"Tapestry": Tir Na'Nogth

Timeline of Tapestry

This timeline was created with the assistance of Kevin Knight's Amber
Timeline.  It is modified to fit the world and cosmology of my game,
and focuses only on the time since Amber's creation, ignoring the
millenia of Chaos' rule previous. 

O.B. - Oberon's Birth A.P. - After Patternfall A.M. - After the Merge 0 OB Oberon Born 2 Dworkin begins the Book of Light 5 Dworkin finishes Book of Light. 8 The Sentinels are born. 30 Construction begins on the Castle. 35 Construction begins on the city. 40 The Unicorn vanishes. 41 The War of Redemption. The Church of the Unicorn is born. 47 Dworkin begins Book of Hope 50 Oberon marries a woman named Dreamera. 60 Dreamera dies under mysterious circumstances. Ygg is planted. 78 Oberon's coronation as King. 79 Dworkin finishes Book of Hope. 118 Dworkin begins Book of Order. 987 Oberon marries Cymnea. 998 Benedict born to Cymnea. 1003 Osric born to Cymnea. 1013 Finndo born to Cymnea. 1603 Eric born to Faiella. 1606 Oberon dissolves marriage to Cymnea. 1608 Oberon marries Faiella. 1612 Anna and Isabelle born to Osric's mistress. 1628 Osric dies on the front lines during a squabble with Chaos, later known as the Vengance War. 1629 Anna and Isabelle disappear from Amber. 1640 Finndo is killed in the last battle of the Vengance War. 1658 Corwin born to Faiella. 1718 Faiella dies in childbirth with Dierdre. 2730 Oberon marries Clarissa. 2940 Fiona born to Clarissa. 2954 Lewella born to Moins. 3160 Bleys born to Clarissa. 3163 Oberon divorces Clarissa. 3190 Oberon legitimizes Lewella to spite Eric. 3308 Brand born to Clarissa during a short reconcilliation. 3323 Flora born. 3340 Oberon marries Rilga. 3348 Julian born to Rilga. 3359 Caine born to Rilga. 3370 Gerard born to Rilga. 3400 Oberon divorces Rilga, who joins the Church of the Unicorn. 4098 Oberon marries Harla. 4139 Benedict marries Ilene of House Iambiny. 4165 Sand born to Harla. 4170 Delwin born to Harla. 4179 Christopher born to Benedict and Ilene, first known of the second generation. 4202 Christopher walks Pattern 4242 Random and Mirelle born to Pauline. 4600 Mirelle vanishes. 4629 Ilene dies. 4720 In Shadow, Mirelle creates the Wayfarers. 4988 Delauney born. 5002 Deela the Desacratrix's reign of terror begins. 5003 Deela captured by Oberon, and escapes. 5004 Dalt born. Deela begins raiding again. 5020 Oberon imprisons Dworkin. 5023 Sand and Delwin leave. 5023 Cadaes Vauhn born. 5047 Jenner Vauhn born. 5075 Cadaes made High Priest, after being chosen by the Unicorn. 5089 Oberon vanishes. 5090 Dworkin escapes. 5094 Eric crowns himself King 'for good of Amber' 5100 Gerard marries Teiddwen of Rebma 5130 Eric banishes Corwin. 5150 Brand bathes in the Font. 5168 Brand marries Layrien in Ivory. 5173 Bailey born in Ivory. 5183 Rinaldo born in Kasfa. 5190 Genevieve born in Shadow. 5191 Quentin born in Shadow. 5195 Gwyn born to Gerard. 5197 Brand takes Bailey to walk Tir Pattern. 5198 Benjamin born in Shadow 5199 Brand takes Rinaldo to walk Tir Pattern. 5200 Corwin returns Eric crowned, Corwin imprisoned. Black Road appears. Caine brings Quentin, 10 and Ben, 2 to Amber 5202 Gwyn vanishes from Arden, after coming in contact with Black road 5204 Caine takes Quentin and Ben back into Shadow 5205 Caine found 'dead'. Patternfall Caine's shadow destroyed. Lydia killed, Quentin, 28, vanishes. 0 AP Caine brings Ben, now 18, to Amber. Ben takes Pattern, begins searching for Quentin. 6m Corwin brings Genevieve to Amber. 2y Teiddwen dies in riding accident. 7y 7m Corwin walks his Pattern. 7y 8m Ben returns from Shadow with Gwyn. 7y 9m Ben returns with Quentin. 7y 11m Brand's daughter Bailey comes to Amber. -Gen find the Maerturi. -Fiona goes missing. -Miredrith vanishes. -Jenner arrives in Amber. -Christopher returns to Amber. -Remington brought to Amber. -Miredrith returns, 10 years older and much changed. Naiade brings her back. -Gen goes to RoseAmber, looking for Corwin. -High Priest Cadaes murdered. Gwyn becomes High Priestess of the Unicorn. -Jakob creates a Logrus Bridge to RoseAmber and takes Greyswandir from Gen. -Christopher finds Mirelle. 8y The diplomatic contingent from Chaos arrives. -Gen, Merlin and Evander rescue Corwin from Jakob. -Anna and Isabelle are discovered. -Bailey is sacrificed to the Serpent. Quentin leaps into the Abyss after her. _Christopher goes to Chaos. -Gwyn sunders the Church and creates the Guardians of Light, led by Jenner. -Melusine is killed by the Cabal. -Quentin meets Delauney in shadow, after escaping the Abyss. -Quentin returns to Amber, with Sarah. -Dara uses Evander to break the Primal Pattern, creating the The Ebon Way. -Random killed repairing the Primal Pattern. -Benedict named Regent The War of Mind and Heart -The Ebon Way reaches Amber. -Gwyn gathers the Jewels -Gen leads the Maerturi in the Battle of Shadows and Dust. The Merge - As the battle in Amber rages, the cousins reform the Mind's Eye, causing a massive burst of Pattern energy as the four Primal realms merge into one. This Pattern burst turns the attacking Chaosian armies to dust and merge all the Primal planes. The Hall of Mirrors shatters and Dworkin is killed. The Serpent regains his eye, Quentin kills Cirophsoph, and the Serpent and Unicorn reconcile and vanish. AM 1 Mariah is born to Bailey and Quentin. AM 5 Jakob takes Imperial Throne in Chaos, after a short by viscious civil war. AM 7 Moire destroys the Faiella-bionin, creating the Sea of Sorrows, flooding Arden and killing Bleys as he defends the city from the resulting tsunami, and Caine, who was on the sea. AM 17 Geraint crowned King of Amber. AM 18 The Golden Revolt begins. AM 28 The Golden Revolt ends with the destruction of Shadow Hancine AM 32 The Church's Paladins formed. AM 50 The Unexpected War -Amber attacked by Shadow forces, led by Anna and Isabelle. -Julian and Gerard killed in battle. Benedict murdered by Anna. -The Castle is destroyed in a magical battle between Isabelle, and Ben, Gwyn and Jenner, burying the Pattern and killing Isabelle. AM 52 The Unexpected War ends. The period known as the Dark Age begins. AM 53 Evander starts creating the RiftWall at Ygg. AM 54 Contruction on a wall around the city of Amber begins. AM 55 Ben takes command of the Amber armies at Geriant's order. AM 56 Construction on the Palace begins. AM 62 The City Guard is formed. AM 70 The Mire Watch is formed. AM 110 Geraint marries Caroline Navure. AM 116 The Palace is completed. AM 134 The City Wall is completed. AM 227 Arthur born to Gwyn and Jenner AM 299 Flora brings Aubrey to Amber. AM 545 Sarah marries James Logan. AM 550 Robert, the crown prince, is born. AM 556 Rhiannon born to Gwyn and Jenner. AM 560 Hannah born to Sarah and James AM 563 Carl born to Evander. AM 565 Justin born to Aubrey AM 569 Gillian born to Gen and Luke AM 570 Reese born to Geraint and Caroline AM 572 Samantha born to Sarah and James. Robert, Reese, Rhiannon, Hannah and Samantha and Gillian are hidden in shadow after Aubrey's son Justin and Evander's son Carl are killed by a red-headed assassin, Selene. Rhiannon, Samantha, Gillian and Reese are lost, and James is killed in a series of Shadowstorms. AM 815 Luther Stromwell and his clan take up residence in the Mire. AM 1290 Ben marries Olivia Darsell. AM 1540 Cyrus Fulton appears in the Waste. AM 1679 Caerwyn born to Gwyn and Jenner. AM 1680 Caspian and Faulkner born to Ben and Olivia. AM 1992 Phoebe born to Geraint and Caroline. Constance born to Janelle AM 1996 Brandon born to Gen and Luke. AM 2011 Tapestry begins

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