"Tapestry": Factions
The King's Hand
Geraint's advisory council became known as the King's Hand, not only because they number five members, but because they often act as an extention of the King in matters he cannot act directly, for reasons of politics and/or saftey.

Sarah Logan: The only member of the Royal family in the Hand, Sarah was asked by Geraint to join shortly after her husband was killed, some 200 years ago. Known about the court as the "Lady Hawk" for her keen powers of observation, Sarah is often sent into Shadow by his Majesty on various and secret assignments.

Nigel Varys: Known less-than-affectionately as "that weasel", only in part because of his slight stature and sharp features, Nigel also is called the "Knight of Whispers", a mocking title bestowed upon him some centuries ago that he took a liking to and has used ever since. It is said Nigel has ears everywhere, and indeed he does seem to know evey move of every person at Court, from the Royals on down to the lowliest kitchen-maid. Innocent rumors have been known to make and break reputations and lives in his hands.

Samuel Lancaster: A stolid, quiet figure at court, Samuel is never seen far from Geraint's side, a habit that earned him the nickname of "His Majesty's Shadow" shortly after he became the King's unofficial bodyguard. Once a constable in the City Guard, he was assigned to the King after a series of assasination attempts three centuries ago, and never left that post.

Colonel Gregor Wyndfellen:

Algernon Salinger:

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