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The Plane of Water

The Plane of Water is the universe that was cast by the Primal Elemental Pattern of Water.

In some ways, it is a diametrical reflection of the Fire Plane, but not a perfect one. More of a reflection as might be seen through a carnival funhouse mirror.

There are similarities, but they are often skewed and changed...


Following the paths and breaks that allow travel through shadow, you find yourself, eventually, in a deep primeveal rainforest. For hours you travel its few paths, until suddenly, without warning, you break out of the dense growth. Below, a wide, sweeping plain, lush and sprawls forward. To the east, a large body of water. To the west, a range of mountains. And to the north, an enormous mountain, with a city spread across it's lower slopes. And above the city, sparkling white and brilliant in the sun, a castle.

Welcome to Ivory.

The Kingdom of Ivory is the Water Plane's Amber counterpart. A large, medieval kingdom located in part at the base of a dormant volcano, Ivory bears a fair resemblance to Amber.

The castle is located on the mid-slopes of Mount Holocaust, and the town of Ivory sprawls over the mountain's lower slopes to the shore of the bay of the Sea of Surrender.

Ivory is well protected. The east can only be approached by water, which is patrolled by Ivory's Navy. Of the landward approaches, the Darkening, an immense primeveal rainforest blocks the southward approach. While passable, there are few Shadow paths through the dense forest, and they are carefully patrolled by the Watchers.

The westward approach is blocked by the Twilight Mountains. Mt. Holocaust, the largest of the range, is in fact a long-dormant volcano. It gained its somewhat forboding name millenia ago, when a massive eruption blew out the entire eastward side of the mountain, destroying the original castle and much of the city.

But the mountain was silent after, and eventually, Ivory rebuilt, and the Royal family once again made their placeon its higher slopes. Today, the Royal Family of Ivory is headed by the current King, Aloran Prath. He has six siblings, who in turn have a large number of children. The clan Prath is a boisterous, close-knit group, quite unlike the Barimens of Amber.

Clan Prath (in order of birth)

Aloran, King of Ivory (89) 
	Dominic Prath, Crown Prince (37)- A dark and intense man, Dominic
		cuts a dashing figure.
	Elissandra "Ellie" Prath (16)-  Fair, takes after father.  Just
		evolving out of the tomboy stage.
Layrien Prath (89)- High Priestess of the Unicorn
	Bailey Prath Barimen (30)- Layrien's only child, fathered by
		Prince Brand of Amber.

Brendan Prath (70)- General of the Armies
	Giles Prath (35)- Captain of King's Guard.  
	Grahaem Prath (23)- Captain of 8th Cavalry Unit.

Viola Prath Rasten (65)- married to one of Ivory's nobles.
	Raisa (35)
	Austin (30)
	Noah (29)
Imogene Prath (62) Admiral of the Ivory Navies
	Fletcher (40)-  Sorceror (Correspondence Adept). Leads Watchers.
	Raphael (37)- Navy Captain.  
	Megan (250-  Navy Captain. 

Calida Prath Veis (45)- married to one of Ivory's nobles.  
	Selina (18)
	Audrey (17)
	Calder (15)- Henpecked brother.
	Haley (12)
	Olivia (8)


At various points around the slopes of the mountain, small, and large vents - dark holes leading into the rock - can be found. If one is intrepid, and follows these dim paths, they will eventually find themselves deep in Holocaust, the realm of flame and fire.

While the mountain itself may be dormant, it is far from a dead realm. Near the mountain's center lies the Realm known as Holocaust. It is survivable, if uncomfortable, for humans, but for the Ignis, a race of fire-fey, it is home.

The Ignis have long been the protectors of the Pattern's reflection in Holocaust. The Pattern's relfection here is inscribed on the very floor of the volcano.

The Ethereal

You walk through a city of ghosts, as if you are there, yet not, watching, but unable to interact. A quality of pale transluscence marks all you see. Most things you cannot touch, but every once somehting shifts and you brush against an unaware passerby. It is the way of the Ethereal.

For all intents and purposes, the Ethereal is the counterpart to the Tir. It is a realm of augery, dreams and prophesy. It physically coexists with Ivory, yet exists on a different plane.

The only access to the Ethereal is the Walk of Dreams. This construct is is a mirrored walkway buried deep under the Unicorn's Cathedral. Its existance is known only to the clergy of the Church and some members of the Royal Family in Ivory.

The Ethereal's Pattern reflection is superimposed upon Ivory's Pattern reflection, but as each exists on two seperate planes, they do not interact.

Updated 11/11/97