Game Quotes!
Session 39 (2/5/98)

Dwinn: "It's a knife."
Jason: "What kind of knife?"
Dwinn: "A butcher knife."
Jason: "Is it a secret symbol?!"
Liz; "A secret symbol from the kitchen?"

Dworkin: "I need a pager." (After finding Locke waiting for him at the center of the Pattern)

Dwinn, on Luke: "When he's unconscious, he loses his schmoove."

Mandor: "Dworkin does have a case history of mental aberration..."

Session 37

Dwinn: "You can kind of sense that Mandor is up to something."

Connie: "He's not going to be sneaking around eating your donuts. I, on the other hand, will be hanging around eating your donuts."

Connie: "I haven't been using my mind all day."
Caryn: "IS that how you accidentally let out the psycho?"

Session 34

Em: "We're hunting a body - so get in body hunting mode!"

Locke as he is about to push Connie (who is in a laundry cart) down the stairs... "You're an Amberite; you can take it."

As Simon spills all their information to Dara...
Locke: "Are you missing who this is?"
Simon: "One of the head honchos of Chaos... she seems amiable enough..."

Connie: "Wow. I can pull horses through my head."

Session 33

"Neverlasting Gobstoppers."

Simon: "The walls of Amber aren't going to stop *me*!"

Connie: "Merlin has all kinds of problems."

Connie: "We'll be toast."
Random: "It's more like the diffence between toast, and being carved up like a turkey."
Connie: "Yeah, one is bread, and the other's meat."

Simon: "Even on an Euclidean plane there are an infinite number of points."
Locke: "They teach you that in Wizard's School?"

Dwinn: "You underestimate how unimportant the standard bearer is."

Simon (on Lewella): "She did seem a little more forthcoming than the others."
Locke: "Yesterday she was talking about trying to rewire your mind!"

Simon: "You know, there is another option, and it could be very dangerous..."

Connie: "They seem to have blood ties to Oberon, they're very loyal to the crown, and they fed me cookies."

Locke (on Julian): "What's weird is that he's a body thief. I mean, I used to think Caine was weird. But now we know who's really weird."

Dwinn: "You're looking in people's rooms?"
Connie: "Only the ones that aren't occupied."

Session 32

Dwinn: "At the end of last session, everyone was where they were."

Jessica: "Konstantin, are you busy?"
Connie: "I've got a roomful of people and we're about to do something stupid."

Dwinn: "Someday that will be explained if I can ever figure it out."

Jason: "I take something from the horse."
Dwinn: "What, its virginity?"

I unfortunately don't remember who to credit for this exchange...
"I'd do unspeakable horrors."
"He'd do unspeakable whores?"

Julie: "Face it. We're the 'Breakfast Club'."

Jason: "We'll make intelligent use of two people and lumberjacking techniques."

Jason: "Originally I thought I could caber-toss Ygg..."

Session 31

Locke: "It's not so much a good thing as a bad thing."

Jason: "I sense this thing at my belly button with Pattern."

Dwinn to Jason: "No, nothing emanated from your belly button."

Jason, on Flora: "He's saying like the difference between a brazen strumpet and a cheap whore."

Dwinn: "You don't have a feeling of imminent death..."

Session 30

Dwinn: "In the bed is also your weapon... but not your horse."

Dwinn: "Dworkin's not around."
Allen: "Now you remember who you went to bed with."

Jason: "I'm an anime character. I don't lok nasty when I kiss."

Session 29

Dwinn (on the Amber DRPG rulebook): "This book is like using a diaphragm full of holes!"

Session 28

Allen: "Connie finishes his thought, and his thought finishes us."

Dworkin: "Logrus Masters are not good to be involved with."
Jess: "Aren't you a Logrus Master?"
Dworkin: (pause) "I can neither confirm or deny that."

Allen: "I'd take superficial every time."

Allen: (on the Jewel) "If it can't create nachos, what good is it?"

Dworkin: (on Eric): "He wasn't alive the last time he was dead."

Liz: "Can I send Pattern energy to someone?"
Dwinn: "Oh, hell no!"

Session 27

Jessica: "I'm not sure how to proceed, so I'm going to walk the Pattern."

Em: "I am not for smacking around!"

Jessica: "Is there anything else you can think of that we haven't thought of?"

Jessica: "I'm queen of a tiny, tiny universe..."

Session 26

Allen: "Is there going to be seepage this session?"

Allen: "Right now Luke's in the middle. That could get ugly."

Session 24

Allen: "If you were in Texas, she was wearing chaps."

Dwinn: "Benedict is not going to do your laundry."

Dwinn: "'Convoluted Plot Theatre' presents..."

Em: "They're not so soft I can put my hand in them..."
Dwinn: "Depends on where you put your hand..."

Session 23

Allen: "Chaos is bigger than Corwin, I would think."

Brand: "This Brand seems to be a caricature of myself..."
Simon: "Well, what did you expect?"

Quinn: "We women have to stick together."
Jessica: "Yeah, we have to rescue those men-types."

Liz: "If it's in your mouth, it's yours."

Connie: "I'm going to resuce my father."
Simon: "Where?"
Connie: "Chaos."
Locke: "That's the big place."

Session 22

Em: "[Luke] is being schmoove while in the hole."

Liz: "Are my hands chained?"
Dwinn: "No."
Liz: "I want to fix my hair."

Liz: "I'm Jessica. I don't need to be comfortable."

Locke: "Why don' you reach out from your big bad mind and find out what happened?"
Simon: "How about a spell?"
Locke: "That'll work too."

Liz: "I want to do something very violent with the chain that involves [Brandon]."

Luke: "I think I'm gonna pass out now."

Jess, attempting to mentally contact Luke:
"Luke, it's Jessica. I'm chained to the floor of a throne room wearing some funky clothing and it's all your fault. In case you've managed to rescue Quinn (as opposed to needing to be rescued, like the rest of us), stop by and rescue me too. I think you owe it to me."

Session 20

Liz: "I say something fancy that Liz can't think of right now."

Allen: "You need to speak to Scrooge Barimen."

Caryn: "Can we be back before lunch?"
Connie: "I have to be back before two. I have to go save a universe."

Session 19

Dwinn: "If you fell, you'd be able to grab something. Like a part of him." to Jess as she and Mandor levitate above the Abyss.

Jess, to Mandor: "Not all of us can assume forms and go poking about in places."

Jess: "I was going to have a drinking contest with Simon, but he went off to do something responsible."

Mandor: "So is there any other part of my Ways you'd like to see?"
Jess: "What would you like to show me?"

Liz: "Can I just assume we have sex?"

Session 17

Simon: "Did I summon my nice flower?"
Dwinn: "Out of what?"
Simon: "Uh, nothing."
Dwinn: "How?"
Simon: "Magic!"

Dwinn: "He's wearing... nice things."

Dwinn: "They smile. Well, Julian smiles. Gerard just continues eating."

Session 16

Session 15

Jessica (about Simon): "This is your father. Show him some respect!"
Em: "No one else does."

Flora: "I would be honored to introduce a young girl to the ways of Amber."
Em: "Yeah, like sleeping with the cousins!"

Allen: "I think that when we're all done, the family tree will be the Logrus."

GMDwinn: "She notices an odd lump behind your... pantleg."

Connie: "Yes! A damsel in distress. I can rescue this one!"

Cayt: "I wonder if what Morgause says is true, that you were born of a demon. Are the others as similarly marked?"
Simon: "Some are even weirder."

Dwinn: "My sack is bleeding!"

Session 14

Connie: (about Fiona) "She knows everything, and she likes to tell you she knows everything. That's how I knew she knew everything."

Connie: (on the Pattern) "It's very dangerous. That's why they keep it in the basement. If it wasn't dangerous they'd keep it in the living room."

Mandor: "I was under the impression we were to have a meal."
Liz to GMDwinn: "Did I know that?"
GMDwinn: "He was going to show you his Ways..."

Mandor: "What kind of action are you used to?"
Jessica: "Being in battle for months at a time."
Em: "Wrong answer!"

Mandor: (after shapeshifting to demon form and destroying his outfit) "You'll have to do something like that for me sometime."
Jessica: "I'm not sure I can do anything that dramatic."
Em: "He means bust out of your clothes."

Session 11

Jessica: (to Connie) "I fell fifty feet out of the air for your sorry ass!"

Connie: "'Hellriding' is too harsh a word. You're not actually going to hell or anything..."
Locke: "We could stop by if you like."

Jessica: (speaking of Logrus to Mandor) "Can we make two more?"
Mandor: "That's a tall order; it's not even Christmas yet."

Gilva: (to Locke) "You seem to be...well, your physical stature..."

Session 9

Connie: "Bleys is the only person I know who can wear leather pants and carry it off."

Session 6

Caine: "Merlin dead?"
Connie: "No, but he makes this year's best vegetable."

Rinaldo: (speaking about Quinn) "She's not your type; she's a nun."
Connie: "That's okay, cuz I'm not a priest."

Session 5

Connie: (after hearing that Amberites "don't have showers") "What do you do, all walk around stinky?!"

Connie: "It's a coming out party! Simon, will you be my date?"

Connie: (explaining bar soap to Simon) "You just rub it all over your body, but don't tell me about it."

Jessica: "I'm currently getting poked by some guy in weird clothes. That's tailors for you, eh?
Benedict: "I seem not to often have that problem."

Session 4

Locke: (speaking of Connie) "Is there anything in this boy's head that is NOT inane?!"

Session 3

Connie: (To Rinaldo) "I don't want anybody to be my father who wakes me up in the middle of the night telling me to stab people!"

Connie: (after Luke has informed him how to work things in his favor with teachers and projects) "Cool! I don't need an education!"

Benedict: "They've taught you well on, what was it, Klorg?
Jessica: "Apparently not well enough!"
Benedict: "Well, when you've lived over 3 millenia, you learn a thing or two."
Jessica: "Wow, you're like, the Highlander!"

Locke: (hears breakfast bells) "Guess that's my cue..."

Random: (to Gilva, adressing the issue of the new arrivals walking the Pattern) "What do you want me to do, take their Pattern away?"

Session 2

Bleys: (Speaking of the Pattern) "I must warn you, the test is pass/fail."
Simon: "I'm afraid I don't understand."
Bleys: "If you fail, it will destroy you."

Simon: (To Bleys) "You know how to live!"
Bleys: "I like to think it's what I do best."

Simon: "I think I'm gonna hurl!"
Bleys: "Don't do it on the Pattern!"

Connie: "I have the feeling like I just came out of a sperm bank or something...think of all the things I would've missed if I had never been born."

Gamemaster Dwinn: (speaking of crossing a Veil of the Pattern) "It's like you're pushing through a latex sheath."

Connie: (who has just been warned of the danger of bleeding on the Pattern) "What if I, you know, hafta sneeze? Is sneezing okay? Will that destroy the universe?"

Rinaldo: (to Connie) "I love you!"
Connie: "Bull Shit!"

Session 1

(Locke meets Llwella 20 leagues under the sea)
Llwella: "How did you get here?"
Locke: "It had something to do with a goat."

Simon: "I'll accept anything you say."
Bleys: "Boy, we might have a use for you after all!"

(Bleys is attempting to explain Logrus in a way that Simon will understand)
Bleys: "Imagine Logrus as a potato..."

(The four of us are seated in the King's meeting room)
Random: "You have a lot of explaining to do!"

Rinaldo: "I'm crazy! Yeaaaah!"
Connie: *giggles* "Give it up man, it's not attracting any chicks."

Rinaldo: "Have I ever told you how great your grandfather was?"
Connie: "I've heard, uh, something about him. Big hero. Into asphalt."

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