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Amber's Children, "Reflections" Player Characters

"But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people..." -1 Peter 2:9


Enigmatic son of Benedict, Christopher has spent as much of his life away from the family as he possibly could. But his return has embroiled him in ever-tangled webs of prophesy, intrigue, betrayal and war. He has found two children of which he never knew, and again lost his dearest love, Mirelle, and his closest friend, Random. After the War and the reconciliation of the Unicorn and Serpent, he made peace with his father and went to find Mirelle. After she spurned him yet again, he saought consolation in Danica Myby of Chaos. They lived happily until Jacob took the Imperial throne, and they were forced to flee into shadow. They had one son, who was kidnapped by Jacob's forces, and presumably killed. Danica never recovered from the loss of her child. Christopher has remained in shadow to this day, with infrequent contact with his cousins in Amber..

He was played by Liz Mieczkowski


Spirited and lovely daughter of Corwin, whose blade is as deadly as her temper, Gen is currently torn between the duties to which she feels bound: the Maerturi prophesy and the coming war in Amber, her relationship with Luke, and the fate of RoseAmber.

Angry with what she saw as Gabriel's manipulation of her, and her despair at her role in the destruction of the Maerturi, she returned to RoseAmber with Corwin and Merlin after the War. When she returned almost two hundred years had passed in Amber, while only months had gone by for her in RoseAmber. Luke had been forced to marry to claim the throne of Kashfa after his mother's death, and while his wife was now dead, he had a daughter, Tasha. Genevieve and Luke eventually reconciled and married, but their relationship was always stormy. When their daughter Gillian vanished, Gen was shattered and vanished into Corwin's universe for a hundred years Amber time. When she returned with her brother Merlin, she went back to Luke, but again their relationship was much changed. Neither are entirely faithful to the other, though they have had another child, Brandon.

She was played by Jill Pritts.

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  • Gwynwyfhar
    Now High Priestess and Chosen of the Unicorn, Gwyn has forged ahead and made the hard choices she faced in love and life. And she has made perhaps the most difficult choice of all - to return the Serpent's eye...

    Gwyn focused her energy on rebuilding the the Church after the War. She and Jenner married some years later, and between them made the Church a powerful entity in its own right. They had three children, though Rhiannon, their second born, was lost with many of the others hidden in shadow. They were both devestated by the loss, but recovered and continued along their path. Now, Gwyn is beginning to look for a successor, so that she may step down, as is Jenner.

    She was played by Merrie Haskell.

    With the return of Bailey (and the news she carries his child), and the discovery of his 10-year-old daughter Sarah, it seemed for a short moment Quentin's life might settle - until his cousin Gwyn begged him to help her do something that might destroy his new-found family once and for all.

    Quentin and Bailey married, and not long after their daughter Mariah was born. Quentin assisted Delauney withthe Wayfarers until the Unexpected War. Frustrated and disturbed bythe events, and the earlier loss of his father, Caine, he took his family to Ivory (now a Golden Circle shadow), where they remained for many years. Ben eventually convinced them to return to Amber, and Quentin was persuaded by the king (with some assistance by Bailey) to take his Uncle Gerard's former post as Admiral of Amber's navies, which he holds to this day. He and Bailey are still married, but had no more children.

    Quentin was played by Dan "Dwinn" Winningham

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