"Tapestry": Pantheon of Minor Gods
Pantheon of Minor Gods

While the worship of the Unicorn is still the primary religion in Amber and the surrounding shadows, many of the peasant class, and all of the Darklanders, have come to worship various minor deities, most creatures or beings of the Ebon Way elevated to demi-god status.

  • Ariadne: Goddess of birth and genesis; the "Spinner of Souls".
  • Brighana: Goddess of harvests and fertility;
  • Festus: God of merriment, debauchery and fertility;
  • Hecate: Goddess of death, the "Reaper of Souls"
  • Lachesis: Goddess of continuance; the "Weaver of Time"
  • Luther: God of the undead; the "Bringer of Eternity"
  • Marlana: Goddess of the Sea of Souls; "The Lady of Still Waters"
  • Moirae: Goddess of destiny;

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