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Session 1

"The Pattern; what will prove to me, and the rest of the family that you're one of us. All you have to do is walk it." -Random
"All I have to do is walk in a circle?" -Saturn

"What the hell is that?!?" -Quentin, to Benedict as Dwinn points at Merrie's B5 badge.

"He's incredibly dangerous." -Dwinn, on his character Quentin
"... looking." -Mer

"He's incredibly dangerous looking but that only makes him look more cool." -Dwinn's revised description of Quentin

"None for you." -Bishop, to Gwyn (the nun)

"What happened to Fiona?" -Quentin
"Someone left the toilet seat up and she fell in." -Adam

"I'm cooler because I can do it and not sweat." -Liz/Saturn, in reference to Quentin's method of killing.

"Lunchables are da bomb!" -Adam

Session 2

"You're an excellant lug?" -Jill, to Dwinn

"If you can't say anything nice, say it to God." -Gwyn

"So Bleys is Fonzie?" -Merrie

"You've got to learn how to get in trouble one day while I'm not here." - Dworkin, to Gwyn

"They won't throw me in the dungeon... at least I don't think they will." -Quentin

"Roll us the random encounter die, I want to dance with fishmongers" - Merrie

"Well, I suppose if you meet your destiny you'd want to invite her to dinner." -Dwinn

"And the Trump gates?" -Bishop
"Built by my father." -Bailey
"And that would be?" -Random
"It'd better not be Brand..." -Mer
*Grin* -Julie
"Biotch!" -Mer

"And I don't even have a pre-existing Brand prejudice in this game." -Mer

And this session's nun pun...
"Maybe she'll make a habit of drinking," -Bishop, in reference to Gwyn

Session 3

"You know it's going to be very hard gaming with you tonight." - Jill
"I could take my shirt off for you if it would help." - Adam

"You want to trade pants?" - Adam to Julie

"Quote two of the day - orangatang beef." - Merrie

"Why are you doing this?" - Quentin
"Who else would do it?" - Gwyn

"Please, if there's something else I should know?" - Bailey
"He's your son."- Dwinn

"I've already got something in my pants that doesn't work in bed." - Unknown

"Great, it's Adam the mime." - Julie

"I would be so happy to have a brother or sister, even if they were a child of a freak like Brand." - Merrie

"She keeps promising honey and giving it to someone else." - Dwinn/Quentin

"Come this way to the special drunken prince's room." - Merrie

"Ninjas are throwing honey at me - Dude I am so hosed." - Dwinn/Quentin

Session 4

"I am not Ross Perot." -Jill

"It's impossible not to play with fuzzy soft things." -Jill

"Things that should not be - Jim Henson's Cthulhu Babies." -Adam

"ShoGwyn." - Merrie

"Ahh Dworkin, you are not the prize." Dwinn, in reference to cereal

"I approach things as someone who has not been here for the time I was gone." - Dwinn/Quentin

"We should establish the relationship with our sister cities." - Nun Pun!

"Jewel of Baboons." - Adam

"There's no Jewel of Death?" Gwyn
"Oh, I hope not." - Dworkin

"You all do realize what you are getting yourselves into?" - Bailey
"Plot!!!" - Jill

"I will not speak unless someone initiates combat." - Dwinn/Quentin

Session 5

"How nice have you been in the last 10 minutes?" - Dwinn
"I haven't beaten you up." - Merrie

"Go wench!" - Jill
"All the wenches are up on Tir." - Dwinn

"It's where you maneuver people for sexual pleasure." - Merrie

"Amber does not have daylight savings time."- Julie

"Three, three angels can dance on the head of a pin." - Merrie

"These two competing fish mongers of Chaos come out of the shadows and thwap you with fish." - Julie

"Bwaa ha ha, the Book of the Unicorn." - Mer

"I go trump the answering machine." - Mer/Gwyn

"Life was too boring with good stuff, now it will be just dead." -Unknown

Session 6

"I was sort of clueless about our relationship, my brother being my brother." - Quentin

"My eyes don't even dip down." - Adam/Bishop, in reference to Gwen's low cut dress
"That's because you grow eyeballs in your nostrils." - Merrie

"I'm a Unitarian, I don't have to know anything." - Merrie

"I didn't stick any feet in anybody's body part." - Merrie

"Okay, I'm going to go after my nose." - Jill/Genevieve

"I was more worried about (Gen) on the Pattern, than when she got to Luke's." - Bishop

"It's always Quentin. He's not that notable." - Unknown

"Gwen fails to pray." - Merrie/Gwyn

"I'm not really married to G-d anymore if she's a girl." - Gwyn/Mer

"I'm much funnier than I think I am." -Merrie

Session 7

"Feed my sheep?" -Merrie

"There is no Right Guard in Amber." -Merrie

"My pain is gonna have to find me." -Merrie

Session 9

"Morning comes." - Julie
"Figures." - Merrie

"Okay, play, I'll be quiet." - Merrie
"Yeah, right." - Julie and Dwinn in unison

"Yeah! I love monks." - Mer/Gwyn, in response to getting to eat in the refractory

Session 10

"Coaster shots!" - Liz

"I think his name begins with a Q and ends with entin." - Merrie

"We don't have angstful characters in this game, we have angstful players." - Dwinn

"It's your normal morning run." - Julie
"Until you are kidnapped by munchkins." - Jill
"You mean little donut holes?" - Mer

"No, I'm not taciturn, I'm just miserable." - Gywn

"I just smile, because he's a dork, but he's my best dork." - Mer/Gwyn on Ben

"What was stopping you?" - Quentin, to Gwyn in reference to her not telling him her true feelings
"I was married to G-d." - Gwyn

"I just got advancement." - Mer
"Advanced meddling?" - Dwinn

"Caine was awful wise and stuff." - Quentin

"Carrots for the Unicorn?" - Jill
"Grandma want a carrot?" - Liz

"She shamelessly manipulated him in confession." - Jill, on Gwyn

"Gwyn, I think the best word for you is forthright." - Ben
"I can think of several better." - Dwinn

Session 11

"Why did you have to make my lover the weenie?" - Jill/Gen

"Yeah, a desert, with no sun," - Liz/Christopher, in reference to the shadow world she is riding for

"Do any of you know how to reach Dworkin?" - Gen
"Walk the pattern and ask it to take you to G-d." - Gwyn

"Yeah and all that cutesy family crap." - Julie

"I said it with more feeling, not ennunciation." -Ben, to Quentin

"I have my own room in Rebma; it's all ocean facing." - Gwyn, taunting Quentin about not getting the ocean view he wanted

"I'm the creator of the universe, I do not need to ask permission." -Dworkin, to Quentin

"I am standing in Genevieve's room next to the fire Litch." -Gwyn

"I have many desires, Quentin, that I doubt that you will be able to satisfy." - Flora

"There's a difference between Flora and a nun." - Unknown

Session 12

"That's quite a foamy head I have." - Merrie

"I don't want to risk putting pizza on my chest." - Merrie

"Stuffing instead of potatoes. Random, you are a genius." - Quentin, to Random

"I always used to think that subtle had a lot to do with torpedos." - Merrie

"I don't sell my soul to the devil, but you look innocent enough." -Christopher, to Quentin

"What if I had been a demon waiting outside your door?" Gen, to Christopher, on his habit of letting her come into his room without asking who it is first
"Then this morning would be a lot more interesting than I had anticipated." - Christopher

"Oh man, you are seriously cramping my style." -Quentin, to Random

"I guess it's us and you," Gen, to Bailey as Gen, Bailey and Christopher set out on an expedition

Session 13

"Bailey had just told us what those things were. What were those things again?" -Liz, trying to summarize the plot from the week before

"You have the same dreams as usual." -Julie, to Dwinn/Quentin
"You mean the nudie bar (dreams)?" -Jill

"Chicks just don't understand." -Dwinn
"Exactly." -Liz

"Real men eat quiche." -Julie
"Real men eat Count Chocula." -Dwinn

Session 14

"Why does my girlfriend have to be like my dad?" -Merrie, speaking for Luke

"This is so weird, I can't have a manly conversation while crocheting." -Liz

"I don't want to have to listen to their late night antics." -Christopher
"Get your own antics." -Quentin

"I am the chosen of the Unicorn, bite me." - Gwyn

"Lay down on the table." - Dwinn, (forcefully) to Merrie

"My word is good as just about anything." - Quentin

"Mmm, good lusty babies." - Merrie

Session 15

-With special thanks to Jen Bowen, who took some of our quotes this session.

"The sky is red and blue." -Julie
"Like swirls, or like superman ice cream?" -Merrie

"I don't want 16 points of bad stuff for hanging onto a pattern sword." -Merrie

"She's going to keep her eyes closed and try to see what's going on around her." - Jill/Gen, in response to being transported to an unknown world

"I greet Layrien with all due whatever." -Mer/Gwyn, on greeting the High Priestess of the Unicorn from Ivory

"Besides eat, and humiliate people?" -Dwinn/Quentin, in response to the GM's question about his plans.

"After a thousand years, do you think my hair wouldn't look this good if I didn't comb it?" -Christopher

"Well, I still go the bathroom. I have to, right?" -Gwyn/Mer
"I feel sorry for the church." -Dwinn
"I'm not being stupid on purpose" -Mer

"I'm hardly the first young impetuous nun to come by." -Gwyn

"You reappear-" -Julie
"Five hundred years later..." -Jill
"Oh shucks, I bet I don't get to play those out." -Mer

"I sit in the church and twiddle my thumbs." -Mer/Gwyn
"That's what priests do." -Dwinn
"Twiddle?" -Mer

"Meredith's back." -Gen
"That's interesting." -Gabriel
"She's 16." -Gen
"That's even more interesting." -Gabriel
"She's in shock." -Gen
"That not surprising." -Gabriel

"I'm playing with a teddybear while I'm hell-riding" -Liz/Christopher
"Is that your little riding buddy?" -Jill/Gen

"Jenner looks you up and down in your new clothes." -Julie
"Less revealing than what I wore to the Oscars." -Mer, whose character, Gwyn, is modeled after Ashley Judd

Session 16

"That's the howl of children, not an elephant!" -Dwinn

"That's the other problem. That fairy living in her hair."- Gwyn
"It's made no move to harm her, and won't leave her." -Bleys
"Well, it hasn't given her lice yet, so I guess it's all right." -Gwyn

"That Chinese food, it's called 'Yu sing.'" -Liz
"Then she said, 'Beef lala'." - Dwinn

"Speaking of sobriety, how's Bleys doing?" -Christopher

"You were a party animal. What happened?" -Chris
"I had two kids!" -Bleys
"So did I. Hasn't affected me." -Chris
"Yeah, but I knew about mine." -Bleys

"'Bleys,'" kinda rhymes with Liz, if you're drunk and have no motor control." -Dwinn

"It's like 'Lanfear'... 'Merfear'."-Mer

"I couldn't sneak up on Ben if I wrapped my feet with Northern bathroom tissue." -Mer/Gwyn
"But you could kick his ass and not worry about getting anything on your feet." -Dwinn

Session 17

"Smoke is coming out of my kitchen...I haven't used it yet." - Dwinn

"You're babbling." -Jill
"I know, but that's exactly what's going through my head."- Merrie

"Why can't people understand?" -Dwinn
"You are not funny." -Mer

"I keep getting my gender confused." -Chris/Liz

"Erasmus Haskell?" -Mer, choosing names for if she ever has kids
"No!" -Dwinn and Jill, in unison

"You two regain the horses, unmolested by Kelpies." -Julie

"I have to go to the Grove of the Uniform." - Mer/Gwyn

"You know, you are pretty dirty." - Quentin, to Bailey

Session 18

"I don't want my brother to come out of shadows and seduce me." - Liz/Chris
"I think you would make a nice pregnant woman, Christopher." -Mer

"I am done being stupid, just for the record." -Mer

"I only egg Julie on because I enjoy bad plot." -Mer

"If you put a cookie in my mouth, I won't use it to talk." -Mer
"I'm not the one who has to put the cookie in my mouth." -Dwinn

"Oh, look. I'm out of focus." -Mer

"I'm trying to behave!" -Mer

"I could probably refute you more if you weren't probably right." -Dwinn, a grudging admission

"I'm not dumb, I'm just not okay." -Mer

"I've already been mean to people, I can't lie." -Jill/Gen

"How do you know I'm not cleaning the house?" -Quentin, after being Trumped at an inopportune moment
"Because you are lying in bed naked." -Gwyn

"They're sacred eucharist Cheez-its." -Mer
"Great, the body of Christ, with a white cheddar topping." -Dwinn

"You don't have to conform to your stereotype." Genevieve, to Jakob, the mysterious evil guy

"I'm lying in a pool of my own blood." -Mer/Gwyn
"Well, I've resolved my responsibility, so I guess it's back to boinking Bailey." -Dwinn/Quentin

"You have a way of inciting anger in him." -Gwyn, describing Quentin's relationship with Caine
"Only when he's smashed." -Quentin

Session 19

"I've lost a pea in the couch." - Liz

"They greet each other as men do." -Julie
"What, they sniff each other's butts?" -Mer

"Thank you for letting me abuse your hospitality left and right." -Jill
"Don't worry we'll abuse you later." -Dwinn

"I wanted to know if you could buy bitch cubes if you want to make a stew". -Dwinn

"I can't be responsible for anyone's heart when I have the care and keeping of millions of souls. Woo!!!" - Gwyn

"You're not losing a daughter, you're gaining a whole church." -Gwyn

"I won't be blamed for your hard-on." - Liz

"I'm the prop mistress." - Jill

"I'll party like I just broke someone's heart." - Mer/Gwyn

"'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' does not have a drum solo."- Jill to Dwinn

Session 20

"She doesn't want powdered Chaosite on the floor." - Quentin

"This is the ring he was wearing. Don't touch it, it will kill you," Quentin to Random

"It's not like I've never seen a naked chick before," Christopher, in response to potentially dropping in on a naked Bailey.
"It's my naked chick," Quentin's vehement response

"I haven't seen Vialle much lateley, she's not dead is she?" - Jill

Session 21

Pre-session silliness

"He's a Cancer male." - Liz, re: Christopher's zodiac sign
"Yeah, I can see him with breasts." - Mer

"I did have the scheme of who slept with whom to get what kid." - Mer

"Cat, that tickles," - Julie, to Paradox and his ticklish tail
"That's better than a dog nose in your butt." - Jill

"I think as a guy, I have more experience playing around with little things than you do." - Dwinn

In Session

"I didn't want to look narcoleptic in front of the Chaosites!" -Liz/Christopher

"I'm an idiot, don't mind me." -Mer

"Like my socks? I put 'em on myself!" -Mer

"[Dwinn]'s talking to the Pooh on my sock. Tell me this is my fault!" -Mer

"They went insane before they died because their mother always dressed them alike." -Mer, on Finndo and Osric

"Damn, I must have played that really good. It probably helped that I wasn't in the game." -Liz

"Those things really fly when you get them in right." - Liz

"Let's go get us some shovels and start digging up people." - Quentin
"All right, we're going to exhume, zoom, zoom," - Christopher

"He's strange." - Jill, regarding Dwinn
"It's part of my charm." - Dwinn

"Look at this way, you have a travelling mosh pit." Liz, on Gwyn's fanatical followers

"I only have 50 for an army." - Gwyn
"They can have babies." - Jill

"There's more for you life at the Seeress." - Dwinn

"I have a daughter... oops." - Quentin

Session 22

"I don't have any idea why Jason likes me. I can be so whiney." -Liz
"What's your cup size?" -Mer

"I assume this is a coaster?" -Mer
"No, it's modern art." -Julie
"It's a coaster. That's what all modern art is anyway." -Mer

"You've gotta love a three year old's logic." -Julie
"It's better than mine." -Mer

"Since I'm not sure my dad (Gerard) can beat up [Jenner's] mom (Fiona), I don't say anything." -Mer/Gwyn

Session 23

"I smell like fish, so I apologize." - Jill

"I just don't want to bore everyone..." - Mer
"That's a tall order." - Dwinn

"Dreams like that represent fertility."- Liz
"What, squishing rats in tupperware?" - Mer

"It's your special power, you make people pee and bleed," - Liz, to Mer

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bathe in the Font of the Four Worlds. If you should go crazy and try to take over the world, the Kingdom of Amber will disavow all knowledge of your mission. This Trump will self destruct in 5 seconds." - The group, mocking Jill's thought of having Gen bathe in the Font

"The buns of the high priestess!" - Julie

"You did not finish your haggus, you may not have a popsicle." - Oberon

"I want some appreciation." - Gwyn
"Corwin's unconcious. When he wakes up he can kiss your ass." - Liz

"You are going to have to be quite sober, if you're going to rescue your son." - Gwyn to Caine

"Are you a supplicant?" - High Priest of the Serpent
"No!" - Quentin, as he chokes said priest

"If you were asleep wouldn't you wake up for sex?" - Mer

Session 24

"How can I tell Mandor is a native of this land, by his horns?"-Gwyn
"No, that means he's Jewish."-Jill

"Did he (Quentin) get into a fight in a bar?" - Ben, in denial, upon learning something 'bad' happened to his brother.
"Ben, he went to Chaos." - Gwyn
"Why did he go to a bar in Chaos?" - Ben

"Before I tell you your brother's dead let me make sure you are not a demon." - Dwinn

"Is this why you broke up with him in the first place, he couldn't do anything while you were holding onto him?" - Dwinn, re: Gwyn and Ben's relationship

"Ben has never been able to lie to you." - Julie
"Yeah, but that was before I broke his heart and he got advancement." - Mer/Gwyn

"You leap into the Abyss. You fall. You pass out." - Julie
"From what?!" - Dwinn/Quentin
"The magic." - Julie
"Oh, of course." - Dwinn/Quentin

"9 out of 10 cousins agree, Quentin is combative." - Mer
"Who's the one who doesn't agree?" - Dwinn
"Miredrith. She doesn't talk much."- Mer

"Why didn't you die when you hit the bottom?" - Jill, re: Quentin's nose-dive into the Abyss
"He has a soft jelly bottom." - Mer

"I figure if my mind is blown this much, I might as well blow someone else's mind." - Mer/Gwyn

Session 25

"We're not speaking. Our lips are glued." - Mer/Gwyn

"I'm going to channel Jason and say you should role-play it out." - Jill
"I'm going to channel Jason and say the characters just go have sex." - Dwinn

"I wasn't aware taking 7 years off cured insanity." - Quentin, to Brand

"Aha, another character who pees." - Mer

"I wouldn't slap you... that hard." - Jill

"I found someone to make me happy..." - Gen
"That's it? I thought it was something earth-shattering." - Bleys
"Was it earth-shattering?" - Dwinn

"Let's see, could it be.." - Bleys, trying to guess Gen's love interest
"Satan." - Dwinn

"Corwin's back and aware? That's got to be a first." - Mer

"Since Jenner isn't willing to give me a hand, I'll engineer my own downfall." - Mer/Gwyn

"So the healers and the beekeepers go to war with Chaos. Sounds like a great idea." - Mer

"Well, better clear off the desk." - Dwinn, after Jenner kisses Gwyn

"Well, if you wish me to beat you..." - Gwyn, to Jenner

"I can't remember his name." - Mer
"Frank." - Jill
"No, it started with a J." - Mer
"JFrank?" - Jill

"I ruffle the kid's head... No, I mean her hair." - Dwin/Quentin

Session 26

"My head is doing funny things right now. I just got mashed potatoes on my forehead." -Liz
"Chaosite potato torture." - Mer

"My mind moves at lightening speed." - Mer
"Yeah, just in the wrong direction." - Julie

"Are you carrying the dagger on you?" - Julie
"Yes, because you never know when you are going to need to poke holes in someone." - Mer/Gwyn

"It's supposed to pull easier from the center." - Mer

"I'll try to be interested as possible, as opposed to predictable." - Liz/Christopher

"She seems much more comfortable when you are out of her head." - Julie
"Women." -Merrie

"If this little girl would prevent a war, I say slay the bitch." - Liz/Christopher

"Come on, we're going to see my Uncle; he's a very big man." - Quentin describing Gerard to Sarah

"The next thing Quentin says, 'So you've never seen anyone write on a burrito before?" - Liz

"I sense by the flaring of your nostrils you have something to say." - Quentin, to Gwyn

"I take it you've made peace with the cat?" - Merrie
"After enough beatings he'll learn to do anything." - Dwinn

"I ponder my stupidity." - Jill/Gen
"This takes you some time." - Julie

"Maybe I should be the one apologizing to you, but go ahead." - Quentin

"Oh, I was, oh." - Quentin

Session 27

"It's not contagious, it's all mental" - Merrie

"Sarah's sitting in the kitchen, trying not yawn." Julie, to Dwinn
"You're boring." Merrie, to Dwinn.

"Gwyn has PMS." -Jill
"Constantly." -Merrie

"It wasn't my idea to attack the logrus master." Ben, glaring at Caine

"It's okay TV, the mean lady is gone." -Dwinn, stroking the TV.

"I'm right. Maybe not completely right..." -Gwyn
"Okay, this is where the world ends." -Jill

"You can't have sex from the back of a horse as well as you can on the ground." -Jill

"The thing you'd want to do is to kick me in the groin." -Quentin
"That is the first thing they teach you in Amber." -Mer

"We'll teach you practical things and then what I'd teach you."- Quentin, to Sarah
"Gwyn can teach you to mess up other peoples lives." -Julie

"I take off with my basket of kittens to wreak my havoc on castle Amber." -Mer/Gwyn

"You're not going to give one (a kitten) to Caine?" -Ben
"Even my impudence knows boundries." -Gwyn

"How can I keep a kitten when I have care and keeping of a million souls?" -Gwyn

Session 28

"I'm sparing his tender feelings, wherever they are." -Mer/Gwyn
"Considering you've already squished them to a pulp..." -Julie

"And then there's Chris. He's an enigma. Mostly because he tries to make peace between anyone who's fighting." -Gwyn

And the return of the Nun Pun!

"I wasn't expecting them to crop up all at once," Dwinn, on Quentin's sudden fatherhoodness
"I'm so jealous!" -Mer/Gwyn
"He's been trying harder than you." -Julie
"Like infinity to none?" -Mer

Session 29

"You wrecked my plot, you deserve to get laid." -Julie, to Liz/Chris

"We could all refuse to go after the Jewels and waylay Julie's plans and then we'll all get laid." -Jill

"I have been named Regent." -Benedict
"This will cramp my style." -Gwyn

"I had kittens as a child." -Bailey

"I just take a knife and kill myself." - Mer/Gwyn
"They lost a high priest, we lose you, we restore the balance." -Dwinn

"You killed Ethore?!?" -Christopher
"With my pattern sword." -Gwyn
"Why?" -Christopher
"He was evil."- Gwyn

"We need to give the Serpent his eye back." -Gwyn
"That's nice, now what did you really want to tell me?" -Quentin

"It makes perfect sense now. We give the Jewel back, and then everything will still suck." -Quentin

"It's a pity that he can only die once." -Gwyn, regarding Ethore
"Advancement is coming up and perhaps you bring yourself up to killing him over and over." -Dwinn

"I kick it three times widdershins." - Dwinn/Quentin

"You are so sexy because you are so prepared." Mer, to Liz/Christopher

"I need to talk to Gen to see how much contact she's had with the font." -Bailey
"She swam in it, drank it, cooked sphaghetti with it." -Jill

"What's this fluffy dried husk on the floor?...Oh no, we left the leeches on too long!" -Dwinn

"It wouldn't be an Amber game if Jill could say everything right." -Merrie

"Philosophical twaddle." -Mirelle
"No, very meaningful twaddle." -Christopher

Session 30

"What time do you get up in the morning?" -Julie
"In the morning." - Dwinn/Quentin

"You could stuff him with a water bottle and sleep with him." -Mer, about Gabriel

"What else could it be?" -Sarah, when told that Bailey is going to have a baby

"We could put it in a box and ship it off to shadow." -Quentin, about his unborn child

"I'll have a talk with him." Sarah, about Caine's dislike of Bailey
"Okay, but be careful, he's a swarthy pirate." -Quentin

"I don't cause trouble if he doesn't try to hurt me." -Mer/Gwyn
"He doesn't hurt you if you don't cause trouble." -Julie

"I have a belief I can talk my way out of anything, and if not, I will go to heaven." -Gwyn

"Nobody is quite sure what will happen as the balance spins out of control." -Lardoth
"Like the Y2K bug." -Mer

"Lizards can't be vampires!" -Dwinn
"Racist." -Jill

Session 31

"Most people go for gold caps (on their teeth), Jill goes for fiber optics." -Mer

"I would have known whether I'd had sex with Fiona." -Christopher

"You look like you're grown up, but sometimes it is hard to tell." -Quentin, to Gwyn

"She couldn't resist, he was naked, it had to happen." -Jill, on Gen and Luke's 'antics'

"I thought I was going to lose you." -Gen, to Luke
"In the shower?" -Mer

"Do you know how hard it is to drive when someone who stutters is on the radio?" -Mer

"I don't know as nearly as much as I pretend to." -Gwyn

"Getting Benedict to side with us is easier than getting Quentin to do anything." -Gwyn

"It wouldn't be the first time I had an affection for an evil bitch person." -Christopher

"Women suck don't they?" -Christopher
"If you're lucky...." -Dwinn

"If there is knowledge in my boyfriend's head, which I severly doubt, I insist on being party to it." -Mer, about Dann

"I don't know how you are going to put up with Gwyn if you can't put with Mirelle." Julie, to Liz/Christopher

"I have done quite enough regretable things in the last 24 hours." -Christopher

"Children?!? You found another one?" -Ben
"Found one? I made one."-Quentin

"Being locked in Mirelle's shadow was bitchy. You were being aggrressively conversational, Christopher." -Gwyn

"Bleys is usually good with relationship advice." -Jill

"Gwyn now registers her tactical error." -Mer/Gwyn

"Something about you brings out the belligerance in all of us." -Quentin, to Gwyn

Session 32

"Merrie Scum Haskell." - Dwinn

"I want a stompie when I grow up." - Liz

"Dara, if you're so intent on getting blood on the Primal Pattern, why don't you slit your throat and see how far it flows." - Gen

"Like you are ever going to have sex." - Dwinn, to Mer/Gwyn

"Cut your arm off and throw it at Dara." - Dwinn's advice to Gen

"I've dreamed about having sex in dreams more than I've dreamed about kissing." - Merrie

"Don't become my mind buddy, you'll regret it." Merrie to Jill

"I guess we'll have to decide which one of us we'll eat." - Quentin, to Ben, upon being lost in the desert

"What would you be willing to give for Amber and its people?" Christopher to Benedict
"My life, my soul." - Benedict
"My property in the Hamptons." - Jill

"I'm your stoodge, and you don't even love me?" - Christopher

Session 33

"You find a chocolate santa, give it your exes' name, and then gnaw its head off... I ate a lot of santas freshman year." -Mer, on dealing with men problems

"I'm afraid of everyone in the room except for the cat." -Mer

"Do you have a cucumber?" -Mer

"There are coins on the body." -Julie
"I take them." -Mer/Gwyn
"You don't recognize them." -Julie "I don't care, I'm looting." -Mer/Gwyn

"I do not think I can return the Jewels to you. I fear you might have been infected by Christopher's theories." -Gwyn, trying to out-argue Benedict

"You'd better hope the 'final door' [a prophesy] is not the one to your jail cell." -Dwinn, to Mer/Gwyn

"You are a very self-sacrificing individual, Quentin." -Sand
"I agree wholeheartedly." -Quentin

"You are such a charming fellow." -Anna
"You'll have to invite me to your trailer park sometime." -Quentin
"Only if I knew a tornado were coming through." -Anna

Session 34

"Only girls were cool after fire wasinvented." -Mer

"Bitch-slap her! Bitch-cut her throat!" -Jill

"Am I under arrest again?" -Gwyn
"Do you want to be?" -Gen

"She told me she was trying to get me out of jail to blow her troops!" -Mer/Gwyn

"You could have the elemental bring you back some grub." - Dwinn
"Okay, I'll have a club sandwich without tomato." - Merrie

"My naked bimbo turned out okay." - Jill

"I ignore it. If it tries to attack me, I bite it." - Merrie

"It galls me to say that my purpose here is a noble one."- Quentin, on why he is visiting Sand

"I did nothing! It was [Benedict's] blabbermouth son." - Gwyn, about Christopher

"I would advise you to keep a low profile." - Caine to Gwyn, who lies down

"This is the first time I've been wanted for something and it's treason! I wanted something worse." - Christopher

"He wanted both barrels of the shotgun; he could have had one barrel, he could have been hit with the butt (of the gun), but no, he wanted both." - Quentin, about Caine

"It's not a 70's porn movie, Dwinn." - Jill

"When the war is over, I'll get you 'Hooked on Phonics'." - Quentin, to Gwyn

"I can't tell you how happy I am to see you, to hold the scissors, to wear the pants..." - Gwyn

"Am I inspiring terror in you?" - Gwyn, brandishing her scissors
"At least in my hair follicles." - Caine

"I have the other jewel. You can't have it unless you beg." - Quentin, to Gwyn

"Well, I am in a position to barter for souls." - Gwyn

"Sarah, will you go show your Uncle Caine how we're going to cut his hair?" - Gwyn

"She accepts your apology; you two share a special moment." - Julie, to Gwyn on her moment with Bailey.

"Bailey has an odd faint glow about her." - Julie
"She's with child." - Dwinn

Session 35

"If you do get sick from me, it will be an innoculation." - Dwinn

"I'm not up to playing your secret game things anymore." - Gen to Gabriel

"If I'd been dead, I could have been stopped." - Gwyn to Dworkin

"This information (the secret entrance to the Abyss) would have been useful before." - Quentin

"You'll be a legend if you make it out [of the Abyss] a second time." - Brand
"I already am."- Quentin, the ever so modest

"Later, freak pants." - Quentin, to Brand

"You all march into this dark cave; its narrow-" - Julie
"And dark." -Jill, the ever-helpful

"Go up to him and stick your daggers in his ears like a corn cob." - Liz

"Don't rip the tags off the gods." - Dwinn

"So I don't need to take care of the stiffy." - Christopher

"Oh god, I'm still wearing pirate clothes."- Gwyn

"Gods have great production values." - Quentin

"Where I'm going, I don't think I'm coming back." - Christopher, as he heads off to confront Mirelle again

"The Palace of Amber Hills" - the group

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