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Pattern (based off system by Sol Foster and Jeff Maisano) 

Basic Pattern
	Imprint			5  (none)
	Simple Shadow Walk	10 (Imprint)
	Pattern Defense		10 (Imprint)
	Sign of Pattern		10 (Defense)
	Shadow Walk		5  (Simple Shadow Walk)
	Hellride		5  (Shadow Walk)
	Probability Alter	5  (Shadow Walk)
							50 points
Shadow Walk in Amber		10  (Shadow Walk)
	Ability to use your shadow walking powers in Amber. You must have
	this if you want to visit the Primal Pattern. 
Advanced Shadow Walk 		10 (Shadow Walk)
     	Ability to control metaphysical issues of shadow, such as history and
     	mythos of the shadow, time flow, and proximity to other shadows. Also
	allows walker to control factors such as technology/magic levels. 
Shadow Jump 			5  (Shaodw Walk)
	Find a storm, ride into it, and change a bunch of things rather
	than one at a time.

Trump (based off system by Sol Foster and Jeff Maisano) Basic Trump Sketch 10 (none) Full Trump 10 (sketch) Defense 5 (sketch) Sensitivity 5 (sketch) Identification 5 (sketch) Cast 2 (none) Block 3 (sketch) 40 pts Anchor 5 (Etched Trump) Ability to link a Trump to a non-card object, allowing the artist to then Trump to the object. Etched Trump 5 (Full Trump) Ability to create a Trump in some physical medium other than a card, such as a sword, statue, etc. Takes twice as long as a full Trump. Fast Draw 5 (sketch) 1/5 normal creation time. 5-7 minutes for sketches, 10 hours for full Trumps. Gate 5 (Full Trump) Ability to create a large Trump that allows multiple people to pass through at once. Instant Transport 5 (Create Trump) Transport will be instantaneous when a place Trump is activated. Trump Jam 7 (Target Block) Ability to jam use Trump in a particular area. Trump Memory 10 (Must have Basic Trump) Ability to memorize a Trump image, allowing the artist to then contact the subject without the card. Programmed Trump 5 (Disguised Trump) Allowed the artist to program a scene into a Trump. Often used by Dworkin as a Trump 'answering machine'. Quick Activation 3 (Create trump) Allows quicker activation. Subject must agree to pose for Trump, decreasing ability to resist contact. Takes twice as long as Full Trump. Trump Spying 5 (Identify) Using a Trump of a subject to spy on that subject. High psyche increases information discovered. Subterfuge 5 (Spying) Ability to cloak your Trump conversations. Trump Target Block 5 (Trump Block) Ability to jam someone's use of trump. Must have their trump in hand. Trump Tricks Block 3 (Chaos rank Pysche min.) Cast 2 (Chaos rank Pysche min.) Ability to cast Trumps as tarot and get a meaningful reading. Trump Sense 5 (Chaos rank Pysche min.) Ability to detect if your Trump is being used by someone. Higher Psyche reveals more details. Trump Sensitivity 5 (Chaos rank Pysche min.) Ability to sense if trump is being used in the imediate vicinity Slow Activation -5 Takes minutes to activate Trump under normal circumstances. Intense Concentration -5 Requires intense concentration to acvtivate and maintain a Trump contact. Character must verbalize; cannot initate psychic contact, and has no awareness of surroundings while in contact.