Bailey Bariman, Duchess of Amber

Brand's daughter, who appeared through one of the ancient Trump Gates eight years after Patternfall, bringing with her the startling truth about the nature of the Universe. An adept of all four of the elemental Patterns, she was sought after by the demon Cirophsoph, whoplanned to use her to gainthe four peices of the Mind's Eye in his bid to kill both the Serpent and the Unicorn.

She fell in love with Quentin, who also had a long running dispute with Ciro. Indeed, Ciro intentionally handed Bailey over to the Serpent, causing Quentin to leap into the Abyss after them both.

But Ciro had tricked both Quentin and the Serpent, and instead took Bailey, using threats against the child of Quentin's that she carried to force her to gather three of the four Jewels. In the end she defied him and took the Jewels to Amber, allowing her cousins to embark on their ambitious plan of returning the Eye to the Serpent.

She eventually married Quentin, and gave birth to a healthy child, Mariah. She has spent muc of her time since the Merge and the War mapping the Trump Gates now that their destinations are far changed.

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