[Quinn] Twenty: "In Vain" [Quinn] Twenty: "In Vain"

believe, believe in me, believe
that life can change, that you're not stuck in vain
we're not the same, we're different tonight
tonight, so bright
-Smashing Pumpkins

I couldn't get back to sleep after the damned dream with Dad, a Trump of Martin and the Pattern, so I took a walk... and of course ended up in the infirmary.

It was just past dawn, and he was still asleep, sprawled out on the bed, snoring ever so slightly.

I stayed just long enough remind myself he really was here, and safe, then headed off to breakfast. ******

Jess came with me to see Dad, and we joked a bit about out I like Jess a lot, though at times I believe she thinks I'm a bit odd.

When I didn't find Dad in the infirmary, and no one knew where he was, I immediately Trumped Merlin. Something broke the contact, but Jess managed to get through. My brother, looking a bit disgruntled, was sprawled on the ground. Oops. Merlin pulled us through to a garden, and there was Dad, wearing a pair of dark shades, Greyswandir in hand.

Jess was speaking to Merlin about Mandor and Chaos (after having thoroughly embarrased me about my "date" with Luke) when Corwin appeared at my side. "The Crown Prince of Rebma has invited me to come spend some time there. It seems certain parties have heard of my return and would like to see me."

I hope I was able to mask the disappointment that welled up at his words. "That's very kind of Darien," I finally managed. "It should be good for you. Let you get some rest," I trailed off. I guess I can't begrudge my brother his time with Dad, but after all I went through to get him back, and now he's leaving already...

I left quickly, before my eyes gave everything away.