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Anger: Aubrey's battle-axe.

The Barriers: the series of traps, obstacles and blocks placed on the roads to Amber by Mariah, by the King's orders, after the Unexpected War.

The Black Fleet: Formerly Caine's personal fleet, it was revived by Faulkner to deal with an increasing problem with pirates in Amber's waters. Each of the twenty ships has been enchanted in some manner by Faulkner's twin brother Caspian.

The Book of Mirrors: A book of prophesy about the end of the Balance War. It is kept in Colin's Tomb.

The Books of Unicorn: A series of three historic and prophetic texts written by Dworkin in the years after Amber's creation. They have become the holy texts of the Church.

The Chalice of Souls: A pewter chalice with simple designs that is used by Church initiates during the Ordeals of Ascension. It is written in the holy texts that it contains the 'blood and souls of the stars.'

The Final Door: The door to the Hall of Mirrors, which appeared in the trunk of Ygg after the Mind's Eye was reformed. It led Gwyn to the Serpent. It is still there to this day, though no one has been able to open it.

The Font of Eternity: The font of elemental power at the Keep of Four Worlds, which gave Brand his living Trump abilities and drove him mad.

Greyswandir: Or "The Blade of Twilight", was second Pattern sword forged by Dworkin. It was given to Corwin by Oberon, some say, to spite Eric during the years the brothers vied for Oberon's attention, and the right as named heir to the throne. Some say it was just another reminder by Oberon that Corwin was a legitimate son. It was lost by Genevieve to Jakob during the events leading up to the War of Mind and Heart.

The Hall of Ages: A hallway lined with faceless pendulum clocks, its floor tiles with thousands of shards of shattered mirrors. It was described by the young man who became known as the Mad Prophet after he wandered into the ruins of the Castle and returned a shadow of himself, raving about this ghostly hall and an oracle of time. Some believe it evolved from the Hall of Mirrors, which was destroyed when the Mind's Eye was reformed.

The Hall of Mirrors: A mysterious hall lined with mirrors that had an annoying habit of appearing apparently at random in Castle Amber. It was later discovered to be the physical manifestation of Dworkin's mind. It shattered when the Mind's Eye was reformed, killing Dworkin.

Honor: Benedict's Pattern dagger, forged by Oberon. It was lost when Benedict was killed in the Unexpected War.

Justice: Osric's Pattern dagger, forged by Oberon. It was used by Saturn to kill a Discordian deserter who intended to warn Amber of Cirophsoph's intentions, before the War of Mind and Heart, and was given to Quentin by Benedict. Quentin still posesses it.

The Logrus: A mysterious power that allows

The Mind's Eye: The left eye of the Serpent that was stolen by the Unicorn, and given to Dworkin to draw the Pattern. It was then shattered into four pieces by the Unicron and scattered to the four elemental planes to keep the Serpent from regaining it. Amber's Jewel of Judgement was but one piece. It was reformed by Genevieve, Gwynwhyfar, Christopher and Quentin, and returned to the Serpent, ending the War of Mind and Heart.

The Oracle of Aeons: The oracle of time that is rumored to exist within the castle ruins, at the end of the mysterious Hall of Ages.

The Primal Pattern: The large sigil drawn by Dowrkin, using the Serpent' left eye. It created the realm of Order. It cast forth three reflections: One in the bowls of Castle Amber (now unreachable), one in Rebma (also unreachable), and one in Tir na'Nogth (the only one accessible). Walking it gives Amberites their ability to mold and effect reality, as well as travel through the shadows.

Redemption: Or the "Blade of Atonement," was the first Pattern sword forged by Dworkin. He created it for the first followers of the Church. It was broken during a civil war within the church 7000 years ago, and mended by Gwyn just before the Schism. Currently held by Lord Marshall Jenner, it is the holy symbol of the Guardians of Light.

The Rift: The great stone wall built at Ygg by Evander, after the Unexpected War. The Amber side is imbued with Logrus, and the Chaos side with Pattern, allowing only those initiated to both powersto pass between. It has effectively separated the two ends of the Universe.

Trump Cards: The unique cards, originally created by Dworkin, that allow communication and travel. There are only four known Trump artists - Gwyn, Benjamin, Genevieve and Luke. Anyone wishing to learn this skill must petition to the King. He has not yet granted a petition.

Trump Gates: The massive stone portals created long ago by Brand to travel between the Elemental Planes, before the Merge. Now they reach to distant points of shadow.

The WayStones: Four stones that were created by Mariah and Bailey when it was decided to hide some of the children in Shadow after Evander's and Aubrey's sons were murdered. Each was given a stone, to allow them a way home should something happen. The stones have the power to allow the bearer to move through Shadow as one with Pattern can. It is said that they are deadly to those with Chaos blood, and glow faintly when touched by one of Amber blood.

Werewindl: Or "The Blade of Dawn", it was the second Pattern blade forged. Werewindl's existance was never known, until Dworkin gifted it to Brand, to take with him during his travels through the Planar realms. Thought lost when Brand fell into the Abyss, it was still noted by some that Brand had not been carrying it at that confrontation. It was found by Luke before the War of Mind and Heart, where it had been hidden deep inside a shadow of Brand's creation. It is still in Luke's posession.

Wisdom: Finndo's Pattern dagger, forged by Oberon. It was lost when Finndo was killed in one of the early wars between Amber and Chaos.

The Zodiac Scroll: a list of names found by Quentin and Christopher, it is apparently a record of lost Amberite children made by Mirelle. A number of the current elder, including King Geraint and Sarah, were found because of the scroll.


Gabriel: a large white bengal tiger who had attached himself as companion to Genevieve. It was only at the Reconciliation that it was learned he was a son of the Serpent and Unicorn. He has not been seen in Amber in over 1500 years.

The Serpent: The Avatar of Darkness and the Creator of Chaos and the Logrus. He imprisioned the Unicorn many millenia ago so that he could rule the universe on his own, shifting the balance of the great Cycle of Light and dark, and endangering the universe. He went mad when the Unicorn stole his left eye in retaliation after she escaped. He was healed when Gwyn, Quentin, Genevieve and Christopher returned his eye. He reconciled with the Unicorn, and they left the plane.

The Unicorn: The Avatar of Light and the Creator of Order. Imprisoned by the Serpent for millenia, she escaped with the assistance of a young Chaosite philosopher, Dworkin, and stole the Serpent's eye, giving it to the philosopher, who used it to draw the Pattern and create the realm of Order, Amber. She was forced to fee into hiding to escape the Serpent's wrath, and bound by shame at what she had done, she did nothing to restore the balance both she and the Serpent had endangered. When the cousins returned the Serpent's eye, and she saw Dworkin had died in helping bring about the reunion between herself and the Serpent, she reconciled with the Serpent, and left the plane with him.


Arden Abey: The small abbey located on Arden Isle, run by Caerwyn.

Arden Isle: the only piece of Forest Arden that still exists intact, this small island now sits off the southern shores of the Sea of Sorrows.

Arden Mire: the huge swamp that encompasess what used to be Forest Arden, created when Arden was flooded by the tsunami that created the Sea of Sorrows.

The Castle: Castle Amber, which now sits abandoned and in partial ruin, too dangerous to approach because of the magical energies left from the great battle that destroyed it.

Colin's Tomb: A tomb built deep in the side of Kolvir, where lies the body of Colin, the first High Priest of the Unicorn, who was murdered with the pattern sword Redemption trying to stop a civil war within the Church, which ironically then began because of his murder. The entrance to the tomb is at the steps to the Tir. ONly gwyn, Jenner and the Sentinels know of it's location. The Book of Mirrors is hidden there.

The Courts of Chaos:

Dworkin's Tomb: a small cave near the Primal Pattern, where Gwy, Quentin, Gen and Christipher buried Dworkin after the Reconciliation.

The Ebon Way: the enormous black road that cuts directly into Amber, created by Dara when she broke the Primal Pattern using her grandson Evander's blood.

The Grove of the Unicorn: Located on the lower slopes of Kolvir, the Grove of the Unicorn is a small, quiet grove of oaks, said to be the place the Unicorn gave birth to Oberon. The interior of the grove is an exact circle, 60 feet in diameter. The interior is ringed by nine massive oaks, spaced with perfect precision. A secondary ring of eighteen smaller (and younger) trees surrounds the inner circle. Just off the center of the inner ring is a small stone temple, of one room, built by the Church about 2500 years ago. Acolytes travel there twice a week to tend to the Temple.

The Place Where No Shadows Fall: The realm that exists on the other side of the Tir, a place of eternal light. It was the longtime home of Gabriel, son of the Unicorn and Serpent, and where the Unicorn has hidden since the creation of Amber. It can be reached only by standing at the Center of the Tir Pattern when the Tir vanishes at sunrise.

Rebma: The reflection of Amber under the sea. There has been no contact with Rebma since Queen Moire destoyed the Faiella-bionin stairway 2,000 years ago.

Sea of Sorrows - the shallow sea formed when the Faiella-bionin was destroyed, inundating the vale of Garnath. It is dead and empty of life, purportedly due to the section of Black Road it submerged.

The Tears: A series of nine pools located in the Grove of the Unicorn in Tir na'Nogth. They ring the grove, in place of the nine oaks that are found in Amber's Grove. They are according to legend, the Unicorns tears, shed as she was forced to flee Amber to escape the Serpent's wrath. In order, they are Pride, Vanity, Blood, Shame, Desolation, Mercy, Resolution, Sacrifice, and Fulfillment. It is water from each of these pools that fills the small pool under the temple in Amber, and is used in the Chalice of Souls.

Tir Na'Nogth: The reflection of Amber in the sky. It can only bee seen when the moon is out, and is only accessable for the three days of the full moon.

The Waste: the southwestern portion of Arden that was destroyed by the Ebon Way, this desolate, desert-like place is home to only demons and a few mad wanderers.

Ygg: The enormous oak tree that stands at the centerpoint of the universe, marking the halfway place between Amber and Chaos.


The Balance War: The 5000 year conflict between the fought between the followers of the Unicorn and the Serpent. It culminatd in The War of Mind and Heart, and the Reconciliation.

The Dark Age: The 200 year span after the Unexpected War, in which Amber struggled to survive against the marauders left from Anna's shadow army and the demons and creatures that came from the Ebon Way. It was during this time the city wall and the Palace were constructed.

The Immersion: the great tsunami and resultant flood created when Moire destroyed the Faiella-bionin, which in turn created both the Sea of Sorrows and the Arden Mire. Prince Bleys was killed protcting the city from the floodwaters.

The Golden Revolt: the 10 year war that resulted when Kashfa and Hancine, led by Camiaby, attacked Amber when she was at her weakest. This took place AM 18, the year after Geraint's ascenion to the Throne. Shadow Hancine was destroyed in the battle that ended the war.

The Merge: the cataclysmic integration of the four Elemental Planes when the Mind's Eye was reformed. The geography of Shadow was heavily jumbled, and a number of devastating shadow storms resulted. But massive release of Pattern energy destroyed the invading Chaos army just as Amber was on the verge of defeat.

Patternfall: The events that took place over a period of seven years, beginning, according to history, with Corwin's return from Shadow, and ending with the Unicorn crowning Random king at the Abyss. Patternfall resulted in the deaths of Brand and Dierdre.

The Reconciliation: The final event of the Balance War and the War of Mind and Heart, in which the Serpent and Uncorn reconciled, and left this plane altogether.

The War of Mind and Heart: The events that took place beginning with Dara stabbing her grandson Evander on the Primal Pattern, and ending with the epic and viscious battle opn the slopes of Kolvir, with Amber's troops outnumbered four to one by the invading Chaos army, the Merge when the Mind's Eye was reformed, and the return of the Mind's Eye to the Serpent. This final battle was truly the only outward expression of this war, which actually took place in a much more subtle manner between a number of powers and factions. It resulted in Gwyn, Quentin and Christopher being branded as traitors to the throne (though they were later pardoned).

The Schism: When Gwyn divided the Church after she ascended to the rank of High Priestess when High Priest Cadaes was murdered.

The Unexpected War: The two year war that began with a sneak attack on Amber by Jakob, Emperor of Chaos, and Anna and Isabelle leading an immense army from shadow. It was during this battle that Castle Amber was destroyed, and Julian, Gerard and Benedict were killed. This war was the proving ground for the Guardians of Light and the fledgling Paladins of St. Cadaes.

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