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Pattern Blades

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Artifacts of mystery, the Pattern blades have existed since Amber's beginning, forged by Dworkin in those first tumultuous years after the creation of Order.

Their most obvious powers are their ability to destroy utterly anything of Chaosian blood or origin. Inscribed with a small section of the Pattern itself, they are the primary artifacts Order, and hold the power to destroy Chaos, to a limited extent.

On those of the Blood of Order, they have little effect other than those of a normal bladed weapon, though legend states that a Prince of Amber killed with a Pattern blade cannot effect a Blood Curse.

The Pattern Swords

  • Greyswandir, "The Blade of Twilight"
    The third of the Pattern blades, Greyswandir was forged in the place between light and darkness, in the twilight dim between day and night. Given to Oberon by Dworkin, it was then passed on to Corwin.

    Family legend states that the gift was made to spite Eric, during the years the brothers vied for Oberon's attention, and the right as named heir to the throne. Some say it was just another reminder by Oberon that Corwin was a legitimate son.

    Now though, it resides in the hands of Jakob, Merlin's twin and Logrus Master under Dara's influence.

  • Werewindle, "The Blade of Dawn"
    The second Pattern blade forged, Werewindl was forged in the blazing sunlight of dawn.

    Werewindl's existance was never known, until Dworkin gifted it to Brand, to take with him during his travels through the Planar realms. Thought lost when Brand fell into the Abyss, it was still noted by some that Brand had not been carrying it at that confrontation.

    Indeed, it was recently found by Luke, where it had been hidden deep inside a shadow of Brand's creation.

  • Redemption, "The Blade of Atonement"
    In the center of the Grove in the Tir, there is no Temple but a broken blade plunged into the ground. Close examination showed the filigreed tracery of a Pattern sword.

    In the first days of the Church, Dworkin gifted a blade to his most loyal disciple, a man named Colin. It was a special creation, the first of what would become known as the Pattern swords; a blade that held a piece of the Pattern traced into it, conferring some small measure of reality to the bearer. Dworkin feared the Serpent would wreak his vengence upon the fledgling Amber, and so he commanded Colin to create an army of the Church's most faithful.

    And so Colin gathered the strongest and the most devoted of those who had come at the Light's first calling, and he trained them. And so the Sentinels were born, the Church's elite force of protectors was born. The blade, known as Redemption, was their holy symbol.

    But light casts shadows, and one among the faithful craved more than he had. His name was Jeremy, and he felt that the Sentinels should become aggressive, and go into Chaos and destroy the Darkness utterly. Colin refused, and so a rift was formed between Warder and Warrior. Jeremy began to woo others to his view, and soon began to coveted the blade, and the power he could obtain through it.

    Colin's utter devotion and faith in the light blinded him to the shadows around him until it was too late, and the so began the first and only war within the Church. While battle raged in Amber below, Colin took the sword to the Tir to hide it from Jeremy. But Jeremy had anticipated this, and ambushed him in the Tir's grove. They fought, and Colin fell. As he collapsed, he drove the point of Redemption into the ground, and the blade snapped as he died. It is said the strength of his faith and devotion allowed him to break the blade, to keep it from falling into hands that would warp its purpose.

    When Jeremy returned with the broken Blade of Redemtion, and splashed with Colin's blood, even his followers reviled him. And so in Colin's name they disbanded the Sentinels, and created the priesthood as it exists today. They would guard with faith and words, not with swords and blood. It would be the strength of their spirit they would fight with, not the strength of their arms.

  • Honor
    Benedict's dagger.
  • Justice
    Osric's dagger.
  • Wisdom
    Finndo's dagger.