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G.O.D. - Gamemaster on Duty...
"I feel like I've done a good thing here."-Julie
"If you go by the Amber GM definition of good..." -Mer
"Cruel, vindictive, and inspiring much emotional torment?" -Jen

Session 1
"He's incredibly dangerous." -Dwinn, on his character Quentin
"... looking." -Mer

Session 2
"Well, I suppose if you meet your destiny you'd want to invite her to dinner." -Dwinn

Session 3
"I would be so happy to have a brother or sister, even if they were a child of a freak like Brand." - Merrie

Session 4
"I approach things as someone who has not been here for the time I was gone." - Quentin

Session 5
"Amber does not have daylight savings time."- Julie

Session 6
"My eyes don't even dip down." - Bishop, in reference to Gwyn's low cut dress
"That's because you grow eyeballs in your nostrils." - Merrie

Session 7
"My pain is gonna have to find me." -Merrie

Session 9
"Morning comes." - Julie
"Figures." - Merrie

Session 10
"Gwyn, I think the best word for you is forthright." - Ben
"I can think of several better." - Dwinn

Session 11
"Why did you have to make my lover the weenie?" - Jill

Session 12
"I don't sell my soul to the devil, but you look innocent enough." -Christopher, to Quentin

Session 13
"Chicks just don't understand." -Dwinn
"Exactly." -Liz

Session 14
"I am the chosen of the Unicorn, bite me." - Gwyn

Session 15
"The sky is red and blue." -Julie
"Like swirls, or like superman ice cream?" -Merrie

Session 16
"That Chinese food, it's called 'Yu sing.'" -Liz
"Then she said, 'Beef lala'." - Dwinn

Session 17
"I keep getting my gender confused." -Chris/Liz

Session 18
"You don't have to conform to your stereotype." Genevieve, to Jakob the mysterious evil guy

Session 19
"I'll party like I just broke someone's heart." - Mer

Session 20
"She doesn't want powdered Chaosite on the floor." Quentin

Session 21
"Let's go get us some shovels and start digging up people." - Quentin
"All right, we're going to exhume, zoom, zoom," - Christopher

Session 22
"Since I'm not sure my dad can beat up [Jenner's] mom, I don't say anything." -Gwyn

Session 23
"I want some appreciation." - Gwyn
"Corwin's unconcious. When he wakes up he can kiss your ass." - Liz

Session 24
"Ben has never been able to lie to you." - Julie
"Yeah, but that was before I broke his heart and he got advancement." - Mer

Session 25
"Since Jenner isn't willing to give me a hand, I'll engineer my own downfall." - Mer

Session 26
"I sense by the flaring of your nostrils you have something to say." - Quentin, to Gwyn

Session 27
"I take off with my basket of kittens to wreak my havoc on castle Amber." -Gwyn

Session 28
"And then there's Chris. He's an enigma. Mostly because he tries to make peace between anyone who's fighting." -Gwyn

Session 29
"It makes perfect sense now. We give the Jewel back, and then everything will still suck." -Quentin

Session 30
"I have a belief I can talk my way out of anything, and if not, I will go to heaven." -Gwyn

Session 31
"I have done quite enough regretable things in the last 24 hours." -Christopher

Session 32
"I'm your stoodge and you don't even love me?" - Christopher

Session 33
"You'd better hope the 'final door' [a prophesy] is not the one to your jail cell." -Dwinn, to Mer/Gwyn

Session 34
"Am I inspiring terror in you?" - Gwyn, brandishing her scissors
"At least in my hair follicles." - Caine

Session 35 - the Final Session
"I'm not up to playing your secret game things anymore." - Gen to Gabriel