Reflections in the Mind's Eye 

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Tir Na'Nogth

"But what do they mean?" Gwyn queried.
Dworkin regarded her with solemn eyes. "It is what could be, what will be. What is past and yet to come... What never was and what might never be..."

The house of evening, the house of clouds, vast hall
of which the walls are walls of everywhere,
enfolds them, like a wind which blows out lights.
-Conrad Aiken, 'Time in the Rock'

The moonlight reflection of Amber, Tir Na'nogth is, and always has been, shrouded in qualities of mystery, myth and prophesy.

In walking through the Tir, one almost immediately notes that it is not a perfect reflection of Amber. Or at least, not Amber as it is today. Those with a historical bent will see and realize that the Tir reflects Amber's city and castle as they were millenia ago. It is Amber, frozen in time. But if one reads the sacred texts written by Dworkin, it states in the Book of Hope that upon the creation of the plane of order, Dworkin saw a city in the sky, created out of his dreams, and it was this city he recreated upon the slopes of Mount Kolvir.

The Tir is Kolvir in the sky, though the peak of the great mountain is never as solid as the city and castle that grace the lower slopes, and is considered dangerous to ascend, even on a clear night. But the castle, the city, and the Grove of the Unicorn are all accesible in the Tir.

Little substantial information is known of the Tir. Once, when asked by one of his great-grandchildren what force controlled it, Dworkin looked puzzled and conceded that that was an extrememly good question.

As stated above, the Book of Hope claims that Amber was built to resemble the Tir, but not many believe the rambling of the madman Dworkin. Indeed, it is only those who follow the faith of the Unicorn who ascribe to that particular theory.

What is known of the Tir is that it appears only on moonlit nights, and but is only substantial enough to be visited on a full moon. the rest of the times it is only a ghostly and vague reflection in the moonlight. It contains one of the three reflections of Amber's Primal Pattern. And it is legendary for the sometimes disturbing, sometimes prophetic soundless visions it creates for visitors to its halls.

Gwyn recently discovered the existance of the Tears, a series of nine pools located in the Grove of the Unicorn in Tir na'Nogth. They ring the grove, in place of the nine oaks that are found in Amber's Grove. They are according to legend, the Unicorns tears, shed as she was forced to flee Amber to escape the Serpent's wrath. In order, they are Pride, Vanity, Blood, Shame, Desolation, Mercy, Resolution, Sacrifice, and Fulfillment. It is water from each of these pools that fills the small pool under the temple in Amber, and is used in the Chalice of Souls. At the center of this ring was a broken sword, a Pattern blade called Redemption.

"It was divine intervention that kept me from death, that night, for I had waited too close to dawn to make my rebellious statement. I had just collapsed in the center of the Pattern when the first light of sunrise begin to dismantle the Tir about me. But I did not fall. I went to the place the Tir resides when not in Amber's sky."
                                -Jenner, describing his Tir Patternwalk to Gwyn

What happens to the Tir when it is not seen in Amber's sky is unknown, even by Dworkin, though he suspects that it may be related somehow to the Castle's mysterious Hall of Mirrors. But it seems Jenner, previously unknown son of Fiona, now bodyguard to Gwyn, has some knowledge of the Tir's whereabout after sunrise.