"Tapestry": Tir Na'Nogth

Shadows of Note

The Golden Circle

  • Adamantine: Former reflection of Amber on the Plane of Earth

  • Amethyst: Former reflection of Amber on the Plane of Air

  • Begma: Once a staunch supporter of the Corwn of Amber, Begma is currently embroiled in a civil war that could bring the shadow to war with Amber if the current government should fall.

  • Camiaby: The ringleader of the Golden Revolt, Camiaby has long had a troubled history, and has been under interdict since the Revolt.

  • Ivory: Former reflection of Amber on the Plane of Water, Ivory has long been one of Amber's staunchest allies, most due to their blood tie to the Crown though Bailey.

  • Kashfa: One of the shadows involved in the Golden Revolt, which resulted in Jasra's death, and Luke attaining the throne. Now a close ally of Amber under King Reynard's rule. His daughter Tasha is the Crown Princess.

  • Mavillar: Mavillar is currently aiding the upstart government that is trying to take the Begman throne.

  • Saxistery: Saxistery's extensive hardwood forests have become Amber's main supply of wood and wood products.

  • Velse: the home shadow of Lady Olivia Barimen, Velse has become Amber's prominent agricultural supply.

  • Other Important Shadows
  • Earth: A shadow many of the elders (Corwin, Random, Flora, Brand, Luke, Merlin) have spent some time in, giving it a distinct sense of reality.

  • Evara: A high tech, high magic shadow where Cordelia was born.

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  • Narnia:

  • Sanctuary: Formerly Mirelle's stronghold, it is now the headquarters of the Wayfarers

  • Solamnia: A medieval, magic-strong shadow that Jared grew up in.

  • Tintagel: Caspian's heavily magical, Arthurian era shadow.

  • Vagary: A shadow populated entirely by mythological creatures from Shdow Earth mythology. Home of Naiade, Christopher's daughter.

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