"Reflections" Arc 3: "The War of Mind and Heart" Reflections in the Mind's Eye      
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To save Light, you must liberate Darkness
To protect Hope, you must harbor Despair
To maintain Order, you must preserve Chaos

In Arc 3, "The War of Mind and Heart", children are pitted against parents as the cousins force the Great War to happen, and embark upon a valiant and desperate plan to cure the Serpent and the Unicorn...

Give the Serpent back the Mind's Eye...

In "Pride and Shame", Christopher, who had been trapped by Mirelle, escapes, and is rescued by Delauney. Later, he returns to Amber, and meets up with Gwyn who wants him to get theJewel Benedict holds from him. Later, Chris returns to Gwyn and admits he has feeling for her. Quentin and Ben go off to investigate the Black Road, and are attacked by a Chaosian scout. Meanwhile, Bailey asks Gen to get her to the Primal Pattern so she can get the Jewel of Judgement. While she in on the Pattern Dara and her minions appear.

In "Bone and Glass", Bailey escapes with the Jewel, and Gen ends up in a duel with Dara, until she is knocked unconscious. Ben and Quentin end up on the Black Road, and find themselves sometime later in a desert shadow, trapped, apparently. Jenner tells Gwyn he is taking the recruits to a fast-time shadow to train them. Later, she finds Gabriel, who is his usual cryptic self, but reminds her there are more ways to give one's life to a cause then just dying. Chris, at Gwyn's request, goes to try and get the last Jewel from Benedict. He ends up telling Benedict all of Gwyn's plan about returning the Eye to the Serpent. Angered, Benedict dismisses him. Chris goes to Gerard next, but gets little more assistance. Bailey appears in front of Gwyn with the Jewel of Judgement, which Gwyn gives to Gabriel. Chris Trumps her and tells her what he told Benedict. D'oh. He says he is going after Cirophsoph and the Chaos army. Gen wakes and finds herself in Dworkin's home. She mentions the Jewel plan and he has a fit. He sends her and Luke back to Amber. Quentin and Ben find a crystal palace and a lone woman with a crystal ball. She lets them out of the shadow.

In "A Place Where No Shadows Fall", Gen returns to Avalon and begins marshalling her army. Gwyn visits Rebma to escape a meeting with Benedict and tells Martin everything. Benedict trumps her, and she walks the Rebma pattern to escape, asking to be taken where he can't trump her. She ends up at the Primal Pattern.

In "An Interlude of Twilight",

In the final session, "Behold a Marvel in the Darkness",

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