"Tapestry": Allies and Adversaries
Allies and Adversaries, "Tapestry" NPCs

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The Royal House of Amber

His Royal Majesty Geraint Barimen, King of Amber: The youngest son of Random, Geraint was crowned King of Amber after Martin disappeared with Rebma. He has ruled for almost 2000 years.

Her Royal Majesty Caroline Navure Barimen, Queen of Amber: wife of Geraint, Caroline is the middle daughter of House Navure. There is little love between her and the King.

His Royal Highness Robert Barimen, Crown Prince of Amber: Robert has been in hiding for the last few centuries, after a series of attempts on his life, and returned to Amber only 5 years ago. He was recently murdered; the weapon was the thought-lost pattern sword Greyswandir.

Her Highness Phoebe Barimen, Princess of Amber: the 19 year old daughter of Geraint and Caroline.

  • Lord General Benjamin Barimen, Commander of the Royal Army, Duke of Amber: Youngest son of Caine, Ben took the position of Master at Arms, General of Amber's Armies, after Benedict was killed in the Unexpected War.

  • Lady Grace Olivia Darsell Barimen, Duchess of Amber: Wife of Ben, mother of Caspian and Faulkner. Olivia hails from the Golden Circle Shadow of Velse.

    Lord Caspian Barimen, Marquis of Amber: Son of Benjamin, Caspain is the Court sorceror, a master of as many of the magical arts as he can get his hands on.

    Lord Commander Faulkner Barimen, Marquis of Amber: Son of Benjamin, and Caspian's identical twin, Faulkner has taken up the mariner life of his grandfather, and now commands the Dark Fleet.

  • Lord Admiral Quentin Barimen, Duke of Amber : Son of Caine. Husband of Bailey, father of Mariah and Sarah. Quentin has succeeded his uncle Gerard as Admiral of Amber's navy.

  • Lady Grace Bailey Barimen, Duchess of Amber: Daughter of Brand, wife of Quentin, mother of Mariah. Bailey has spent much of her time mapping where the Trump Gates lead since the Merge.

    Lady Mariah Barimen, Marquess: Daughter of Bailey and Quentin, Mariah has an extraordinary bond with the Pattern, due to her mother walking all of the Primal Patterns, and attuning to all of the Jewels while pregnant with her.

    Lady Grace Sarah Barimen Logan, Knight-Errant, Duchess of Amber : Daughter of Quentin, mother of Hannah and Samantha, Sarah has become a member of the King's Hand in the years since her husband's death and her daughters' disappearance.

    Lady Hannah Barimen Logan, Marquess: Eldest daughter of Sarah and James (deceased), Hannah runs a Summoner's Shop in town.

  • Lord Grace Christopher Barimen, Duke of Amber : Son of Benedict, father of Remington and Naiade, as well as the father of Fayne.

  • Lord Grace Merlin Barimen Sawall, Duke of Amber : Son of Corwin and Dara. Only recently returned from RoseAmber, where he has been assisting his father. He has acknowledged Cordelia as his daughter.

  • Her Highness Florimel Barimen, Princess of Amber : Daughter of Oberon and Dybele, and the only one of Oberon's children still living in Amber. She seems content to keep on the edges of Court like, concerning herself mostly with the affairs of her daughter, Aubrey.

  • Lord Evander Sawall Barimen, Marquis: Son of Jakob, grandson of Corwin, Evander created the great RiftWall, a 700 foot tall stone wall at Ygg, imbued with Pattern and Logrus, that prevents any passage between the two halves of the universe. He is the only known Logrus Master to exist on Order's side of the Rift.

  • The Royal Court

    The people most commonly seen at Court.

  • Sir Leland Burgess: A landed knight of great physical skill and prowess, though a bit lacking in intelligence. One of Queen Caroline's two current lovers.

  • Jasper Cosmo: Court bard.

    Viscount Reginald Duney : Rumored to be a bastard son of Benjamin's, before his marraige, but he has never attempted the Pattern as far as anyone knows, nor has he made a claim on his heritage. From a house of landless minor nobles, he was awarded his title by the King for his actions in a nasty border skirmish some 70 years ago.

  • Constable Samuel Lancaster: Nominally a member of the Palace Guard, Lancaster is better known as "His Majesty's Shadow". He is effectively the King's bodyguard.

    Janelle Gervaise: The longtime mistress of the King, she owns an herbalist's shop in town.

    Constance Gervaise: Janelle's 19-year-old daughter, thought to be Geriant's as well, but never claimed. She is currently a lady-in-waiting to Duchess Olivia Barimen.

  • Elton Greer: Son of a wealthy textile merchant. The other of Queen Caroline's two current lovers.

  • Lord Javrit Ryan, Duke of Tuneese: Lord of a small but very powerful duchy in the northwest corner of the Vale, near the western ridge of the Dancing mountains.

  • Algernon Salinger: Castle Librarian and chief archivist, and member of the King's Hand.

  • Eliza Upton: Queen Caroline's lady-in-waiting.

  • Nigel Varys: Known as the "Knight of Whispers", Nigel is the court gossip-monger and a member of the King's Hand.

  • Lord Anton Wells, Earl of Vincennes: lord of the Vincennes Estate, which was granted to his family by royal decree after their bravery in the Unexpected War.

  • Lady Agnes Wells: Anton's wife and a rumored dark sorceress, often in collusion with the Queen.

  • Colonel Gregor Wyndfellen: A prominent noble, and retired member of the Grand Army and member of the King's Hand.
  • The Palace Staff

  • Henry: Palace seneschal
  • Lillian: Palace stewardess
  • Madeline: The head cook
  • Piper: Senior page
  • Turner: Junior page
  • Beckett: Junior page
  • The Palace Guard

  • Captain Kurt Larson
  • Deputy Trent Wilde
  • Deputy Helen Rudyard
  • City Folk and Commoners

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  • Amber Nobility of Note

    The 'old' nobility, those houses that existed prior to the merge, hold a distict and elevated rank from the newer nobility, even though there is no difference in title.

    The Landed Houses
  • House Bayle
    Lord Bayle: One of the oldest noble houses, Bayle has fallen on hard times with the destruction of their lands and orchards, existing primarily on the cushion of tradition and reputation.

  • House Aspian
    Lord Vincent Aspian: House Aspian has long been a sting supporter of the Church, due primarily to Her Grace Gwyn's hobby of beekeeping.

  • House Prety
    Lord Walt Prety: One of the younger nobles houses at the time of the Merge, House Prety has only recently regained its power, and appears to be leaning against the king.
  • House Heric
    Lady Angelica Heric: Head of House Heric, spupporter of the king.

  • House Navure
    Lord Deghas Navure: The Queen's ancestral home, the Navures appears to support the Crown, but there have been rumors of their involvement in Begma's civil war.
  • The Landless Houses
  • House Burgess
  • House Duney
  • House Navure
  • House Navure
  • House Salinger
  • House Wyndfellen
  • The City Guard

    Guard Captain Aubrey Barimen: daughter of Flora, Aubrey was brought o Amber right before the Unexpected War. She was eventually appointed Captain of the City Guard by King Geraint.
  • Lieutenant Frasier Heric:
  • Constable Eliot Navure:
  • Constable Brahm Aramir:
  • The Mire Watch

  • Watch Captain Roland Potter
  • Ranger Warren Alcott
  • Ranger Alex Drake
  • Ranger Ingrid Mevlyn
  • The Church of the Light

    Her Grace, Gwynwhyfar Barimen Vauhn : High Priestess of the Unicorn. Daughter of Gerard, wife of Jenner, mother of Arthur and Caerwyn, Gwyn has held the Church intact through the most turbulant periods in Amber's history.
    Father Jenner Barimen Vauhn: Son of Fiona and Saint Cadaes, Jenner was appointed Lord-Marshall of the Guardiand by Gwyn during the War of Mind and Heart. he holds the post to this day. Husband of Gwyn, father of Arthur and Caerwyn.
    Arthur Cadaes Barimen Vauhn: Son of Gwyn and Jenner, Arthur is being groomed to succeed his father as Marshal of the Guardians. An intense young man who has often been seen as a bit of a stick-in-the-mud by his peers for his forthright attitude and perfect manners.
    Caerwyn Faith Barimen Vauhn: daughter of Jenner and Gwyn, Caerwyn has made it her life's goal to 'save' the people known as the Darklanders, who in recent years, have come to worship a number of minor dieties and deomons that reside in the Mire.
  • Rhiannon Barimen Vauhn Wistan: Jared's mother, and the lost daughter of Gwyn amd Jenner. She was kidnapped by the Scions of Light, but rescused in a raid by Jared, Sarah and Mariah.
  • The Golden Circle Nobility


    His Majesty Lucas Barimen Reynard, King of Kashfa, and Duke of Amber : Son of Brand, he took the throne of Kashfa after his mother's death in the Golden Revolt.
    Her Majesty Genevieve Barimen Reynard, Queen of Kashfa, Duchess of Amber : Daughter of Corwin, wife of Luke. Gen missed most of the Cataclysms, as she was with her father is RoseAmber. She returned to find 100 years had passed, and Luke had been forced to marry for his crown. They reconciled, and married later, through their marraige has been very stormy.

  • Sophie Gillian Bernadette: the lost daughter of Luke and Genevieve, she was a psychiatrist in Shadow until a mysterious attacker left his trump deck while escaping.
  • Princess Tasha Reynard: Daughter of Luke and his first wife, Alana. She is Crown Princess of Kashfa.
  • Prince Brandon Reynard: Gen and Luke's second child.


  • The Wayfarers

  • Remington Barimen: Son of Christopher, grandson of Benedict. Now head of the Wayfarers, Mirelle's former collection of lost Amberite children.
  • Delauney Barimen: Daughter of Fiona. remington's second in command.
  • Naiade: Daughter of Christopher and Circe thewater nymph.
  • The Darklanders

    The Mire and the Waste are harsh places, but there are many determined souls who reside there despite the drawbacks.

    The Harriers

  • Cyrus Fulton: The leader of the Harriers, a group ofhighwaymen and bandits who live in the Mire. They are the reason for the existance of the Mire Watch.
  • Horace: Cyrus' demon sidekick.
  • Wendell Thurgood: A former member of the Palace Guard, Wendell joined up with the Harriers after being dismissed for killing a man in a drunken brawl.
  • Amerigo
  • Grace
  • Dixon
  • Clan Stromwell
  • Luther Stromwell: A vampiric sorceror who appeared in the Mire some 1200 years ago, and began preying on the Darklands, creating community of vampires within the Mire.
  • Dayne: Remington and Mirelle's son, and the first of Luther's victims.
  • Eldra: Luther's consort.
  • Amelia: a hedgewitch and sometime prophetess who resides in a small hut in the middle of the Mire.
  • Shadows

  • Gunthar uth Wistan: Jared's uncle.
  • Biscuit: Mythos' best friend, and a decker from her home shadow.
  • Kale: Mythos' former employer.
  • Jeb:
  • Saul:
  • Delila: Fayne's secretary.
  • Russell Stanislav: 16 year old boy who befriended Cordelia in Evara, he was rescued by Mythos and Fayne at Cordelia's request.
  • Rebecca Stanislav: Russell's twin sister, she was also rescued by Mythos and Fayne.
  • The Fringe and Unknowns

  • Jakob Sawall: Emperor of Chaos. Twin brother to Merlin, he was placed on the Imperial Throne by Dara's manipulations after Swayville's death. He lead the devestating attack on Amber that came to be known as the Unexpected War.
  • Anna Barimen: Daughter of Osric, she assisted Jakob in the Unexpected War, and was responsible for the deaths of Gerard and Benedict. Her twin sister, Isabelle, was killed during the magical duel that destroyed the Castle and blocked the Pattern.

    Herald: the suave, mysterious (and somwhat smarmy) stranger who appears to know a lot more than he's telling. Has apparenlty attached himself to Fayne.

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