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Quotes From Confer

There was an item on our gaming computer conference for this game; a place for the players and GM to discuss, and for lurkers to kibitz. Periodically, it devolved into hilarity...

The importance of Stuff...
"No, dear... Stupid stuff is more powerful than bad stuff." -Mer

Learning the hard way...
"Hopefully, Gen has now learned that Pattern and Logrus don't mix." -Julie
"Well, perhaps they mix much as fuel oil and fertilizer mix." -Dwinn

Little green monster...
"Ugh! How annoying. She's got long hair and breasts." -Mer, re: Bailey

101 uses for men...
"'Luke can be a pan?' Wow. Gen is VERY lucky, as she can also bake bread in her boyfriend." -Mer

Advancement Wish Lists...
"Genevieve would like to advance to godhood..." -Jill
"Perhaps you should ask Mer what happened to Dworkin before you request advancement to godhood." -Julie

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia...
"So I learned, from your extra-special extra session with extra crazy happenings because you missed the normal session. Extra, extra, extra, special, extra, extra." -Dwinn

Scheduling Dilemmas...
"If I don't have to have my leg amputated for gangrene, I'll be there." -Dwinn
"Okay, then barring any weird, unforseen, disasters, natural or Mer-made, we'll play Tuesday, and go back to our original schedule from there." -Julie

In the Out-of-Context Department...
"I'm itchy Mer....and I'm itchin' to blame YOU!" -Liz
"Unlikely, since I was wearing pants..." -Mer

Hell yeah!
"I'm a bit saddened that my best Stone Cold Steve Austin impersonation failed to keep those priests from running away at the Temple." -Dwinn

Uh, yeah...
"Hello, this is not about clear thinking." -Mer

G.O.D. - Gamemaster on Duty...
"I feel like I've done a good thing here."-Julie
"If you go by the Amber GM definition of good..." -Mer
"Cruel, vindictive, and inspiring much emotional torment?" -Jen

Postcards from the Abyss...

Dear diary,



Foiled again...
"What, I'm not gonna get to go back to Amber, whip my followers into a frenzy, and march on Chaos? Drat." -Mer

Famous Last Words...
"Last time I go out looking for trouble." -Jill
"Uh huh. Sure. Shall we look at Gen's track record for that so far?"-Julie

Delusions of godhood...
"My reaction to the story was, after reading, to angrily dismiss it because it wasn't about me." -Dwinn
"That seems to be Quentin's way of dealing with everything." -Julie

"I had a dream last night that we were gaming --- well, kind of. The rest of us were sitting there watching Mer be on screen for the whole session." -Dwinn
"Don't make me break out the can of whup ass, Mr. Special Abyss Demon Powers and Dreams and Kidnapped Girlfriend and Ghosts of Brand and Magic Sensativity and Unknown Children Special Extra Special Guy." -Mer

Asking for trouble...
"The beginnings of my next diary are up, bare bones wise. I only mention it because there may or may not be things that Julie might want to use against me in there." -Mer

Hey now...
"When the GM proclaims her love, it's time for the player to worry about her character." -Mer
" Mer, if you are just starting to worry about the GM, you're in trouble." -Jill

Crisis of Faith...
"So roughly 8 sessions go by before you abandon your God, eh?" -Dwinn
"That many?" -Mer

Mr. Pragmatic...
"I hope you guys have some proof (that we need to give the Eye back) *other* than magical pool-induced hallucinations or rambling from mentally deficient great-grandfathers." -Dwinn

Famous Last Words...
"Ah yes, as Quentin comes up against the MOST difficult part of any Amber game-- having the right and pithy thing to say when you confront or kill your mortal enemy." -Mer

Amber Gossip Headlines -Courtesy of Dwinn.

ROYALS SCUFFLE AT BASH (Reuters) Two members of the Amber royal family became entangled in fisticuffs yesterday during the yearly ball thrown by Princess Florimel. The combatants were identified as Quentin Barimen, 31, and Christopher Barimen, 1017, both originally from Amber. Sources close to this outlet suggest the fight start after unflattering remarks were made by Christopher to Quentin concerning the latter's escort to the party, one Bailey Prath Barimen, an Ivory native. Further complicating this story was the arrival of Her Worshipfulness Gwyn(insert Welsh), High Priestess of the Church of the Unicorn, who is reported to have fainted upon the sight of the injuries to the combatants. It has been reported that the two battling cousins have since made up. Princess Gen could not be reached for comment. - - - - -

The Problems of the PCs according to Dwinn

On Christopher
Chris also has the problem of being in love with Aunt Bitchy, who also runs a orphanage of relatives that's she teaching to hate Amber, and also that his son knows of/has possibly been cavorting with Anna and Isabelle. Not to mention that Aunt Bitchy is prolly invoved with said villians.

On Gen
"My Dad's a mess, and I have a goofy brother with an Evil Twin who has a son who's helping me but I don't know what he'll do next and my man is out on dangerous missions all the time and my kittycat maybe an Agent of a Higher Power and stuff. "