Artifacts and Items


  • The Hall of Mirrors: In a rarely used hallway on the second floor there is an old door, made of rowan wood, and bound in silver and wrought iron. Legend has it that this door leads to an endless hall filled with mirrors, though nothing is said about its function or origins.

  • The Pattern:

  • The Abyss:

  • :

  • Items of Note

  • The Jewel of Judgement: A large red ruby of mysterious origin, it is one of the most famous pieces of the royal regalia and is worn on only the most formal of state occasions.

  • Trump: Decks of cards similar to Tarot, but bearing images of the family. It is rumored that these cards can be used as a form of communication.

  • Greyswandir:

  • The Sceptre of Unification: A wooden rod, two feet in length. It is gilt in gold and silver, an intricate inlay pictures an intertwined serpent and unicorn. Another piece of the royal regalia.

  • The Morning and Evening Stars: a pair of perfectly matched star sapphires rumored to have magical qualities. Each one is set into a silver armlet.

  • Places

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