"Reflections" Arc 2: "Conspiracies of Light and Darkness" Reflections in the Mind's Eye      
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To see Light, you must look into Darkness
To feel Hope, you must have known Despair
To know Order, you must understand Chaos

In Arc 2, "Conspiracies of Light and Darkness", the various conspiracies of both the Light and the Darkness were uncovered, the Jewels were gathered into one place, a great war is encouraged, and the cousins began to embark on a plan to save the Balance that none might have ever expected...

In "Watchers in the Dark", the cousins try and pull together after the debacle at the Abyss. They go home and explain what happened. Random and Benedict are not pleased, but since war is coming, there's not much they can do for Quentin or Bailey but assume they're dead. Gwyn storms out, and seeing her anger, Jenner springs on her that he is one of the Sentinels, and that this war must happen to restore the great Cycle and Balance, and the schism in the church the Unicorn feared must happen as well. In the Abyss, Quentin comes to with a badly broken leg, and meets up with the ghost of Brand, who becomes his guide, and the ghost of Dierdre.

In "Crying Eyes and Broken Dreams", Over the span of a week, Gwyn decides to believe Jenner, and Gabriel, who it turns out has been orchestrating this whole 'conspiracy of light'. She calls the Church to arms, and Ethore leads more than half into the Golden Circle in protest. when he begins raising troops, Gwyn and Jenner go to 'change his mind'. A fight ensues when Jenner tries to mindrape him, and Jenner collapses. Gwyn stabs Ethore with Redemption, and he burns... Gen angrily confronts Gabriel about his manipulations, and storms off to the Maerturi shadow. Quentin walks for days looking for Bailey and the Serpent, kept company by Brand. Eventually Brand can go no further, and Quentin finds himself walking out of the Abyss into his old Shadow, where he meets Delauney, and his daughter Sarah, who he takes back to Amber.

In "Angels in Black and White", Chris, while in Chaos, is accosted by a young woman named Melusine, who claims the Cabal of the Viper is trying to kill her. She was supposed to the the Bride of the Serpent, but Ciro swapped her for Bailey. Now the Church believes the mess at the Abyss is due to their gods anger with her. Chris, thinking it might heal the rift created when Quentin killed the high priest of the Serpent, gives the girl to the Cabal, who kill her. Gen once again drinks from the Font, but nothing apparently happens... right away. Later, she collapses and relives her first vision from the Tir. Quentin is confirmed to be himself by Bleys, tells Random off, and calls Gwyn to fix his leg. She is shocked to see him. By the way, will she and Gerard babysit while he goes back out after Bailey?

In "Singular Truths", Gen returns to Amber and waits for Luke, who arrives bearing Werewindl. Jenner relates what he found in Ethore's head. Ethore, a Logrusmaster, was sent by Ciro to kill Cadaes and break the Church. Gwyn outlines her plans for the Guardians, and bullys Jenner into taking command, giving him Redemption. Later she and Quentin fight bitterly about Quentin's responsibilities to Sarah. he eventually decides to give up his quest and stay, a broken man. Bishop returns, bearing the news that Layrien is missing, as well as the Jewel of Life. Gen has another vision, this of Evander bleeding on the Primal Pattern, which turns out to be true. Quentin refuses to go look for Bailey in light of the new info, but Luke does. He Trumps Quentin late at night, having found her...

In "What a Wretched Day", Bailey is discovered to be herself, carrying three of the Jewels, and pregnant with Quentin's child. After the suspicions of trap wear off, it is revealed that she was forced by Ciro to collect the Jewels under threat against her child and mother. Ciro killed Layrien to prove his point, but Bailey couldn't go through with it. The child was apparently protected by Pattern. She and Quentin have a happy reunion. Gen, at Quentin's order, takes the Jewel of Life back to Ivory, with Gerard Luke and Bishop. Ciro is waiting for them, and a fight ensues. Gen is cut off from the others, but is saved by Gabriel, who tells her to run. She flees back to Amber with the Jewel. Gen has another vision, later, this of the cousins putting the Jewels back together to recreate the Mind's Eye. Gwyn meets Geraint, Random's son, and they talk. She also starts meeting with the few Sentinels left. Gwyn find Dworkin in her office, in a rare stable frame of mind. The Unicorn can't be cured of her Shame until the Serpent is cured of his Madness. How? Well, he went mad when he lost they Eye... Then he goes back to crazy Dworkin and leaves. Gwyn then hatches her plan to give the Serpent back his Eye.

In "Infinities of Reflection", Benedict recalls Chris from Chaos and tells him Random is dead fixing the Primal Pattern. Benedict is now regent and has called a family meeting. Chris goes looking for Gwyn. Gen and Gwyn discuss what happened in Ivory. Gwyn has Jenner show Bleys (who is safekeeping the Jewels of Water and Air) Colin's Tomb, where they can hide them, effectively giving Gwyn control of two Jewels. Later, the cousins, together for the first time in a while, go back to Ivory. They find Bishop dead, but no sign of Gerard, Luke or Gabriel. Back in Amber they try and Trump, almost get through then nothing. Benedict announces he is regent at the family meeting, and that war looms. A great black road is growing toward Amber, even with the Pattern repaired. Chris Trumps Mirelle/Alexis looking for Remington, and they fight bitterly, resulting in Mirelle trapping him in the shadow after Chris slaps her. Gwyn hatches her plan about the Eye to her cousins. Gen and Chis agree, but Quentin is extremely skeptical.

In "We All Fall Down", Gen and Quentin go looking for Luke, Gerard and Gabriel. Along the way they meet up with Jenner. Quentin questions Jenner about his belief in this religious mumbo jumbo, and Jenner supports Gwyn's scheme whole-heartedly. Eventually the three find the missing in Luke San Fran apartment. Seems Anna has been hunting them. Indeed, they all escape just before Anna destroys the building. Gwyn meanwhile finds Jenner's old mentor Gavin and convinces im to take her to Chaos. There she meets Lardoth, deposed high priest of the Serpent. He also feels the Balance is falling, and says he will help Gwyn in her plans, even swearing a blood oath with her. Later, when she returns to Amber, she tells Quentin what happened, and he relates that Lardoth is connected to Cirophsoph.

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