Reverand Alexandra Quinn Kielmann, daughter of Corwin, was a character in Dan Winningham's "Red Skies" Amber game.

Quinn's thoughts on family and friends
"Red Skies" game quotes

Prologue: "Window to the Soul"
Prologue: "Down a Darkening Road"

One: "Family Values"
Two: "Delusions of Faith"
Three: "The Paranoia Connection"
Four: "Faith No More"
Five: "Everything and Nothing"
Six: "Patterns of Belief"
Seven: "Convictions"
Eight: "Dissention in the Ranks"
Nine: diary missing
Ten: "Desperate Times"
Eleven: "A Suite of Sad Tidings"
NPC diary: Luke
Twelve: "Playing for Keeps"
Thirteen: "Reclamation"
Fourteen: "First Impressions"
Fifteen: "Degrees of Complication"
Sixteen: "Homecomings"
Seventeen: "Walking By Faith"
Nineteen: "Reunion and Revelation"
Twenty: "In Vain"
Twenty-One: "A Short Romantic Interlude"
Interlude: "Cliffhanger"
Twenty-Two: "Love in the Face of the End of the World"
NPC diary: Luke
Twenty-Three: "Segue into Silent Calm"
Interlude: "Restless Waters"
Twenty-Four: "Breathe Between the Silence"
Twenty-Five: "Butterfly Lament"
Twenty-Six: "Other Points In Between"
Twenty-Seven: "Shades of Light and Dark"
Twenty-Eight: "No Angels, Only Us"
Twenty-Nine: "Prayers to Broken Stone"
Thirty: "Cry to Heaven"
NPC diary: Luke
Thirty-One: "Quiet Moments"
Thirty-Two: "Repercussions"