"Tapestry": Amber's Children
Player Characters

played by Anne Moore

A genetically-altered slave who has no idea how many lives she may have lived, and who has found freedom a sweet and terrifying thing to comprehend...

Fayne Gabel
played by Jill Pritts

A shapeshifter lost to a futuristic world, Fayne discovered his true nature in his early adolescence. But will he be able to handle finding his true self?

Jared uth Wistan
played by Dan Winningham

Knight of Solamnia and Knight of the Crown of Palanthas, Jared is about to discover the darkness spreading through his home comes from a source even greater than he could have imagined.

played by Merrie Haskell

Once known as Martha Crumb, a children's librarian turned reluctant criminal by circumstance, Mythos is about to find out that truth is indeed sometimes stranger than fiction...

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