dirty diana. Sam/Jack/Daniel/Teal'c. PG. 12/29/08
    Excerpt: This was Jack's team, and they didn't do things like this, except when they did.

    Sweet, lovely characterization, and a real sense of togetherness.


  • The Perception of Control by knightshade. Sam/Daniel/Teal'c/ NC-17. Graphic sexual situations, threesome, m/m/f, m/m, voyeurism, torture12/29/08
    Excerpt: They stopped counting the days. It all tumbled together. They had to be careful. They talked about that. None of them wanted Ares to use this new reality against them. They were careful not to let the guards catch them together. At first they were only going to do it at night, but that resolve quickly slipped away. There were touches and caresses and furtive kisses in between. Sometimes Teal'c's strong but careful touch, sometimes Daniel's breath-stealingly soulful kisses. Sometimes Sam closed her eyes and wasn't sure. Sometimes there were so many hands and mouths that she didn't know who was where.

    Sometimes it becomes a touchstone, the thing that brings them back to themselves, back together, in the face of things they can no longer bear. And sometime the consequences linger.


  • ...and think of Stargate Command by medie. Cam/Sam/Daniel. NC-17. 12/29/08
    Excerpt: "This was not in the reports," mutters Cameron. Surprise, surprise. Something else SG1 left out of the official record. Though, really, he can't blame them this time. Explaining a threesome to the boys in D.C. would take some doing. He's not sure - at least, he hopes not - that they'd even know what one is. "Do I want to know how many times you've done this?"

    Cam's first "aliens make them do it."

  • Against All Enemies Part One and Against All Enemies Part Two and by Jennghis Kahn. Sam/Daniel/Cameron. NC-17.
    Excerpt: The water dried quickly from his skin, and he propped himself up on one elbow, meeting Daniel's eyes over the top of Sam's naked body. There was a comfort between them all that seemed to eclipse embarrassment, but it didn't preclude the feelings or the tension that seemed to settle over them at that moment. Sam opened her eyes, glancing at each of them in turn. She didn't say anything, but she held Cam's gaze for a while, waiting.

    Excellent, plotty action adventure with the three trapped on an alien world in the middle of an alien war.

  • Five by Five by dirty_diana. Sam/Cam/Daniel. PG. and Fractional by dirty_diana. Sam/Cam/Daniel. NC-17.12/29/08
    Excerpt: He knew going in that working with SG-1 was going to be all kinds of weird.

    Cam's finding out just how weird it is. Lovely characterization, excellent give and take.

  • Jericho by Dirty Diana. Sam/Cameron/Daniel. NC-17. Gangster AU.
    Excerpt: "You should have let me kill him." Though he can feel her breathing evening out and slowing, Sam's voice is still strong, unfettered by the pull of sleep.

    Cameron's hand brushes her thigh. "Don't worry about it, baby. Don't ever worry about it again, that's an order. Who takes care of you?"

    "You do."

    "And who will always make sure everything is okay?"

    "You will." This from Daniel, curled up behind him.

    "That's what I'm talking about," Cameron whispers. He doesn't close his eyes until both of them are dreaming.

    Wonderful AU where the characters still are our characters, meshing and melding into a new setting perfectly.

  • Penumbra by Minxy.
    Excerpt: It was mesmerizing, and not at all as sweet as his fantasies; he was glad he was being held down, or he might have run.

    Cam's got SG-1. He's also got all their baggage.


  • Pretty People. by Ness. Sam/Jack/Jonas. NC-17. added 9/28/2004
    Excerpt: Jack doesn't actually INVITE Jonas to stay with them at his cabin and Jonas doesn't actually ASK if he can stay. Some offers, some questions, are better left unsaid.

    Pretty people and hot sex. What more could you want?

  • Time Management for the Successful Kelownan by nanda. Sam/Jack/Jonas. added 10/18/2004
    Excerpt: It's surprising, really, that they haven't run into each other in his quarters before now. They are both, after all, very regular visitors. She's on a strict schedule (of her own devising, of course) and he just sort of shows up whenever he wants - amazingly enough, never when she's there. Jonas wonders sometimes if this is another weird Earth thing. But he thinks it's probably just another weird Them thing.

    Poor Jonas. His life is very hard.


  • Attrition by Pellucid. Sam/Cameron/Teal'c. NC-17.
    Excerpt: Don't go, don't go, don't go, he begs her silently, begs Teal'c, as the other man pulls them both into his embrace, extending the mental litany to Vala and even, foolishly, to Jackson. Don't go.

    Bittersweet, careful hurt/comfort tag to Line in the Sand. Wonderful characterization of all three.


  • Just Another Tequila Sunrise by Ryuu. Sam/Vala/Cameron. Mature. 12/29/08
    Excerpt: Sam cringed, glanced at Vala, then peered slowly over the side of the bed to find Cameron Mitchell glaring up at both of them and very much in a state of nature.

    It's always the morning after that gets you.

  • Syncope by Minxy. Sam/Cam/Vala. 12/29/08
    Excerpt: "Was I the only one who understood not a word?" Cam asked, a little overwhelmed at being abruptly left without chaperone.

    "Not sure it was really about words," Sam said, and Cam held her gaze until she turned to look at Vala.

    Sweet and happy and subtle.

    SG-1/SGA Threesomes

  • Ex Gratia by Otter. Sam/McKay/Sheppard. NC-17.
    Excerpt: Sheppard said, "Hey, Rodney. Colonel Carter wanted to drop by; hope you don't mind," and he gave Sam this crazy desperate look like he'd do anything, anything at all, if she'd just play along.

    Sam helps John take care of McKay.

    Multifandom Threesomes

  • In the Name of Science by liminalliz. Sam Carter/Han Solo/Dana Scully. added 10/06/2004
    Excerpt: Scully keeps trying to interrupt as Sam tries to negotiate with them. Han only gets nervous when Sam is silenced by four words. "We are the Furlings."

    "Why are we here?" Scully demands as Sam's jaw continues to drop.

    "For science, of course." They smile and disappear into the walls.

    Off-the-wall and hilarious.

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