Reflections in the Mind's Eye 
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The Book of Mirrors

  • The Decree of Passage
  • The Decree of Sundering
  • The Decree of Betrayal

    To see Light, you must look into Darkness
    To feel Hope, you must have known Despair
    To create Order, you must understand Chaos

    Will paths and roads lead to the Light or to the Darkness? Or perhaps, they will fall off into nothingness and all things will pass beyond where none can touch or see what comes before or what follows, only watch what they are blinded to.

    The Decree of Passage

    All are but reflections in the serpent's eye. And even as I sit here and watch the gathering points of light, I must wonder if what we have done is right.

    For now I know that as in Darkness it began, in Light will it end.

    It was a passing of an age for the world as we knew it. A passage into an age where nothing is what it seems, where the Light harbors Shadows, and the Darkness betrays its own.

    In the infinities of reflection, one can perhaps see for eternity, but it is an eternity of one reflection, a world without end. And I fear that I see infinity though a flawed glass, a distorted cycle reflected throughout eternity.

    As the Universe stood in the place between moments, Destiny made her claim upon its future. And the Powers that had surrendered to Madness and Shame were helpless against her. The moment of transition ceased. The passage was made. And the end of all things was written.

    Yet the one who walks in Darkness shall guide the Hand of Light to open the final door

    The Decree of Sundering

    Five thousand years. But a blink in the mind's eye. But a moment since the Third Sundering was fortold, and the greatest war prophesied.

    An eternity and an instant.

    Caught in the fires of Vengeance, the Son of the Light rended the Shadows in twain. He planted the seeds of Anguish and Rage, and from them sprang the Tree of Sorrows, the line between Hope and Depair.

    And soon the Anguish and Rage took from him the joy of the Light, casting it into Darkness.

    And so did his desolate Soul pass to his children, and so did his Pattern of Wrath they follow.

    And so did the Guardians of Life fall to damnation.

    Thus came the Sundering of Shadows, the first Schism, which created Chaos and Order.

    When the sages and warriors of the Light were gathered, The Genuis gave them a Sybmbol of their Faith. But the damnnation of Son of Light ran rampant at the point of Order, and Shadows darkened the souls of the once valient and true.

    And so Vanity and Fury clouded the eyes of the protectors.

    And so was the blood of the First Protector spilled by the Second.

    And so did the Protectors fall to War amongst themselves.

    Thus came the Sundering of Faith, the second Schism, which destroyed the Sentinels of the Light.

    And so was forseen the third Schism, the last step on the path to the Greatest War. And so was prophesied the Sundering of Trust. And so was fortold the Knights of Redemption. And so were named Hope's last Guardians.

    ...where Watcher becomes Warder as Light grows weak and Time runs to its end when the cycle falls to...

    The Decree of Betrayal

    In the beginning, when the Cycle wound unbroken, and all was as it should be, The Serpent called the Unicorn to the Center, and bound her in chains of Shadow.

    And so Darkness reigned supreme, and Chaos ran rampant in the eternal Night.

    And so the Cycle was first Broken.

    And thus was wrought the first Betrayal, the Betrayal of Light, which consigned the Universe to Darkness.

    Freed of her prison by the Genius, the Unicorn Stole the Mind's Eye. And so the Pattern was drawn. And so the Serpent fell into Madness.

    And thus was wrought the second betrayal, the Betrayal of Darkness, which heralded the rebirth of the Light.

    And so was fortold the third Betrayal, the Betrayal of Destiny, which will be wrought from the Sundering of Trust. And so was fortold the beginning of the end. And so was fortold the nect Cycle. And so was fortold the Balance.

    ... darkness and despair, where the Champion betrays the Martyr, and ill omens of the night run rampant in the eyes who watch...

    Cry the tears of mercy for the end comes like a sudden rain, to wash clean the sword of redemption in the blood of hope's last guardians.