Reflections in the Mind's Eye
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Do you need the consolation of a dead man's hand?
As the tears of desolation flood a dead man's land?
Do you seek your soul's redemption under fervent skies?
Don't you see your own reflection in the serpent's eye?
-The Tea Party, "Turn the Lamp Down Low"

"Reflections" was the Amber game I ran for 35 sessions, from September 1997 to February 1999. The story continued, some 2000 years later, in the experimental sequel, "A Tapestry in Shades of Grey".

In "Reflections", the Serpent's left eye, the Mind's Eye, after being used to draw the Pattern, was shattered into four pieces. This created not only four Jewels, but four Primal Patterns and four elemental planes. Some 5000 years later, the second generation found themselves embroiled in a millenia old conflict between higher powers. The Serpent, driven mad by the loss of his Eye, and the Unicorn, filled with shame for her part in it, had lost sight of their creations, bitterly locked in their neverending personal war.

The cousins came to find that there were forces manipulating both the Serpent and Unicorn, with the fate of all Creation hanging in the balance. They came to realize that they must restore the balance between Light and Darkness, Chaos and Order, for one cannot exist without the other. But to do that, they'd have to heal the Serpent of his madness, and the Unicorn of her Shame.

And the key to that was, of course, the Mind's Eye...

The game was run in three story arcs.

  • Arc 1: "A Passing Age of the World"
  • Arc 2: "Conspiracies of Light and Darkness"
  • Arc 3: "The War of Mind and Heart"
  • The Players

  • Player Characters
  • NPCs
  • Trumps
  • A Chaosian Demonology
  • The Setting

  • The Kingdom of Amber
  • Castle Amber
  • The Kingdom of Rebma
  • The Church of the Unicorn
  • RoseAmber, Corwin's Universe
  • The Plane of Water
  • Courts of Chaos
  • The Tir
  • The Twilight Kingdom and the Keep of Four Worlds
  • The Props

  • People, Places and Artifacts
  • Books of the Unicorn
  • Book of Mirrors
  • Sorcery
  • Partial Powers
  • The Hall of Mirrors
  • The Pattern Blades
  • The Script

  • Game History
  • Diaries and Fiction
  • Logs
  • Quotes
  • The Cosmology
  • Visions, Dreams, Prophesies
  • The War of Redemption
  • Timeline of Events
  • Amberian Calendar
  • Amusing Miscellany

  • Sources of Inspiration

    Babylon 5, Katherine Kerr, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lewis Caroll, Tea Party, Rush, Loreena McKennitt

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