His Majesty Geraint Barimen, King of Amber

Brought to Amber only a day before his father died repairing the Primal Pattern, Geraint's introduction to his destiny was trying indeed. Ten years would pass after the loss of Martin before Geraint was crowned King, and even then, there was much dissention and grumbling amongst the family at placing an untried, unknown value on the throne. Externally, at least. Factions formed, and Geraint found himself a puppet with many puppeteers vying to pull his strings.

But he surprised them all. He had none of Random's fear and insecurity of the responsibility of leading a kingdom, and all of his clever guile and calculated risk-taking. He played his would-be puppeteers off of each other, keeping them so occupied with trying to outdo their competitors that he was easily able to cement his powerbase amongst his cousins and the nobles. By the time the Elders realized what was going on, he was firmly entrenched, and managing things quite handily on his own.

The Unexpected War, his first true test as King, was a harsh one. And even through the loss of most of the remaining elders was a blow, Geraint's careful planning and level-headed handling of a poor situation that saved Amber. The close ties he had cultivated with Gwyn and her Guardians and fledgling Paladins gave Amber's fighting forces the edge they needed to force the Chaosian troops back.

And it was his strength and compassion that held a badly broken Amber together in the aftermath of that war, and allowed it to be rebuilt even under the less than optimal conditions that now plagued the once greatest kingdom.

For over two millenia he has ruled Amber as strongly as Oberon, but with a sense of honor, compassion and care that his grandfather lacked. Under his hand a once broken city on the shores of a dead sea has grown to a close shadow of its former glory.

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