Historical Figures

The lost and deceased...

Benedict: The eldest of Oberon's children, Benedict held the post of General of Amber's armed forces during King Random's reign, and Regent after Random's death. He died defending Amber during the Unexpected War. He is known to have only one son, Christopher.

Bishop: The son of Bleys and Areanyth Sawall of Chaos, he was actually the first child of Chaos and Amber, born some years before Merlin, but this fact was hidden to protect him during the events leading to Patternfall. Fiona's protege in the magical arts, he was killed by the demon Cirophsoph prior to the War of Mind and Heart.

Bleys: Middle child of Oberon and Clarissa, Bleys appeared to have been on a number of sides during Patternfall, through his loyalty to Random afterward was never questioned. He was killed protecting the city from the Immersion. He had two ackoledged children: Bishop, and Miredrith.

Brand: The youngest child of Oberon and Clarissa, and the villian of Patternfall. Brand was Dworkin's protege until he went mad after initiating to the Font of Eternity at the Keep of Four Worlds. He fell into the Abyss at Patternfall, taking Deirdre with him, and was assumed dead. Quentin discovered that his disembodied soul still survived in the Abyss, after the Serpent has taken over his body. Brand has two acknowledged children: Bailey and Luke.

Cadaes Vauhn: High priest of the Unicorn just before the War of Mind and Heart. The first High Priest to have been chosen by the Unicorn in millenia, he was a powerful influence in the city of Amber and the Golden Cirle. He named Gwyn his successor just before he was murdered by an agent of Cirophsoph, the event which triggered the Schism within the Church. He had one acknowledged child, with Fiona: Jenner Vauhn.

Caine: Son of Oberon and Rilga, Caine always had the reputation of 'sneaky bastard'. But the loss of his wife and son Quentin to the shadows storms created when Brand damaged the Primal Pattern turned him into a very bitter man. He shot Brand through the eye at Patternfall, but this vengance gave him no comfort, not even after Quentin's return. He and Quentin were estranged for a time when Quentin forged a relatinship with Brand's daughter Bailey, through they eventually reconciled. Creator of the Black Fleet and Admiral of the Southern Navy, he was lost and presumed dead during the Immersion.
He had two acknowledged children, Quentin and Benjamin.

Cirophsoph: A Vespertine Tenebros demon lord, Cirophsoph was a disciple of the Serpent when the Unicorn stole the Mind's Eye. A very ambitious creature, he hatched a lan to make use of the Serpent's madness following the loss of the Eye. He created the Discordian, and began a campaign to reform the Mind's Eye. His plan was to use it to kill the Serpent and Unicorn, and rule the universe as a god. After 5,000 years of scheming, he had almost attained his goal, but was stopped by Bailey, and shortly after killed by Quentin, both of whom he had used and tortured to gain the four Jewels.

Corwin: Son of Oberon and Faiella, and oft considered to be the hero of Patternfall. He disappeared into the Universe he had created when he drew his Pattern, and did not return to Amber until he was rescued from his sonJakob by Genevieve and Jakob's twin, Merlin. After the War of Mind and Heart, he returned to his universe with Genevieve and Merlin to clean up the mess Jakob had made. He has not been seen in Amber since. He has three acknowledged children, Genevieve, Merlin and Jakob

Dara: Dara's exact heritage is not known, though it is believed she is a grandchild of Benedict's through a Hellmaid of House Helgram. She seduced Corwin, and later gave birth to twins, Merlin and Jakob, though only Merlin was known of until the events before the Balance War. She hid Jakob in shadow as a backup in case her plans to put Merlin on the Imperial throne of Chaos fell through (which they did). Her whereabouts are unknown. She had four acknowledged children, Merlin and Jakob (with Corwin) and Jurt and Despil (with Gramble Sawall).

Dierdre: Daughter of Oberon and Faiella, Deirdre was presumed killed at Patternfall, when Brand dragged her into the Abyss with him. Quentin also found her disembodied soul in the Abyss. She had no acknowledged children.

Dworkin:The ever-enigmatic creator of the Pattern and father of Oberon. Dworkin slowly lost his mind over the millenia - Gwyn eventually discovered that the shattering of the Jewel at Amber's inception had trapped his true self in the Hall of Mirrors. Dworkin was killed when the elemental planes were merged.

Ethore Agroric: One of the high clergy in the Church of the Unicorn, Ethore was one of Gwyn's strongest opponents, until she discovered he was a Chaosite spy.

Finndo: Brother to Osric, he was the caretaker of Osric's children and hid them in shadow afer Osric's death. When he was killed, Anna and Isabelle were lost.

Fiona: Possibly the greatest sorceress ever known, Fiona wnr missing while investigating tears in shadow. She was never seen again.

Gerard: Father of Gwyn, Gerard was killed during the Unexpected War.

Isabelle:The somewhat insane sister of Anna, Isabelle was killed during a magical duel with Jenner which resulted in the destruction of the Castle and the blocking of the Pattern.

Julian: Former caretaker of Arden, Julian was also killed during the Unexpected War.

Lardoth:The High Preist of the Serpent, Lardoth was forced to flee from his Church when he refused to assist the demon Cirophsoph. He later assisted gwyn and the other in their attempt to reunite the elemental planes.

Lewella: Daughter of Oberon and Moins, Lewella was also lost with Rebma.


Martin : Son of Random, Martin was the nominal heir to both the thrones of Amber and Rebma, until he went missing with the undersea city when Moire destroyed the Faiella-bionin.

Miredrith : Youngest child f Bleys, Miredith became a pawn in Cirophsoph's attempts to set the Amberites at war among themselves. When she was rescued, she had aged ten years, and seemed lost in a world of her own. She went missing after the elemental planes were merged, and has not been seen since.


Moire: Queen of Rebma, she went mad presumably as a reflection of Random's death on the Primal Pattern, and destroyed the Faiella bionin, forever cutting off her kingdom from Rebma. Martin, Lewella and Vialle were lost when this happened.

Morganthe: Daughter of Moire and mother of Martin, she committed suicide shortly after Random left her in Rebma.

Oberon:Son of Dworkin and the Unicorn, and the first King of Amber. He was imprisioned by some of his children in a scheme to take the throne from him, but returned in time to repair the Pattern after Brand stabbed Martin on it. This act killed him.

Osric: The second son of Oberon (and Cymnea), he had a falling out with his father, and later died on the front lines of a squabble with Chaos known as the Vengeance War. He had two acknowledged children, Anna and Isabelle, who were hidden in shadw by Finndo after Osric's death. They were lost completely when Finndo later died.

Random: The second King of Amber, chosen at the end of Patternfall by the Unicorn. He ruled Amber for 8 years, until he died repairing the Primal Pattern after Dara bled her grandson Evander upon it, to create the Ebon Way. He had two acknowledged children: Martin and Geraint.

Saturn: An amberite of unknown parentage brought to Amber by Remington, she was recruited by Cirophsoph and Anna and played a vital role in the events leading to the War of Mind and Heart, including the kidnapping of Bleys' daughter Miredrith.

Vanden Sawall: Former emperor of Chaos, he was slowly poisoned to death by Dara, leaving no heirs and allowing her to put her son Jakob on the imperial throne.

Vialle: The blind Rebman woman Random was forced to marry for his part in the death of Queen Moire's daughter Morganthe. They fell deeplu in love, and she returned to Rebma after Random's death, and has not been heard of since the Immersion.



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