The Shallow End

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.. .. Shame how they was et by 
reavers. .. And they were all et by reavers. 
The end .. Et by reavers? .. Et by reavers? That doesn't 

And then they was all et by 
reavers.  The end. .. And 
they are the children of the war - Dar Williams .. You build your faith with 
strength and duty - Dar Williams .. I don't want to be the one who 
gets the next surprise- Dar Williams .. Like you own them just because you 
bought the time - Dar Williams .. At the crossroads of 
disaster and the imperfect smile - Dar Williams

Cuddly like me .. We give and give and fall and 
fall - Dar Williams .. If 
you're gonna get your heart broke, you better do it just right - Dar 
Williams .. I have a 
tendency of getting very physical - Marron 5 .. All the things you treasure most 
will be the hardest won- Dar Williams .. I have a good and I have an evil - 
Dar Williams

Like a little girl cries in 
the face of a monster that lives in her dreams - Maroon 5 .. How I learned to dance when the 
music's ended- Dar Williams .. And everyone else is springbound - 
Dar Williams .. The world's not falling apart because of me - Dar Williams .. At night we go into our houses and 
burn - Dar Williams .. I've 
never had a way with women - Dar Williams

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