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Castle Amber

Castle Amber is a large sprawling structure that sits on the upper mid slopes of Mount Kolvir. Built in stages over almost 3000 years, it has withstood time, the family, and misfortune of all sorts.

The castle was originally begun while Oberon was but a child. Construction on what is considered the heart of the building, the Main Hall and the Atrium, was almost completed when Dworkin vanished from Amber. By this time, Oberon was old enough, and took the Throne, thus marking the true beginning of the Barimen Dynasty in Amber.

The Main Hall and the Atrium are both open through three floors. Off of each, on the three levels, are various sitting and meeting rooms.

The East Wing was completed next, and for many years, housed the castle's staff and the Royals, though it was not as large as it is now. The northward part of the East Wing, which now houses the bulk of the family, was only completed during the last few years before Oberon's own disappearance. It was during Eric's reign that the Royal Apartments were added as a fourth floor to the East Wing. Today, the original portion of the east Wing houses the guest and diplomatic suites.

The West Wing was built about 1500 years ago, as Amber began to expand as a Kingdom. With it was built the North Wall, completing the enclosure that now houses The Castle's many gardens. Today, the West Wing houses the castle's staff, the kitchens, the armory, and the Great Hall, which is open through the three stories of the West Wing.

The bulk of the castle occupies three floors, though the outer walls rise a full five stories, and the towers rise between seven and nine stories in height. The Library occupies a portion of both the seconnd and third floors on the West Wing, and as stated above, the Great Hall, the Main Hall, and the Atrium are all open through three floors.