"Tapestry": Tir Na'Nogth

  • Points, and Spending Them
  • Rank
  • Attributes
  • Powers
  • Extras
  • Skills
  • Experience and Advancement
  • Character Quiz

    Points, and Spending them

    Each starting character has 170 points to spend on Attributes, Powers and Extras and Special Skills. Make sure you carefully read all these areas before starting to spend your points!


    Contributions are ways the players can gain more points both for character creation, and later advancement. The number following each type of contribution is the amount a player who takes that contribution can add to their starting point total. A player can take as many contributions as he/she wants, but is then required to maintain all taken on a regular basis.

  • Character diary - 10: Diaries can take whatever form the player wishes, but they should be at least a one page view of events from your character's viewpoint. It can be first or third person, focus on many or one event. A diary is required for every session the player attended if this contribution is taken. I HIGHLY recommend diaries. Not only does it help me plot, but it will help you develop your character!

  • Game Log - 15: The game log is a recording of events that took place in session. I don't need lots of detail, but what PCs did, who they talked to (conversation content isn't that important), names of new NPCS introduced, etc. One person can take this for all 15 points, or 2 people may share it, and alternate sessions.

  • Poetry - 5 : Fairly self explanatory. One required for every session attended.

  • Character/Game stories - 5: These can be background oriented, alternate views on current events, etc. One story will be required per advancement (usually every 3-4 sessions).

  • Game Quotes - 5: Taking down those amusing anecdotes often spouted in session.

  • Character Web Page - 5: Create and maintain a web page about your character.

  • come up with your own and discuss with GM

    When a player agrees to a contribution, they are making a long term commitment to the GM. They must complete their contribution in the agreed on manner (usually for every session) to retain their extra starting points, and get their extra advancement points, or face in-game consequences and/or loss of current points (unless prior arrangements have been made with the GM - I do realize this is indeed only a game).

  • Rank

    Attributes are still ranked, but not quite like the ADRPG system. Instead of Amber rank being 0 points, and Human and Chaos ranks being negative, EVERYONE starts at 0 points, and you must spend points to attain Amber, or Royal Rank. Human rank is free.

    0-10 points: City-Rank Chaos, "meta-human"

    10-15 points: City-Rank Amber, Lord of Chaos

    15-? points: Royal-Rank Amber, Lord of Amber


    Because there is always so much argument about what skills fall under which attribute, etc., we have reworked the system. There are now 5 attributes, each govering a general area of skills.

    Endurance: taking physical damage, going without food, sleep, etc., trying to drink someone under the table.

    Strength: lifting, causing physical damage, resisting magical attacks that affect the body (levitation, etc.).

    Quickness: acrobatics, swordplay, stealth, speed.

    Willpower: resisting psychic attacks, or magical attacks that affect the mind, resisting interrogation, torture, etc.

    Intelligence: working through problems, noticing things.


    Extras are the fun things that help round out characters and plot. All Players get 2 free city allies to start. Allies of all forms are highly recommended. I mean, who else can you trust but the people you pay for?

  • Blood of Amber - 5 points: Blood of Amber gives you the birthright as a member of the Royal Family (i.e. you will know who your parent is). It also gives you the ability to walk the Pattern. You can still be of the Blood if you do not take Blood of Amber, but you will not be able to survive the Pattern, nor will you be claimed by your parent.

  • City Ally - 1 point: A commoner, or perhaps a merchant who can do you small favors, and get you some gossip on occasion.

  • Noble Ally - 3 points: A member of a noble family who can do you favors and get you information.

  • Court Ally - 5 points: a member of the Royal Court who can do you favors and get you information.

  • Court Devotee - 7 points: a member of the Royal Court who actively looks out for you, and assists you.

  • Family Devotee - 9 points: an elder aunt, uncle or cousin who actively looks out for you and assists you, in his or her own way, of course.

  • Trump Artist Devotee - 12 points: A trump artist who actively looks out for you and assists you, in his or her own way, of course, and will create trumps for you.

  • Stuff: Stuff can be good or bad, and is kept in a player's Stuff Pool. Stuff Pools can have no more than +/- 5 points. For Character Creation, a character can start with a Good Stuff pool, spending up to 5 points, or a Bad Stuff pool, gaining from 1-5 points for character generation.

  • Powers

    I use a partial power system. Each of the major power can be bought in pieces, but if you want to gain access to the advanced form, you must at some point end up with the 'basic' package of that power. Each power is explained in detail on its own page, but here is a simple breakdown of the powers and the point cost for each part.

  • Pattern 35 points
  • Pattern Imprint - 10 points
  • Shadow Walk - 10 points
  • Power Over Shadow - 15 points
  • Logrus 30 points
  • Logrus Imprint - 5 points
  • Logrus Travel - 10 points
  • Logrus Summon - 15 points
  • Trump - 40 points
  • Create Trump - 30 points
  • Sketch Trump- 10 points
  • Shapeshifting - 25 points
  • Modify Forms - 5 points (required for all shapeshifters)
  • Humanoid Forms - 5 points
  • Chaos, or Demon Forms - 5 points
  • Animal Forms - 5 points
  • Automatic Shift - 5 points
  • Sorcery Each discipline in Sorcery has 5 levels, costing 2 points each.

  • Dynamics
  • Psionics
  • Vitalization
  • Translocation
  • Conjuration
  • Summoning - 20 points
  • Minor Summoning - 10 points
  • Major Summoning - 10 points
  • Demonology - 20 points
  • Minor Binding - 10 points
  • Major Binding - 10 points
  • Skills

    Skills are grouped in loose families by attribute. Players DO NOT have to buy general skills, but are required to have reasons for certain skills in their background. If you plan to play a spoiled courtier, there needs to be reason in her background to have skills such a person would not normally have (lockpicking, medicine, etc.) But there are some special skills that need to be bought.

  • Trump Defense - 3 points: How to use your Trump to defend yourself from psychic attacks (do not need Trump).

  • Trump Scrying - 5 points: Ability to cast Trumps as tarot and get a meaningful reading (do not need Trump).

  • Trump Spy - 10 points: Ability to spy on others Trump conversations (do not need Trump).

  • Experience and Advancement

    We will be using a slightly modified version of Mer's advancement system. Experience will be given out every three to five session, in two parts:

    1) Hard points, which can be used for increasing attributes and learning powers (things that take time and the character needs to work for).

    2) Soft Points, which can be used as soon as the player gets them, for buying artifacts, rebuilding stuff pools (or getting out of Bad Stuff debt), or for plot purposes.

    Character Quiz

    The character quiz is REQUIRED. You don't have to go into great detail, but please answer all the questions.

    1. What are your character's colors and symbol? What personal meaning do they have, if any?

    2. How old is your character?

    3. Do you fall into the category 'run with scissors' or 'plays well with others.'?

    4. What is your most prized possession? Tell the story of how you came to have it.

    5. If you had three wishes, what would they be? (And no, you can't wish that you had more than three wishes.)

    6. What is your moral code?

    7. What one virtue is important enough to keep sacred by your character? What one vice would the character never give up? Why?

    8. Would your character have ambitions to take the throne?

    9. How would your character react to finding out they aren't really who they believe?

    10. What, if anything, does your character fear most?

    11. What is your character's defining quote?

    12. Describe a recurring dream your character has.

    13. What were your childhood ambitions, and to what degree have you realized them as an adult?

    14. Describe your character's perfect day.

    15. Which of the elders would/does your character respect most, and why? (The Tapestry elders being Geraint, Ben, Quentin, Bailey, Gwyn, Jenner, Chris, Gen, Luke, Sarah.)

    16 List up to ten quirks, idiosyncracies or affectations your character has.

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