Reflections in the Mind's Eye      
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The Cosmology of Amber

"It is always dark in the beginning."
-the neverending story

Before there was Light, there was Darkness.
And before there was Hope, there was Despair.
And before there was Order, there was Chaos.

In the Beginning, when only Light and Dark were known, the Serpent, Avatar of Darkness, imprisoned the Unicorn, the Avatar of Light, and was able to create the formless Realm of Chaos. But Light, while it can be diminished, cannot be extinguished completely, and the Unicorn, from her captivity, reached out into the Serpent's Realm... and found a sad, lonely genius. She sent him dreams of Order, inscribing in his mind's eye the image of the Pattern.

Young Dworkin became obsessed with this Pattern that followed him in waking dreams, and with the creature who had burned it into his soul. He eventually discovered the Unicorn's prison and freed her.

The Unicorn, having turned Dworkin to her path, stole the Serpent's Eye and gave it to Dworkin, who drew the Pattern, inscribing it both within the Serpent's eye and the formless Chaos, creating the Pole of Order.

The Serpent, enraged, sought to retrieve his Eye, and so to protect her new Realm of Order the Unicorn shattered the Eye into four pieces, not realizing that Dworkin had inscribed the Pattern within it as well. As a result, Dworkin's Primal Pattern was itself shattered into four reflections, creating the four Elemental Planes.

The Unicorn sought refuge in the Plane of Fire, there giving birth to Oberon, her child fathered by Dworkin.

And so was born the world of Amber...