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Visions and Dreams and Prophesies

Visions from the Tir

Session 1


Quentin sees a flash of movement off to the side, down a small hall. When he looks back for the rest of the group, they're gone. Then he catches a glimpse of one of the black winged demons that had pursued him and Ben through Shadow.

He comes to a round, domed chamber. There are five of the creatures circling around something. As he closes in, he gets sight of a figure in their midst. A woman, long brown hair, and slight of build, spinning a quaterstaff and watching the demons warily. A few make moves at her, and she fights them off with the staff.

Quentin moves forward, and suddenly, her head snaps around, and she looks directly at him, over at him, eyes wide in surprise and not a little fear. Thusly distracted, one of the demons hits her from behind, and she goes down under the group. The vision fades as Quentin charges forward to assist her.

Gwyn - Session 1

She sees, off down a corridor, her mother. The apparition leads her to a small room, one of the lower level sitting rooms in the castle, though this one is devoid of any furnishings.

A woman stands at its center, tall and pale. Her hair is silver white, and her skin the color of the moon. She is looking down at a body, lying sprawled at her feet, turned so Gwyn can't identify it. She glances up at Gwyn, and reaches out a hand, imploringly. Gwyn approaches, but as she does so, she sees flash of movement in the shadows around the edge of the room. Suddenly, the darkness begins to fill the room, a cold malignant shadow. The woman continues to beackon to Gwyn, and as Gywn reaches out to touch her hand, the vision fades...


Session 1


Even after walking the Pattern, Quentin is missing a substantial chunk of his memory from his time in Shadow. periodically though, he has dreams, or flashbacks of that missing time...

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