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Amber Cousins

Anna: Mysterious woman who seems to have employed Saturn to kill a renegade member of the Discordian during Flora's Spring Ball, and may have had a role in Miridreth's kidnapping. She gave Saturn an artifact that is a Pattern dagger, which Benedict confirmed once belonged to his brother Osric.

Bailey:Sorceress, "deceptively helpless" troublemaker, defender of the innocent. She is the daughter of Brand from the elemental realm of Water, one of the universes cast by the shattered Primal Pattern, a fact which has caused her to become a point of contention among the elders. Her colors are blue, green and purple, and her symbol of a drop of water.

Benjamin: Quiet and introspective son of Caine, younger brother of Quentin. Self-proclaimed "scholar and rogue," Quentin's bookworm younger brother is a quiet and intense young man, intelligent, quick, and with a keen eye for what goes on around him. His colors are ivory and brown, and his symbol is a bonsai tree.

Bishop: Son of Bleys and Areanyth Sawall of Chaos, and student of Fiona, Bishop currently resides in Ivory as Amber's Ambassador to her sister plane. Former PC played by Adam Faber.

Delauney: Daughter of Fiona, known until recently only from the Zodiac Scroll, she has been taking care of Quentin's daughter, Sarah.

Evander : Jakob's 16 year old son, Evander helped Gen escape from his father in Lorraine. But do his loyalties lie with his father or his grandfather?

Gabriel: Smug enigmatic feline who has attached himself to Genevieve. Recently discovered by Gwyn to be involved with Jenner in some sort of 'conspiracy of light' that could have the potential of destroying Amber to save its future.

Isabelle: Known only from a trump found in Saturn's room, it was discovered she is Anna's fraternal twin, and is quite mad.

Jakob: Merlin's twin, raised in shadow by Dara's agents, to take Merlin's place should Merlin prove less than satisfactory for Dara's plans. A dark and ruthless Logrus Master, he currently has wreaked havoc in RoseAmber, Corwin's universe, and is now in posession of Greyswandir.

Jenner Vauhan: Summoner and wanderer, Jenner has proven to be far more than what he seems. Son of Cadaes, the murdered high priest of the Unicorn, his Amber blood has only recently come to light, and as of yet, only Gwyn knows his true story, and that he is son of Fiona.

Luke Reynard:Son of Brand, Trump-boy of Amber. Crown Prince of Kashfa. Having mostly escaped the stigma of being the Traitor's son, he has become Random's bloodhound, searching out the lost children of Amber. His colors are green and gold, and his symbol is a stylized sun.

Martin: Son of Random. Potential heir of both Amber and Rebma, he is caught in the bitter rivalry of Random and Moire and as a result refuses to allow either of them to claim him, leaving both kingdoms in the precarious position of having no legitimate heir. His symbol is a sea anenome, and his colors are slate blue and sea green.

Merlin: Son of Corwin and Dara, older brother of Genevieve. Mr. Jack of All Trades, Merlin is versed in socery, Pattern, Trump, Logrus, and Unicorn knows what else. Recently called to Chaos by his mother, it may be wondered what motives he may have for allowing her to keep him there... His colors are black and purple, and his symbol is a spoked spiral.

Miredrith: Daughter of Bleys, and the crown princess of Camiaby. Once a bright and vibrabt six-year-old, she is now almost a ghost. Aged to 16 in a fast time shadow, she now carries an aura of unknown magic, and appears to live in a world outside this one, at least in her mind.

Naiade: Daughter of Christopher and a water nymph. Naiade recently brought Miredrith back to Amber. Miredrith was imprisoned in Naiade's shadow, Vagary, a world populated entirely of creatures of mythology and magic. Naiade appears to want little to do with her newfound family.

Remington: Son of Christopher and a woman from Shadow, Remington has been, until recently a pawn/servant of Mirelle, in her guise as Alexis. Having found his father, he appears to be drifting away from Mirelle's influence. wether or not Mirelle will accept this is another matter entirely.

Sarah: Quentin's 10 year old daughter, whose existance he learned of through the Zodiac Scroll. His recent adventure in the Abyss led him to her, and another previously unknown cousin, Delauney.

Saturn: Mysterious and taciturn sorceress, Saturn, who was eposited in Arden by Remington, keeps very much to herself, not at all willing to involve herself in the affairs of her cousins or Amber. Or so they thought. It has recently come to light that she may well have had a role in kidnapping Miredrith, and possibly murdered a renegade member of the Discordian, come to warn Christopher of something. Former PC played by Liz Mieczkowski.

Amber Elders

Random: Oberon's youngest son has been somewhat of a reluctant monarch since his 'coronation' at the Abyss some eight years ago. But despite that, he has proven to be an effective and kind ruler, under whom Amber and the Golden Circle have prospered. Killed in redrawing the Primal Pattern just before the War of Mind and Heart.

Benedict: With the end of Patternfall, Benedict, with Random's blessing, began to rebuild Amber's armies, a task he shares with Bleys. He has been very quiet, and rarely seen in Amber since Patternfall, prefering to work from his base in Avalon, which has become a training ground for the bulk of Amber's forces. Now Regent, Benedict prepares Amber for war.

Bleys: Bleys has, to an extent, become a settled man, between raising his two children and his post as General in charge of Amber's city guard. Not that he doesn't still indulge in a little late night carousing here and there, but he hasn't been out of Amber for an appreciable amount of time since Patternfall.

Caine: Admiral of 'the Dark Fleet', Caine also has not left Amber since Patternfall. But he has become a dark, brooding man, prone to bouts of deep alcoholic misery, having never gotten over the death of his wife nor the rending of his family, even though his lost son Quentin has been returned to Amber. Indeed, his moods have worsened since Quentin took up with Brand's daughter...

Corwin: Still considered the hero of Patternfall, Corwin has been forced to rexamine his vagabond ways witht he discovery of his son, Merlin, and his daughter Genevieve. While content to stay in Amber for some years, his wanderlust recently returned, and in an attempt to discover the source of the dangerous rifts in Shadow, he walked his Pattern and vanished.

Dworkin: Refered to by Rando on more than one occasion as the "crazy old coot," the Creator of the Universe of Order and Master of the Pattern and Chosen of the Unicorn has recently made begun to involve himself in the affairs of his grandchildren, helping in a usually unuseful and cryptic way.

Fiona: Well known as Amber's premier sorceress, whose Treatise of Magic has become the text of magic instruction, Fiona has spent her time since Patternfall much as she did before, though she has shown no signs of attemtping to overthrow Random. But of late, suspicion has been cast her way, as her recent disappearance coincided with the kidnapping of Miredrith.

Flora: Known jokingly amongst her siblings as the Mistress of "All Things Not Important", Flora has taken off of Random's shoulders the day to day tasks of running the castle. Flora knows who's coming and going, and always some useful and naughty tidbits of what they've done in between.

Gerard: Steadfast and strong keeper of the navies. Gwyn's father

Julian:The quiet and aloof Keeper of Arden Forest, Julian stays as far away from the family as possible. Only seen in the castle when summoned by the King, and then usually with a dark and nasty scowl. He has drifted from his brothers Caine and Gerard since Patterfall, prefering to keep to his trees and dogs.

Lewella: Having taken the position as Amber's liason to Rebma, She spends most of her time in her watrey birthplace, attending to Queen Moire. Her status as a go between has also placed her in the delicate position of being caught in the middle of Moire and Random's bitter battle over Martin's place as heir to one kingdom or another.

Mirelle: Known now as Alexis, she has been gathering the lost or abandoned children of Amber into her own personal army for reasons yet unknown.

Amber Miscellaney

Vialle: Random's Rebman wife. Queen of Amber

Bill Roth: Shadow friend of Corwin's. Now working as attorney for the Crown.

Teiddwen Caerwyn:Rebman noblewoman, younger sister of Queen Moire. Gerard's wife and Gwyn's mother. Died in a riding accident.

Daniel: Gerard's senecshal

Randy: One of Julian's Rangers

Harding and Justin:Castle guards

Thad: Pattern Room guard

Granger: House Aspian's beekeeper

Garret Bradley: Bleys' second in command of the city and castle guard.

Alan Heric: Amber's swordmaster, second son of House Heric.

The Church

Cadaes Vauhan: now deceased High Priest of the Unicorn

Brother Kief Elilimar: Cadaes' assistant.

Father Ethore Agroric: Cadaes long-time rival. Scheming politicker.

Brother Keder Liegord: Church Archivist.

Sister Alevia: Head Cleric. Talented midwife and herbalist.

Father Jerynad Kedyv: Newly ordained priest.

Brother Saeldric Cae: Father Agroric's lacky and spy.


Dara Sawall: Duchess of Sawall; Mother of Merlin. Pain in the rear.

Mandor Sawall: Sly sorceror.

Areanyth Sawall: Mandor's younger sister. Mother of Bishop.


Kieran: Young Maerturi scout.

Zareta: Regent of the Maerturi.

Gabriel: Feline Silent Walker, currently accompanying Genevieve.

The Plane of Water

Fletcher: Archer. Leads the Watchers, who patrol the landbound access to Ivory. Bailey's cousin.

Layrien Prath: Bailey's mother. High Priestess of the Unicorn.


Justin Aerington: Regent of RoseAmber.

Seeress of Avalon: Prophetess who fortold the coming of the true king, Corwin.

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