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Timeline of Major Events in "Reflections" Universe

This timeline was created with the assistance of Kevin Knight's Amber Timeline. It is modified to fit the world and cosmology of my game, and focuses only on the time since Amber's creation, ignoring the millenia of Chaos' rule previous.

PCs and second generation NPCs are in bold. OB - After Oberon's Birth

AP - After Patternfall

0 OB  		Oberon Born
2		Dworkin begins the Book of Light
5		Dworkin finishes Book of Light
30		Construction begins on the Castle.
35		Construction begins on the city.
40		The Unicorn vanishes.
41		The Church of the Unicorn is born.
47		Dworkin begins Book of Hope
50		Oberon marries a woman named Dreamera.
60		Dreamera dies under mysterious circumstances.
		Ygg is planted.
78		Oberon's coronation as King.
79		Dworkin finishes Book of Hope.
118		Dworkin begins Book of Order.
987		Oberon marries Cymnea.
998		Benedict born to Cymnea.
1003		Osric born to Cymnea.
1013		Finndo born to Cymnea.
1603		Eric born to Faiella.
1606		Oberon dissolves marriage to Cymnea.
1608		Oberon marries Faiella.
1628		Osric dies on the front lines during a squabble with
			Chaos, later known as the Vengance War.
1640		Finndo is killed in the last battle of the Vengance War.
1658		Corwin born to Faiella.
1718		Faiella dies in childbirth with Dierdre.
2730		Oberon marries Clarissa.
2940		Fiona born to Clarissa.
2954		Lewella born to Moins.
3160		Bleys born to Clarissa.
3163		Oberon divorces Clarissa.
3190		Oberon legitimizes Lewella to spite Eric.
3308		Brand born to Clarissa during a short reconcilliation.
3323		Flora born.
3340		Oberon marries Rilga.
3348		Julian born to Rilga.
3359		Caine born to Rilga.
3370		Gerard born to Rilga.	
3400		Oberon divorces Rilga, who joins the Church of the
4098		Oberon marries Harla.
4139		Benedict marries Ilene of House Iambiny.
4165		Sand born to Harla.
4170		Delwin born to Harla.
4179		Christopher born to Benedict and Ilene, first known
			of the second generation.
4202		Christopher walks pattern
4242		Random and Mirelle born to Pauline.
4600		Mirelle vanishes.
4629		Ilene dies.
5002		Deela the Desacratrix's reign of terror begins.
5003		Deela captured by Oberon, and escapes.
5004		Dalt born.  Deela begins raiding again.
5020		Oberon imprisons Dworkin.
5023		Sand and Delwin leave.
5023		Cadaes Vauhn born.
5047		Jenner Vauhn born.
5075		Cadaes made High Priest, after being chosen by the
5089		Oberon vanishes.
5090		Dworkin escapes.
5094		Eric crowns himself King 'for good of Amber'
5100		Gerard marries Teiddwen of Rebma
5130		Eric banishes Corwin.
5150		Brand bathes in the Font.
5168		Brand marries Layrien in Ivory.
5173		Bailey born in Ivory.
5183		Rinaldo born in Kasfa.
5190		Genevieve born in Shadow.
5191		Quentin born in Shadow.
5195 		Gwyn born to Gerard.
5197		Brand takes Bailey to walk Tir Pattern.
5198   		Benjamin born in Shadow
5199		Brand takes Rinaldo to walk Tir Pattern.
5200 		Corwin returns
 		Eric crowned, Corwin imprisoned.
		Black Road appears.			
		Caine brings Quentin, 10 and Ben, 2 to Amber
5202		Gwyn vanishes from Arden, after coming in contact with
			Black road

5204		Caine takes Quentin and Ben back into Shadow
5205		Caine found 'dead'		

		Caine's shadow destroyed.  Lydia killed, Quentin, 28, 
0 AP		Caine brings Ben, now 18, to Amber.  Ben takes Pattern,
			begins searching for Quentin.
6m 		Corwin brings Genevieve to Amber.
2   		Teiddwen dies in riding accident.
7y 4m		Corwin walks his Pattern.
7y 7m		Ben returns from Shadow with Gwyn.
7y 8m		Ben returns with Quentin.
7y 9m		Campaign begins.