Factions and Conspiracies

The Cabal of the Viper: The Chaos equivalent of the Chruch of the Unicorn.

The City Guard: The 500 member constabulary that keps the peace within the city walls. Curently lead by Guard Captain Aubrey Barimen.

The Discordian: A secret brotherhood that was scattered when the demon lord Cirophsoph was killed. But no one knows if they were truly disbanded.

The Guardians of Light: The Church's holy army, hearkening back to the first days of the Church, when its first members were warriors sworn to the Light and the Unicorn's protection. They are led by the Lord Marshall, Father Jenner Vauhn, who carries the Pattern Blade Redemption.

The Healers: A corps of healers also created by Gwyn. They run Amber's first true hospital.

The King's Hand: Geraint's council of advisors, so named because of they number five, and act as his hand in many instances that he cannot act directly. The Hand consists of Sarah Logan, Nigel Varys, Sir Gregor Wyndfellen, Samuel Lancaster and Algernon Salinger.

The Mire Watch: The 1000 member force that polices the Mire and the Ebon way. They man the Watch Towers that were built along the Way, and keep the peace, or attempt to, among the various communites that exist in Arden Mire.

The Palace Guard:The 100 member force that protect and guard the Palace.

The Paladins of Saint Cadaes: An elite force of holy knights created by Gwyn.

The Scions of Light: A splinter group formed when Gwyn sundered the church two millenia ago, the Scions are a militaristic and fanatical group who believe only they are the chosen of the Unicorn, and that their former leader, Ethore Agroric, martyred himself for their cause.

The Wayfarers: Formerly Mirelle's minions through which she planned to take the throne of Amber, the Wayfarers, now led by Delauney and Remington have made it their goal to find all the lost children of Amber and return them home.



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