"Tapestry": Tir Na'Nogth


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    Summoning is the art of calling on the spirits and elemental forces of nature and commanding them to do one's bidding. A Summoner does not actually manipulate any magical forces himself - he just entices the spirits to do their own magical manipulation for him.


    Minor Summoning (10 points)

    Minor Summoning is the calling of the minor elemental spirits. It requires no time or Favors and is the only summoning that can be done of the spur of the moment. But such crearures do have minds of their own, and can be capricious. Less experienced Summoners have found that these minor elemental creatures far more than the Summoner bargained for.

    Major Summoning (10 points - requires Minor Summoning)

    Major Summoning is the calling of the greater elementals, those primary elemental forces that exist in all things. These creatures embody and control the primal elemental forces. One does not simply call the Greater elementals as one can do with the elemental spirits

    Elemental Spirits

    The elemental spirits are the small creatures of the elemental domains. Their powers are very limited, thorugh they all posess some small form of magic. Most often they are called on to help with simple tasks and chores, or sent on errands.

    Earth: The gnomes make up the Earth Spirits. Brownies, dwarves, dryads, and oreads (mountain nymphs) are the commonly known and summoned Earth spirits. Though, such dark and mischevous creatures as boggles, trolls, and bugbears (goblins) can be called upon.

    Abilities: finding tunnels,

    Air: The sylphs are the Spirts of air, and their darker counterparts are the harpies.

    Abilities: making themselves and small objects invisible, moving through solid objects,

    Fire: The salamander is the Fire Spirit. When summoned, this small, friendly spirit can be used as a light source, or, if prodded enough, will ignite tinder for fire, and is immune to those flames. But the equally small balilisk is also a Fire spirit, but is far more deadly than its quite and content counterpart. It can kill by it's firey breath, venemous bite, and touch of its tail.. Legends say even the glance of a basilisk can kill.

    Abilities: immunity to fire, create flame.

    Water: The Water Spirits are the Nereids and Naiads, Undines, Sirens and mermaids that inhabit the oceans and streams. Their dark aspects are the Kraken, kelpie, and nixie.

    Abilities: Minor healing, create water, creation, healing, illusion Magic Domains: Engulf, Armor, rockshaping, etc. Magic Domains: Psychic skills (telepathy, telekinesis), Back to New Rules
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