Lord General Benjamin Barimen, Commander of the Royal Army, Duke of Amber

The youngest son of Prince Caine, Ben was once a romantic and a dreamer. A scholarly young man who had taken after his academically minded mother, he was as unlike Caine and his elder brother Quentin as day is unlike night.

But the events of the War of Mind and Heart, and the Balance War took their tool upon his gentle heart. While still a gentle and studious man, much of his passion for life has been diminished, and he is a bit more gruff than he used to be. But those that know him best realize that that passion is still there, muted and subdued, but perhaps even stronger from all that he has experienced.

He got over (after some time) his unrequited love for Gwyn, though he is still devoted to her to this day. After his ascension to the rank of High Commander of Amber's military when Benedict was killed during the Unexpected War, he threw himself into the task of rebuilding Amber's devastated armed forces. This occupied him for some time, and it was only some 350 years ago he finally married, and had two sons, the twins Caspian and Faulkner. There are rumors, though, that he fathered a child on a minor noblewoman before his marriage to Olivia Darsall, but he has never spoken on the matter, nor lain claim to Reginald.

Ben is one of the most well-loved of the Amberite elders, and known amongst the cousins as the one to approach when they've gotten into trouble, for he will deal with the situation fairly (and likely with some amusement).

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