His Grace, Father Jenner Barimen Vauhn, Lord-Marshall and Holy Knight of the Guardians of Light, Duke of Amber

The son of Fiona and Cadaes Vauhn, former high priest of the Unicorn, Jenner has lived a somewhat complicated life. growing up, he had suspicions of his true parentage, though he had been told his mother died at birth. He was 18 when he finally decided to learn the truth himself and walked the Tir Pattern. Waiting too close 'til dawn almost killed him, but he was rescued from the fall by the Unicorn, and introduced to Gabriel, the Avatar of Balance, and son of the Unicorn and Serpent. Gabriel recruited him to the , and as a result, Jenner left the Church, causing a deep rift between him and his father that was not healed until just before Cadaes' murder in the events that lead to the Sundering.

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