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    From the notebooks of Fiona, Princess of Amber...

    Sorcery is the manipulation of those ethereal and mysterious forces known collectively as 'magic.' But it is not so simple as it may sound, for one must have a deep understanding of the forces manipulated, and they are far from being the same.

    Magic is commonly divided into 5 classes; perhaps a simplistic categorization, but not at all incorrect. There are others, more ancient, and lost to us, such as the manipulation of the streams of time, the magics of death, and the magics of the blood, but given the drastic destructive power those hold, and the cost to the sorceror or sorceress, perhaps that is for the best.

    Sorcery in "Tapestry"

    Players choose to place points in any of 5 magical Disciplines:
    Dynamics, Vitalization, Psionics, Translocation and Conjuring.

    Each Discipline has 5 levels, each costing 2 points. The higher the level a character has acheived in a Discipline, the more powers that character has access to. And if a player has no placed any points in a discipline, then he or she cannot affect that magical domain. The effects a player can create at each level is meant only as a guideline. Players are encouraged to come up with their own effects.

    Hanging spells is no longer needed - instead this system allows for the flexibility of casting magic 'on the fly' or a more traditional system of created spells. As well, one's knowledge of the Discipline is just as important as Attribute scores.

    Sorcery Disciplines


    Dynamics encompasses the the ability to manipulate the physical forces of nature.

    Level 1: Sense and track flows of energy (electricity, magnetics,). Shift senses on the electromagnetic spectrum (obtain "lowlight vision").
    Level 2: Manipulate minor forces (redirect sound and light, discharge static). Control minor forces (create effects of light and sound. Generate static. Manipulate state.)
    Level 3: Create minor forces (simple telekinesis). Form energy fields. Manipulate Major forces (partial weather control).
    Level 4: Control Major forces (complete weather control).
    Level 5: Create Major forces (complex telekinesis). Manipulate gravitation.


    Knowledge of the discipline Psionics allows a sorceror to manipulate his or her own mind, or that of another. But one must acknowledge that in the case of PC vs. NPC or PC, Willpower will come into play, allowing the target to resist the effects if his or her Willpower is higher than that of the sorceror.

    Level 1: Sense surface emotions on physical contact. Editic memory. Meditation. Sense surface thoughs on physical contact. Create mental barrier.
    Level 2: Sense surface thoughts and emotions at distance. Sense Truth.
    Level 3: Implant suggestions (geasa).
    Level 4: Implant false memories.
    Level 5: Rewrite or manipulate existing memories. Posession of another's mind.


    Vitalization encompases the ability to affect and manipulate living beings.

    Level 1: Sense life patterns. Modify simple physical structures (plants)
    Level 2: Create simple life patterns (single cell and simple multi-cell organisms). Simple modification of self (Simple Healing)
    Level 3: Simple modification of others. Complex modification of self (Advanced Healing/Partial Shapechange)
    Level 4: Complex modification of others (Advanced Healing)
    Level 5: Complete physical modification of self (shapechange)


    Translocation is in essence, the ability to shortcut spatial distances. It is powerful, but unless one has advanced knowledge of the pattern, it is limited to the contained environment of a Shadow. But if one is an adept of the Pattern, and combines those skills with Translocation magic, then the sorceror can use those skills across shadows.

    Level 1: Understand spatial relations. Direction sense. Sense spatial relation of everything within a contained environment (eg. a room)
    Level 2: Simple Co-locate senses (See around corners)
    Level 3: Sense spatial relation of everything within an open environment (eg. shadow). Scrying.
    Level 4: Teleport objects (within shadow).
    Level 5: Teleport self and others, simple colocation of self (being in two places at once).


    Level 1: Sense patterns of matter. Identify the material structure of an object (identify a precious metal)
    Level 2: Basic transmutation (lead to gold)
    Level 3: Complex transmutation (wood to steel)
    Level 4: Create Simple Object (no moving parts).
    Level 5: Create Complex Object (moving parts)

    Sorcerous Combat

    Lost Magics

  • Temporal Magics: The knowledge ofmanipulating the time stream was lost just before the creation of the pole of Order.
  • Death Magic: The art of necromancy is rumored to still be active in the courts, and has been found in Shadow, but not in Amber.
  • Blood Magic:

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