The Courts of Chaos
Where eldest Night
And Chaos, ancestors of Nature, hold
Eternal anarchy amidst the noise
Of endless wars, and by confusion stand;
- Milton

  • The Great Arising
  • The Great Wars: The War of Creation, the War of Discord, The War of Infidels
  • The Political Structure of Chaosian Nobility
  • The Houses of Chaos
  • A Chaosian Demonology
  • The Logrus
  • The Order of the Serpent
  • The Abyss
    "A land of darkness, as darkness itself; and out of the shadow of death, without any order, and where light is as darkness." -Job 10:21

    The Great Arising

    The origins of Chaos are lost to the depths of time. No records remain of the time before the War of Creation, the millenia-long war that resulted when the Serpent first created his children, and some say there was nothing prior to be recorded, only formless Chaos and the Serpent.

    It is written in the earliest documents known on that end of reality that the Serpent existed alone in his dark, formless void for untold eons before he created His children. According to the Chaosian mythology, the Chaosites were created when the Seprent cast off his skin, and breathed life into his shed scales as they scattered into the Void. As creatures of discord and disorder, these newly born children immediately fell to fighting one another.

    Indeed, no one even knows exactly how long it has been since the War of Creation began. Time does not always flow in a linear manner in Chaos, making such reckoning a very difficult prospect. But the priests of the Serpent have kept meticulous records of events, and if one had the patience, a timeline of sorts could be constructed.

    By such a timeline, the War of Creation began about sixteen thousand years before Dworkin drew the Pattern, and lasted almost seven thousand. In that time, the children of the Serpent sorted out into three distinct races, of which one, the shapechangers, truimphed, setting the stage for the next nine thousand years of Chaosian history.

    The Great Wars

    War is no stranger to the Serpent's children. Their lives began in the fires of War, and that is how they believe they will end - in fire. While there have been countless small squabbles and civil wars within the Houses, there have been four great Wars...

    The War of Creation: The greatest of the Wars, the War of Creation began the moment the Serpent created his children. The beginnings of this war are lost to the hazy integrity of mythology and cosmology, but by the accounts that do exist, this war lasted for many millenia. It was during this time that the current known races of Chaos formed: the Cimmerian, the shapeshifters, who used their unique abilities to eventuallly conquer their brethren, the Vespertine the powerful and innately magical demon lords, and the Atracian, the various and sundry major demons, in most cases the evolutionary failures, mutants and cast-offs of the Cimmerian and Vespertine.

    The War of Discord: Only 500 years after the War of Creation ended did the War of Discord break out. It was a quick war by Chaosian standards, lasting only a few hundred years, but was viscious and bitter. It was an effort by various subgroups of the Vespertine (the Tenebros, Erebus and Tohubo) to cast their shapeshifting brethren from power. But the Cimmerian had used the years after the War of Creation wisely, and were deeply entrenched. The Tenebros and Tohubo were forced to retreat when the Cimmerian all but wiped out the Erebus, ending the war.

    The War of Infidels: There were no major wars in Chaos (one does not count the endless squabbles among the Cimmerian houses - accounts of those would fill the Abyss) for thousands of years. The Vespertine licked their wounds from the War of Discord in bitter silence, and the Cimmerian cememnted the political structure known in Chaos to this day. But then the heir to House Barimen enacted an unspeakable betrayal that would forever change the universe. With the creation of the pole of Order everything was different.

    The War of Vengance:

    The Political Structure of Chaosian Nobility

    The overall political structure of Chaos has, surprisingly, existed for millenia without change. The Imperial House is by far the most powerful, and holds sway over the other forty two noble houses.

    The Rim Houses: These six houses (including Swayville) are the first Houses. It is among the Rim Houses that the Imperium passes should an Emperor die with no heir. Sawall, Hendrake, Helgram, Kagisar, Regell make up the Rim nobility.

    The Province Houses: These nine houses, while not as powerful or as influential as tthe Rim HOusees, have each found a niche that allows them to survive without the patronage of a Rim House.

    The Ward Houses: The other twenty-eight houses are divided into districts and pay fealty not only to the Imperial House, but to their Rim Lord, as well. Some are no more than glorified Byways in a Rim House.

    A note on the Imperial Succession: In the event that an Emperor should pass with no heir, the status of Imperial House passes next through Sawall, then through Helgram. Consequently, all three of Dara's children are in line for the throne, should Vanden die without an heir. As both of Gramble's eldest, Mandor and Areanyth, have removed themselves,

    Houses of Chaos

  • Swayville: The Imperial House of Chaos, headed by Emperor Vanden Swayvill. Swayville has held the throne for almost 6 thousand years. It was Vanden who exiled Dworkin from the Courts and disbanded House Barimen, hunting down and executing each of its members for their kin's betrayal. Always a hard and ruthless man, he has held Chaos though its most peaceful time in history.

  • Sawall: Sawall, one of 6 Rim Houses, is perhaps the most influential and powerful of the Chaos noble houses, next to Swayville.

    Members of House:
    Lord Gramble Sawall
    Dara nee Helgram (married to Sawall)
    Mandor (mother was Lady Gride, first duchess of Sawall)
    Areanyth (mother was Lady Gride, first duchess of Sawall)
    Bishop (Son of Areanyth and Bleys of Amber, grandson of Gramble)
    Merlin (Son of Dara and Corwin of Amber, foster son of Gramble)
    Despil (son of Dara and Sawall)
    Jurt (son of Dara and Sawall)

  • Helgram: Helgram's influence in the politics of Chaos has always been linked directly to the religious and magical. Given that one of their own is Master and Keeper of the Logrus itself, no one really wants to take the risk of crossing them.

    Members of House:
    Suhuy, Master of the Logrus

  • Hendrake:War

  • Regell:

  • Nighire: Healing

  • Vessesk:Armourers/Metalcraft

  • Jesby:Trading

  • Sittani:Agriculture - located farthest from the Rim, and in the most stable area of Chaos.

  • Ichainu: Architects

  • Cazent: Long KNown as the "House of Spies" Cazent has made their way from knowing whateveryone else knows, ans using that information to be in the right place at the right time to profit from that knowledge. They would have been destroyed millenia before, expect for the fact that everyone else uses thewir information, too.

  • Bythion: Bardic

  • Myby: Diplomats

  • Zecimion: Librarians - Hold Great Library near Thelbane

    Defunct Houses

  • Barimen
    House Barimen was disbanded, and its members hunted down and executed by order of King Swayville as punishment for Dowrkin Barimen's betrayal.

  • Ubion
    Cast out of the

  • Masital
  • Mobene

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