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"A Passing Age of the World"

Before there was Light, there was Darkness.
And before there was Hope, there was Despair.
And before there was Order, there was Chaos.
And what was Once, shall be Again...

-Preface to the Books of the Unicorn

And so it began. Lost children wandered home, new bonds and friendships were forged in a time of light. But they were soon to learn that there cannot be light without darkness...

Bishop, long known to Amber, found himself with an influx of new cousins.

Benjamin, youngest son of Caine, had spent many long years looking for his brother Quentin, who he has sought since Brand sundered the shadows in his greed. No one expected he would also find Gwynwyfhar, daughter of Gerard, lost to the Black Road in those early years of peace. Corwin, too, had found some peace with his children, though Genevieve was more like him than he may have wished. And with the arrival of the mysterious Saturn, things began to change.

In Session 1: "Mutters of the Worried Earth", the cousins had been together now for a few months. Gen, Gwyn, Quentin and Ben made a visit to the Tir, where they each had very personal, if confusing visions. Then, all the younger cousins were sent into Shadow with Luke and Merlin to investigate the Trump Gates the latter two had discovered some years prior. They were quite surprised when the gate they investigated activated, bringing through the woman from Quentin's vision in the Tir, and a number of demons.

In Session 2: "Tag, You're It", they discover the Trump gate traveler is named Bailey, who carries a stone called the Jewel of Life. She informs Random, Quentin, Fiona and Bishop of the true nature of the universe, that there are in fact four Primal Patterns, and four Jewels. She also reveals she is the daughter of Brand. Oops. Gwyn is visitied by Dworkin, who is as usual, less than helpful regarding her vision of the Moon-woman from the Tir. And Gen, riding out into shadow to find her 'destiny', meets up with the large white tiger from her vision, who is named Gabriel, who says he is a "Silent Walker".

In Session 3: "The Death of Treasured Misconceptions pt. 1", the family is told of the news brought by Bailey. Certain of the elders are less than pleased to know of another spawn of Brand, especially Caine, who walks out of the meeting in the library. Gen meets the Maerturi, a race that seems to have prophesied her coming. She promises to return soon, and head back to Amber with Gabriel in tow. At various points, Quentin, Bishop and Gwyn visit Bailey, to pry information. She tells her story about growing up in one of the parallel universes. Hasn't seen Brand in over eight years. Gwyn eventually gets Bailey released into her custody.

In Session 4: "The Death of Treasured Misconceptions" Part II", Quentin has another dark dream about his past, that may be a sigh he is regaining some of his lost memories. Bishop springs his plan of going to ">Bailey's universe, and spends most of the session attempting to sell his cousins and Random on the idea. Quentin drags from Ben that his Tir vision was that of Amber in burning ruins. Gwyn and Dworkin trade information on the nature of the universe. He is hesitant to tell her much, as he already gave her a trump of the Tir steps as a hint.

In Session 5: "On the Path Unwinding", Gwyn, Gen and Bailey head back to the Tir. Gwyn sees a trio of angels, crying soundlessly. She finds out the next day that they are mentioned in the Books of the Unicorn. The group decided to go ahead with Bishop's plan, and they all set out for Ivory, Bailey's home. Once through the gate, they are chased by demons, but escape, and are escorted to Ivory by Bailey's cousin, Fletcher and his Rangers.

In Session 6: "Shadows Softly Moving", the cousins settle in for their stay. Bishop, named Ambassador, talks with Ivory's king. Bailey introduces Gwyn to her mother, who is the High Priestess of the Unicorn here. Quentin spends time with Bailey. Gen accidentally discovers that she can Trump to Chaos when she tries to trump Merlin. Interesting. A ball is held to welcome the Amber contingent. Gwyn and Quentin dance and talk, Gwyn becoming agitated when the subject of Bailey comes up. Luke, later cornered by Gwyn after he acts jealous of Gen's attentions to Fletcher, admits that he is in love with Gen. He pressures her about Quentin, but she keeps silent. Bailey and Quentin discover they have a common enemy in the demon lord Cirophsoph, and make a pact to take him out.

In Session 7: "Revelations", Gwyn drops the news to Gen about Luke's affections. The group then heads for the Ethereal, the Ivory version of the Tir, where bailey plans to hide the Jewel of Life. Both Gen and Bailey walk the Ethereal Pattern. Bailey leaves the Jewel of Life there. Meanwhile, Gwyn wanders to the Grove, following what appear to be unicorn tracks and is attacked by a shade, after Trumping Ben. Bishop. watching from the Ethereal, go to help them. The shade is tracking them.

In Session 8: "Love Makes the World go Round,", an innocent outing on the town causes great upheaval among the cousins as various secrets of the heart come to light. Gen tells Quentin Gwyn loves him. Luke confronts Gen, and she leaves him hanging. Bailey and Quentin connect, and Ben pines for Gwyn. Meanwhile, Bishop is off in Chaos...

In Session 9: "Grand Deceptions", the pick up the emotional pieces from the previous night. Luke has already left. They all prepare to go home. Gwyn contemplates converting to the Unicorn, after her talks with Layrien, High Priestess of the Unicorn in Ivory. Bailey will be returning as Ambassador to Amber, with the king's young daughter, Ellisandra. The party returns to find Amber in upheaval. A mysterious attack in the town has resulted in the kidnapping of Bleys' six year old daughter Miredrith. Gwyn meets a mysterious young man named Jenner Vaughn, High Priest Cadaes estranged son.

In Session 10: "Gathering Points of Light", Christopher, Son of Benedict, decides to return to Amber after a 200 year absence, having no idea what he's walking into, as he has not spoken with any of the family in 50 years. In the meantime, tempers still flare high amongst the cousins. Gwyn, Quentin and Ben all have words. Later, out in shadow, Gen and Chris track down one of the group that was involved in taking Miredrith.

In Session 11: "Through the Looking Glass", Gen and Chris gain little information from their catch. Then he escapes or is rescued when they leave him in Shadow. Later, back in Amber, Gen comes across the Hall of Mirrors, in which she sees four patterns, each with a Jewel at their centers, and another pattern overlaid, with Greyswandir at its center. Gwyn prepares to find her long missing Uncle Leander. Dworkin visits Quentin. Christopher settles back into the scheme of things, discussing who the female that kidnapped Miredrith might be.

In "Watch the Coming of the Storm" , Bailey, Gen and Chris go to Camiaby, the Shadow Miredrith's mother was from. They nab Hargrave, the current ruler, and beat out of him that Miredrith was handed off to a cloaked woman with red hair. Cadaes shows Gwyn the original Books of the Unicorn, locked safely in a vault under the Church. She spends some time there, then prepares to under go her first rite of ascension. During it, she sees again her vision fro the Tir - a form lying on a pool of blood, a woman in moonlight standing over him, beaconing to her, and a large, dark shadow behind her. Ben and Quentin go demon hunting. They are attacked by a large number of small, swarming demons with large claws, and barely escape by trumping to Gen, Bailey and Chris.

In "In the Twilight Kingdom" , The group posits who the woman involved in Miredrith's kidnapping might be. Fiona becomes a possible suspect quite quickly. Gen heads of for the Maerturi Citadel, and then for the mountains, where she finds an abandoned castle and town. In it, she find a reflecting pool, which she drinks from. And she has a repeat of her vision from the Tir, in which her army crumbles to dust on the battlefield. She wakes up to see Gabriel. She's at the Keep of Four Worlds, and just drank from the Font. Maerturi means 'martyr' in the old language of this place. Quentin and Ben go back out. They make it across the Dancing Mountains, where they find an active Trump gate...

In "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost", Two weeks pass in Amber... Ben, Quentin and Bailey return to the open gate. Bailey and Quentin go through to investigate, and land in a trap left by Ciro. They escape, but not until Quentin almost kills Bailey. Luke brings in Remington, who turns out to be Christopher's son. Later, Gen tells him about finding the Keep of Four Worlds and the Font. Gwyn has her second ordeal of initiation, and drinks from the Tears pools in the Tir, she has a series of visions, and speaks with the Moon Woman. She also takes the other half of the broken sword blade that's there. Miredrith is returned, 10 years older, by a small woman who Chris realizes is his daughter.

In "End of the Innocence" Gwyn drinks again from the pools, and returns to Amber. She convinces Dworkin to reforge the broken sword. Gen and Chris retrieve Bleys with the news his daughter is returned. Miredrith is much changed - distant and detached. Gen goes off and goes to Corwin's Universe. She finds herself in an exact replica of Amber called RoseAmber, and meets Corwin's regent. Seems Corwin was attacked and taken just days before...

In "All Alone in the Night", Gwyn tries to heal Miredrith, but there is an aura on unknown magic about her, and nothing seems to be wrong with her. Chris is assigned to be diplomatic liasion when the Chaosites arrive, since Flora is occupied preparing her Spring Ball. Cadaes is murdered, and when Gwyn arrives, the scene is almost identical to her original vision in the Tir. Gwyn is named High Priestess in a letter left by Cadaes.

In "The Rose Remembers" Quentin assigns himself as Gwyn's bodyguard. Chris and Bleys decide to go look for Fiona, and come to a blasted out shadow, where the trail ends. A magical duel, maybe? Gen learns the geography of Corwin's Universe, and of the warlord who has recently taken the neighboring realm of Lorraine. She heads there.

In "Blood Price", Chris catches up with Remington, and realizes Remington's Alexis is actually Mirelle. They go to see her, and Chris finds her a cold, and nasty. Gwyn hold a meeting with the Church Council. Gen is captured by the Warlord Jakob, who looks identical to Merlin, and discovers he's a Chaosite when she cuts him with Greyswandir. He takes the sword and tosses her in the dungeon.

In "The Oathbreakers", Gen is sprung by a boy named Evander, Jakob's son. Jakob is indeed Merlin's twin brother. They escape back to Amber. Chris has a heart-wrenching talk with Mirelle, who blows him off. A week passes... Quentin trains Jenner to take his place as Gwyn's bodyguard. Gen relates her news to Merlin. Later, at Flora's big ball, Chris is summed to the gardens to find a Chaosite dying, with an empatterned dagger in his back. He bears the symbol of the Discordian. He warns, "Those in dark places want to destroy what you have here."

In "Light Makes the Shadows", the cousins cover up the dead Chaosite mess. Theories and plans are tossed about, but few conclusions are made. Gwyn and Jenner find the Hall of Mirrors and learn the truth of Dworkin's madness, and Gwyn the truth of Jenner's parentage as Fiona's son.

In "Between Moments", Merlin, Gen and Evander go back to Corwin's Universe. Something is not right with his Pattern, though. It's breaking. They find a great Logrus Gate in the Vale of Roses, and then find Corwin bleeding on the Pattern in Lorraine. They manage to escape with him, via the Logrus Bridge, to Chaos and Mandor. Benedict has Chris and Quentin investigate the Chaosite mess. They consult Miredrith, hoping she say something. And indeed, she did. Using a scrying bowl, she shows Quentin a scene from the gardens, of a hovering figure stabbing the Chaosite. Coming to the conclusion its Saturn, they search her rooms and find a note about the Chaosite, some Trumps, and an empty dagger sheath. They check out some of the place Trumps, and find a list of names with zodiac symbols, many known family, that includes Bailey, and Jenner, and another son listed for Random. Also, under Quentin's name is the name Sarah... Vanden, a 'prophet' shows up on Gwyn's doorstep, spouting a prophesy that is also in the book of the Unicorn.

In "There is But Fire...", Quentin Bailey and Chris present their findings to Random, and Benedict relates that the tow women among the trumps are Osric's fraternal twin daughter's Anna and Isabelle, lost thousands of years ago. Vanden has another vision, of Gwyn being chased by ghosts with empty eyes. Gen, Merlin and Evander return to Amber with Corwin, whom Gwyn heals. Later, gwyn is attacked and almost killed by a demon wearing Ben's form. Jenner saves her just in time. And then, Bailey is kidnapped by Ciro...

In "...Then Darkness Again" Quentin charges off to Chaos after demanding Merlin assist him. The rest of the cousins learn of the events that have passed, and that Chaos is preparing for war with Amber. Gwyn meets Jenner's mentor, Gavin, a Tohubo ex-priest of the Church of the Serpent. Quentin murders the current high priest of the Serpent trying to find Bailey. Through Various means, all the cousins end up at the Abyss and interrupt a ceremony where Bailey is about to be sacrificed as the 'Bride of the Serpent'. They kill all the priests, but The Serpent shows up, in Brand's body, and takes Bailey into the Abyss.

Quentin leaps in after them.

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