"A Tapestry in Shades of Grey"

"All the pride and shame,
All the bone and glass;
These kind of fragile things
Were never meant to last..."
--Shriekback, "Dust and Shadows"


       It is a universe whole again, but in the deepest of ironies, that necessary union wrought its own apocalypse upon the poles of Order and Chaos, which have again been sundered.
       Amber still lives, but much changed. Much darker. A broken castle sits upon the mountain's slopes, shrouded in mist and, some say, the haunted souls of those who gave their lives in her service. A struggling city sprawls on the shore of an empty sea.
        And an ebon road of ill omen cuts a dark swath of malignance to Amber's very heart, a black thread with which the gods will weave Amber a new destiny.

                       -- The Chronicles of Denby Godavari, Bard and Wanderer

"A Tapestry in Shades of Grey" completed in 2001. Below is an archive of the game information.

The Cast and Setting

  • Player Characters
  • Non-Player Characters
  • Artifacts, Creatures, Places and Events
  • Tapestry Trump Deck
  • Factions and Groups
  • Historical Figures
  • Pantheon of Minor Gods
  • The Land of Amber
  • Tir Na'Nogth
  • Courts of Chaos
  • Shadows of Note
  • The Props

  • Character Creation
  • Amber, Mostly Diceless
  • Pattern
  • Trump
  • Sorcery
  • Summoning
  • Logrus
  • Shapeshifting
  • The Story

  • "Reflections in the Mind's Eye" the beginning...
  • Arc 1: "Grey Dawn Rising"
  • Arc 2: "Substance and Shadow"
  • Arc 3: "Fade to Black and White"
  • The "Lost" Arc: The Glass Kingdom
  • Quotes
  • About the Game
  • Historical Background
  • Amberian Calendar
  • Timeline of Events
  • Family Tree
  • Credits
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