Duchess Sarah Barimen Logan, the Lady Hawk, Knight-Errant of the King's Hand

The daughter of Quentin and a prostitute in shadow, Sarah was just ten when she first came to Amber. She was found by Quentin after his escape from the Abyss during the events prior to the War of Mind and Heart.

She considers Quentin's wife Bailey to be her mother in all regard, as Bailey helped to raise her from her arrival in Amber on. She is also very close to her half-sister, Mariah (Quentin and Bailey's daughter), as they are only ten years apart.

Sarah led a fairly idyllic childhood through the aftermath of the Merge, doted on by her parents and her elder cousins. She was especially close to Geraint, from a prior relationship before they both found their ways to Amber.

In her adult years, she married a young sailor from her father's fleet, James Logan, and gave birth to Hannah and sone 12 years later, Samantha.

But tragedy struck when an assassin preying on the royal children forced the elders to hide the youngest in Shadow. Sarah and James took Hannah and Samantha, but were attacked en route. In the attempt to protect them, James was killed, and both Hannah and the infant Samantha vanished.

Devestated, Sarah combed shadow for her lost daughters for almost 200 years without success. Hannah eventually made it back on her own, thanks to the Waystones each child was given, but no sign was ever found of Samantha.

At Geraint's gentle urging, Sarah eventually took a position on his coucil. He gave her assignments that allowed her to roam through shadow, and continue the search for Martha, while utilizing her talents with the Pattern (learned from Mariah) and her keen sense of observation that eventually earned her the nickname 'The Lady Hawk'.

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