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    People and Creatures

  • The Cabal of the Viper: the religious cult of the Serpent. Used as a tool by Cirophsoph to gain access to the Serpent.

  • The Maerturi: An elvish race who live in the shadow of the Vale of All. In their language, their name translates as "martyr." The Maerturi have an ancient prophesy that a woman, chosen of the mysterious creatures known as the 'Silent Walkers', will come and lead them to their destiny and demise in defense of the Place Where No Shadows Fall. The Maerturi originally inhabited the Keep of Four Worlds, until the prophesy of the Chosen was sent. They then abandoned the Keep. Led by Genevieve in the Battle of Shadows and Dust, the only battle of the War of Mind and Heart,

  • Silent Walkers: A mysterious race of intelligent creatures that are known by the Maerturi to come from a realm known as the Place Where No Shadows Fall. One of these Silent Walkers, a large feline named Gabriel, attached himself to Genevieve. It was later revealed that he was the son of the Unicorn and Serpent.

    The Wayfarers: The group of third generation Amberites collected by Mirelle in her guise of Alexis, of whom both of Christopher's children are a part. She intended to use them in a bid to take the throne of Amber.


  • The Chalice of Souls: A pewter chalice with simple designs that is used by initiates during the Ordeals of Ascension. It is written in the holy texts that it contains the 'blood and souls of the stars.'

  • Sentinels, the original group of paladanic knights who made up the Church. Broken during a Church civil war, it remained so until Gwyn gathered both pieces and had Dworkin help her reforge it.

  • Trumps: The unique cards, originally created by Dworkin, that allow communication and travel. The standard family deck currently includes: Random, Vialle, Corwin, Bleys, Caine, Gerard, Lewella, Flora, Fiona, Benedict, Julian, Bill Roth, Luke, Merlin, Benjamin, Bishop, Genevieve, and Gwynhwyfar. Quentin has not yet been added. The standard deck also includes the Castle Gates, Arden, and the gates of City Amber.

  • Trump Gates: These massive gates are scattered throughout Shadow. Found by Luke and Merlin, it is now known that these gates were built by Brand as a means to traverse the Elemental Planes. They were hidden by glamours until Brand's death, when the spells collapsed, revealing the artifacts.

  • The Walk of Dreams: This construct is the entrance to the Ethereal, in Ivory. A mirrored walkway buried deep under the Unicorn's Cathedral, it's existance is known only to the clergy of the Church and some members of the Royal Family in Ivory.

    The Zodiac Scroll: a list of names found by Quentin and Christopher, it is apparently a record of lost Amberite children.


  • The Citadel: The primary stronghold of the Maerturi, an elvish race who dwell in a shadow found by Genevieve.
  • Font of Eternity: The Font at the Keep of Four Worlds, which gave Brand his living Trump abilities. It is a breach in the structure of the universe where all four planes merge in a tumultuous flow of pure elemental power.

  • Grove of the Unicorn: A small grove on the side of Kolvir where the Unicorn has been seen on occasion. The Church built a small shrine there.

  • Ivory: A medieval kingom that is Amber's equivalent on the Plane of Water. Home of Brand's daughter Bailey.

  • Keep of Four Worlds: One of three points at which all the Elemental Realms touch. The elemental forces of all four realms existing at one point created the Font here, which Brand discovered on his travels.

  • The Pools of Tears:A series of nine pools located in the Grove of the Unicorn in Tir na'Nogth. They ring the grove, in place of the nine oaks that are found in Amber's Grove. They are according to legend, the Unicorns tears, shed as she was forced to flee Amber to escape the Serpent's wrath. In order, they are Pride, Vanity, Blood, Shame, Desolation, Mercy, Resolution, Sacrifice, and Fulfillment. It is water from each of these pools that fills the small pool under the temple in Amber, and is used in the Chalice of Souls.

  • Ygg: The 'Tree of Life' that stands at the halfway point between Amber and Chaos.

    The Primal Planes

  • The Plane of Fire: Dworkin and the Unicorn's chosen home Plane. Its reflections hold the most power and reality due to being populated by the children of Dworkin, the creator of the Universe, and the Unicorn.

    Air- Tir Na'nogth
    Earth- Amber
    Water- Rebma

  • The Plane of Water: The next most 'real' of the Planes, due to its place as Fire's Diametrical opposite, and due to Brand's time spent there, and the presence of his daughter, Bailey.

    Air- The Ethereal
    Earth- Ivory
    Fire- Holocaust