"Tapestry": Tir Na'Nogth


  • Basic Shapeshifting
  • Advanced Shapeshifting
  • Form Libraries and Tricks Shapeshifting can be taken incrementally, though to gain any of the 'advanced' levels, one must have all the skills which make up basic shapeshifting.

    Players must describe every form or trick they have in detail.

    Basic Shapeshifting - 25 points

  • Modify Forms - 5 Points
  • Humanoid Forms - 5 points
    Gives the shapeshifter the ability to take sentient humanoid forms. the shape shifter must have either seen his target, or have seen a picture or clear psychic impression of the target. This task is easier if you have previously had psychic contact with the target. This skill requires a complete shift, and does not include changes in voice. Starting characters recieve one humanoid in their form libraries.
  • Chaos, or Demon Forms - 5 points
    Gives the shapeshifter the ability to take what is most commonly known as the 'demon' form due to its usually demonic appearance. This form is primarily for defensive or combat purposes, and comprised of various natural armor and weapons (claws, teeth, spines etc.) Starting characters recieve one demon form in their form library.
  • Animal Forms - 5 points
    Gives the shapeshifter the ability to take non-sentient animal forms, but does not confer the abilities of that form (i.e. if you turn into a fish, you may have trouble adjusting to breathing with gills). Also, because shapeshifters cannot change their mass, they cannot mimic the size of some forms (i.e. if you plan to become a mouse, you'll be a very large mouse). Size changes would require the appropriate level of Translocation magics. Starting characters recieve one animal form in their form library.
  • Automatic Shift - 5 points
  • Advanced Shape Shifting

    More advanced shapeshifters learn how to manipulate their shape with precision, including changing minute details of their bodies and features.

  • Shape Shift Wounds -5 points
  • Shape Shift Facial Features -5 points
  • Shape Shift Extremities -5 points
    The ability to modify the shape, length or durability of hands, arms, feet and legs. Also includes modifications of the epidermis. This ability allows the shifter to do partial form shifts, such as retaining human form while growing claws, or armoring skin.
  • Shift Senses 5 Points
    The ability to manipuate the tissues and nerves of the sesnory organs to modify eyesight, hearing, sense of smell, etc.
  • Form Libraries and 'Tricks'

    Many shapeshifters have complied 'form libraries', an extensive catalogue of forms that they assume with some regularity. Each of these forms has been practiced over and over, and so can be assumed quickly and with ease.

    Additional forms for form libraries require time, practice, and points. Every new form added to a shifter's form library costs 3 points. Certain tricks can also be added to form libraries. If a shifter routinely modified his/her nasal passages to increase sense of smell, he/she could then add that specific 'trick' to his/her forms library for 2 points as well.

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