[Quinn] Eight: "Dissention in the Ranks" [Quinn] Eight: "Dissention in the Ranks"

"The enemy is anybody who's going to get you killed, no matter which side he's on."
- Joseph Heller, "Catch 22"

"Desperate times call for desperate measures" indeed. Sucks when people use your words against you, doesn't it, Dworkin?

I've always found it ironic how roles often reverse themselves. For until two days ago, at least from my perspective, Jade was the sworn enemy, out to steal the Jewel and wreak havoc, intentional or not. And Dworkin Barimen, creator of this universe, was the kindly benevolent ally we turned to for advice on how to stop the treacherous opposition.

And now I find myself bearing more in common with Jade than I ever expected, both of us allied, by our very blood, against the same man I once saw as our ally. And I find my self wondering who has switched sides - myself, or them?

But it comes down to each of us doing what we feel we must. Jade feels she must cooperate with us and destroy the abomination she helped, however inadvertently, to create. I feel I must protect my father and the world he created not out of a lust for power, as I assume was Eric's motive, but out of a desperate plan to save Amber.

And Dworkin feels he must preserve the balance at any cost, even if it be the destruction of two universed, Jade, and myself.

I enjoyed a perverse sort of satisfaction in reminding Dworkin that his promises that "someday I would understand" mean little if he intends to kill me in ten days, and that his claim of desperate times requiring desperate measures was the same incentive that drove Dad to create his Pattern in the first place. His abrupt leave-taking to ponder *that* little piece of philosophy left me once again to my own musing, little changed in scope or content for all we spoke of.

Two people, each an enemy and an ally in their own way.

Each on their own side of a line I'm not exactly sure I see.

Each likely wondering to which side I will cross.

Question is, have I already?

"If you're an enemy, well, you look the same as me."
--Big Country, "Where the Rose is Sown"