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A Chaosian Demonology

In the eternal, colorful night of Primal Chaos, the Serpent dwelled unopposed, having locked the Light far away. For aeons He lived alone with his Discord and Change. But eventually He came to realize power over the force of Primal Chaos was not enough to occupy his time. And so He created his children...

And the Great War of Creation was begun. The Serpent's children fought for millenia, and their children after them. But eventually, the fighting ceased, leaving only the aftermath of a war whose beginnings were lost in a shroud of time and myth.

Of the the survivors, three distinct races formed...

  • The Cimmerian
  • The Vespertine
  • The Atracian

    The Cimmerian

    The Cimmerian are the Lords of Chaos, those beings who created the Chaosian houses and now rule over the Realm as King and Lords.

  • The Amorphian: Those Cimmerian who have the ability to Shape-shift. The Nobility, for the most part.
  • The Untenaci: The general population of Chaos. The commoners.

    The distinction between the Amorphian and the Untenaci has muddled over the millenia. Whereas deep in the beginnings of the Cimmerian rule, each race was distinct and pure, the passage of time and the interbreeding of the lines has mingled the two to the point that they are practically the same. Now, the names refer more social classes than any racial difference.

    The Vespertine

    The Vespertine are the Demon Lords. Often disparagingly refered to as the Higher Demons by the Cimmerian, they are far more than that, though each line hearkens much more closely back to their demonic ancestry than the Cimmerian.

    The Vespertine count among them many a powerful sorceror, or demonologist.

  • The Tenebros: The most "human" looking of the Vespertines, the Tenebros are marked by their ice-white skin and black, pupilless eyes.

  • The Erebus: These wraithlike creatures, who feed as vampires on the life essence of other creatures, were almost wiped to extinction by the Cimmerian. Few remain, and those are rarely seen.

  • The Tohubo: Little is known of these dark-scaled, reptilian humanoids, only that it was their ancestors who guarded the Logrus during the war of Creation, and were displaced by the Cimmerian as the Guradians of the Logrus at the end of the war.

    The Discordian

    500 years after the Cimmerian gained power in Chaos (through the advantage of their shapeshift abilities and greater numbers), the short-lived War of Discord was fought. It was in this war that the Cimmerian almost drove the Erebus to extinction. Realizing the same fate awaited them should they push ahead with the war, the Tenebros and the Tohubo withdrew.

    It was then that they formed the Discordian, a society of Vespertine sorcerors, magicians and demonologists. They are quiet, causing small problems and sowing discord where they can.

    But for the most part, they wait. For what, they will not say...

    The Atracian

    The lowest class of the Serpent's children, the Atracian are the mutants, cast-offs and horrors of the Cimmerian and the Vespertine. They are the demons and nightmares of Shadow legends, the spawn of Darkness and Disorder...

  • Onubilia (Grendels): The 8-9 ft tall winged demons are powerful, though not terribly bright.

  • Skiagra (Banes): By far one of the most dangerous of the Atracian. Some say they have a distant relation to the Tenebros, mostly because both share a rather distasteful disposition. Skiagra are fast, intelligent, and generate a rather nasty poision in sacs under their talons.

  • Penumbria (Shades): Mostly insubstantial shadows, the Penumbria are an offshoot of the Erebus. They are often used as spies.

  • Sombrousi (Lurkers): The only Atracian with shapeshift abilities, they are in fact the ancestors of a vilified ancient Cimmerian house.

  • Nigri (Skitters): Small, nocturnal, night-black creatures, with large bat-like ears and an extremely keen sense of smell. No larger than the average housecat, a lone Nigri poses little challenge, despite the sharp claws and teeth. But the Nigri are rarely found alone. They travel in small hordes, and prefer to swarm.
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