The Hall of Mirrors

Created when the Primal Pattern was drawn, it was a physical representation of all the knowledge and memories Dworkin had. As Dworkin held the Mind's Eye, and drew the Unicorn's Pattern, for that time he held all the knowledge of the universe, past present and future, in his mind. The Hall of Mirrors was his mind's way, using the magic of the Eye and the Pattern, of compartmentalizing all that information, so he wouldn't go entirely insane. Indeed, those who walk the Hall walk through Dworkin' mind.

Dworkin's addlepated state, assumed insanity by the family, was indeed not insanity at all, but a function of having had his mind literally split apart into thousands of tiny pieces. He could remember large quantities of information at once, but it wasn't always related. As a result, he seemed perpetually confused, and quite schizophrenic. Dworkin had no idea that, for all intents and purposed, he was the Hall of Mirrors. He believed it to be a function of the Tir.

But Dworkin's soul was trapped within the Hall at its formation. So another Dworkin, young, and mentally whole, had wandered the Hall for over five milennia, watching events unfold through the mirrors, and, sometimes, gaining control of his real body long enough to drop a clue. Gwyn and Jenner met this Dworkin when they entered the Hall, and it was he who revealed that Jenner was an Amberite.

When the Primal Patterns were merged as the Mind's Eye was reformed, the power surge shattered the Hall of Mirrors, killing Dworkin. Gwyn, who entered the Hall through the Final Door at Ygg, found him. Both bodies are buried in Dworkin's cave at the Primal Pattern.

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