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The Kingdom of Amber

"Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."
-Chinese Proverb

  • Castle Amber
  • City Amber
  • The Church of the Unicorn
  • Amberian Calendar
  • Vale of Garnath
  • Arden
  • Amber's Nobility
  • The Kingdom of Rebma
  • Tir na'Nogth
  • The Golden Circle

    Castle Amber

    Seated about a third of the way up the slopes of Mount Kolvir, Castle Amber dominates the view for miles. It is picturesque, with its tall towers and marble walls. In the sunlight, it shines brilliantly, drawing the gaze of any who happen to glance its way.

    It is a well-fortified work of architecture. Built into the slope of Kolvir, it is only approchable from three directions (south, east and west). A large stone wall encloses the three open sides, and the castle's grounds.

    The castle was built in stages over the span of three millenia to reach how it stands today; three wings, the Main Hall, and the enormous gardens enclosed in by the North Wall. The map to the left shows a basic layout of the castle's interior.

    City Amber

    The city of Amber is a bustling town that sprawls over the lower slopes of Kolvir down to the edge of the water.

    City Amber is divided into districts which surround the City Square, a huge open expanse at the center of the city that is home to a large market fair, and the Church grounds, which cover almost eight acres.

    The North District, nearest the castle, is the home of Amber's upper class, holding the homes of the nobles, including the manses of Princes Caine and Gerard, who are the only members of the Royal family with residences in the city.

    The East District, or Merchant's Walk, begins on the far side of the castle grounds, and stretches down to the Wharf District. The Merchant's Walk contains all of Amber's merchantile and artisian population, as well as the various and sundry stores.

    The Wharf District, or the Waterline, as it is sometimes called, hugs the coastline of Amber's Bay. It is a rough, sometimes seedy place filled with the sorts of unsavory types who are drawn to the vagabond life of a sailor. Almost anything can be found, traded or hired here.

    The South District holds the majority of Amber's common citizens, and actually takes up the southwestern half of the city boundaries. These are the people who work for the merchants and artisians, the employeesof the various noble houses who do not live in residence, the Common army soldiers and so forth.

    The western edges of the South District fade into the farmlands that cover the western half of the Vale of Garnath.

    Vale of Garnath

    Between the foot of Kolvir and the outer reaches of Forest Arden lies the Vale of Garnath. A sweeping, fertile valley, it stretches for almost 16 miles between Kolvir and Arden from north to south, and almost 35 miles from east to west, bounded by the sea and the Dancing Mountains.

    The easternmost lands of the vale, near the ocean and below Kolvir, are parceled among the Lords and nobles of Amber. These are the smaller specialty farms, such as Bayle's fabled vinyards, and the manors and lands held by various nobles through right of birth or royal reward. Many of the nobles who have land holdings in Garnath also keep residences in the North District of the city.

    The large western expanse holds the large farms worked and in some cases owned, by the commoners.

    Still, much of the land on the west is open and unused. This is land held by the Crown for its own purposes.

    Forest Arden

    Amber's Nobility

  • Bayle
    Members of House:
    Taewyth Thomald

  • Feldane
    Members of House:
    Ethan Readric
  • Levet
    Members of House:
    Lord Sigor - Head of House
    Telannor - Heir

  • Aspian
    One of Amber's premier agricultural houses.
    Members of House:
    Johap - Head of House
    Cigov - Heir
    Granger, BeeKeeper

  • Navure
    Members of House:
    Onalec (Three daughters) Onaylla Sevalebeth Alevia
  • Durana
    Members of House:
    Ulearic Arimar
  • Tregel
    Members of House:
    Mirardo Jaudan Virewan
  • Conyseft
    Members of House:
    Jautram (no children)
  • Prety
    Members of House:
    Grumar (twin brothers) Cadric Kediemar
  • Whitienne
    Members of House:
    Legeir Haelac
  • Heric
    Member's of House:
    Teder Valeseth

    The Golden Circle Kingdoms

  • Begma
  • Camiaby
  • Mavillar
  • Kashfa
  • Insera
  • Breslew
  • Saxistery
  • Patoming
  • Audir
  • Afghant
  • Eave
  • Hancine
  • Velse