The Land of Amber

  • City Amber
  • The Palace
  • The Castle
  • The Church
  • Arden Isle
  • Arden Mire
  • The Waste
  • The Sea of Sorrows

  • City Amber

    Upon the shores of the Sea of Sorrows sits what once once called the greatest city that ever existed, the city of which all others were but shadows. But The great city of Amber is now only a shadow of what it once was.

    Small City
Map Once a sprawling medeival metropolis spread across the lower slopes of Kolvir, the city is now surrounded by a great stone wall, defense against those creatures birthed by the Ebon Way.

    The city is divided into districts:

  • The North District is the home of Amber's upper class, holding the homes of the nobles.

  • The East District is more commonly called the Merchant's Walk, and is home to the various shopping districts.

  • The Commons is the residental district for the city's non-noble inhabitents, loated along the south section of the City Wall

  • The Wharf District, or Waterline is strung along the coastline of the Harbor. It is also the warehouse district and the seedier section of the city.

  • The Royal District encompasses the center of the city, and is where the Palace is located.

  • The Temple District is the 60 or so acres of land that is owned by the Church, where the Cathedral stands, and where the offices of the Guardians of Light, Paladins of St. Cadaes and the Healers Corp are located.

  • Access to the city is through three gates: The South Gate, located at the southwest corner of the city, is the primary access to the Commons. The Merchant's Gate along the southern wall, is direct access to the Merchant's Walk, and the Harbor Gate along the east wall. The Harbor Gate is the only one open at all times. Both the South amd Merchants' Gates close at dusk and reopen at dawn.

    The Palace

    Situated at the inner edge of what was once the agricultural district, the Royal Palace now marks the city's center. A striking structure of granite, green, grey and white marble, and wrought iron, the palace, outbuildings and grounds occupy about 30 acres.

    Ground was broken for the palace six years after the destruction of the Castle, and the entire complex was completed 60 years later. There has been no major additions to the main palace structure in the 1500 years since, though various outbuildings and gardens have been added on the grounds.

    Besides the King and his family, various other members of the Royal line also keep residence in the Palace. As well, many of the palace staff keep quarters there, though a majority reside in the Commons district.

    The Castle

    Sitting silent and broken upon the middle slopes of Kolvir, surrounded by a perpetual mist, Castle Amber is a poignant and melancholy reminder of Amber's past. It was destroyed during the Unexpected War in a spectacular magical battle between Isabelle, and Jenner, Gwyn and Ben. Three of the seven great spires remain intact, but the others are fallen. The Main Hall is now open to sky, and the glass ceiling of the Atrium long shattered. The courtyard gardens are an overgrown jungle. But the worst damage is deeper inside. The stairway to the Pattern was collapsed in a brutal duel between Jenner and Isabelle which resulted in Isabelle's death and almost Jenner's. All access to the Amber Pattern was lost, leaving the Tir Pattern the only one available, with Rebma's lost long before.

    No one goes to the ruins. It is said that things lurk there - creatures from the Ebon road, perhaps, and magic still lingers from the battle, creating dangerous pockets of spontaneous magical effect. But it is rumored that an oracle resides there, whose sight spans the threads of time.

    Arden Isle

    The only remaining piece of Arden Forest as it was before the Immersion, this 16 acre island is home to a small abbey, Arden Abbey, run by Caerwyn Vauhn, who is attempting to lead the darklanders back to the Church, and away from their deification of the Mire's darker magical entities.

    Arden Mire

    In the flood that came to be known as the Immersion, what remained of forest Arden that had not been destroyed by the Ebon Way was drowned by the tidal wave that created the Sea of Surrender. The waters receeded, but not completely, leaving the once grand forest to become, in time, an extensive swamp. The Mire and the Waste make up what is known as the Darklands.

    The Waste

    A barren desert-like expanse that was once the southwestern portion of Arden and the Vale of Garnath. The Waste was created by the appearance of the Ebon Way. It is home to demons, monsters, and a few mad wanderers.

    The Sea of Sorrows

    The tsunami created by Moire's destruction of the Faiella-bionin innundated half of the Vale of Garnath, and a portion of the Ebon Way. The waters never receeded, and a shallow sea was born. Nothing appears to live in its waters.

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